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===[TASK]=== 0 A.D Ships Update.

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Hi!, i have been working on a high poly model of an athenian trireme based on "Olympias Trireme" for later bake on a low poly one and for fun.

Here are some screenshots:



Its also Modular for easy modyfing:



Gonna be adding details and everything i can see on the references i have, and finaly leave the 3D model as a 3D Tour on Sketchfab in name of 0 A.D.

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Just now, Imperator Ferrum Princeps I said:

maybe a rowing crew onboard?

It always looks weird when ships row themselves in 0AD.

Would look weirder with off scale units :/

1 hour ago, Alexandermb said:

Should the low poly for 0 A.D. be real size lenght or a few less oars?

I guess make it the same than the other triremes.

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Preview of the low poy baked:
Remember its modular so i can cut the rows N times desired.
However the Tris amount its kinda high for a ship (Around 6k and still needs the 3 line of oars for each side, mastiff and back zone) gonna try decimate it when finished. Also the higher amount of tris its on the upper zone.




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