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===[TASK]=== Kushite Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

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I have a habit of going way too dark with my shading and color multiply layers, then hitting my painting with like 3 lighting layers. Suprise suprise, that washes out skin tone lol I'm partial to

I figured out the positions for garrisoned soldiers on the Fortress.   Also, an attempt at Amanirenas, or Amanitore, or some other Kandake. Not entirely satisfied with this one. Of cour

Nubian Archer portrait with makeshift hair helmet and fake feather props. You can see how the earrings need fixed and the desired shape of the hair. I think the Advanced would take away the

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On 2/7/2018 at 7:35 AM, elexis said:

But then there were no surprise effect when we would announce to implement Kushites for alpha 23 rather than just randomly committing that on a tuesday night after months of preparation with the best contributors for the job at hand.

Maybe a separate announcement here in the forums and in the social networking site accounts was the lacking factor. A simultaneous announcement would have more effect, since only those familiar with the trac timeline will know of the implementation of the Kushite faction. @Lion.Kanzen Indeed sensed it. :) Congratulations to @Sundiata and to the fellow contributors.

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Just now, wackyserious said:

What would be the color of Harsiotef's horse?

I love specific questions like that, even if I don't have the answer... :P 

I haven't seen any specific mentions of horse colours during 0AD's timeframe, but in the later post-Meroitic and Christian periods, a black horse with white socks was specifically mentioned as the preferred type. So I coincidentally used an appropriate type in my example...




Christian Nubia:



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