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Faction: Byzantines


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23 hours ago, Alexandermb said:

None of the other buildings have followed the schema besides i don't have enough imagination for make it similar to public :P

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Honestly, the lack of sticking with the general shapes of the buildings in public is the major visual flaw of this particular mod. Those Saxon and Carolingian and other buildings should be redesigned for recognition sake. Just my opinion. :) 

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just started to make the walls if the inner side is not desired i can make basic two sided walls isn't hard make a copy of the front side wall and done



Edit: i found the inner side reference i saw before i have to make the changes:




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29 minutes ago, Alexandermb said:

now as it should be (WIP Still have to match the size of the tower with stairs)

Only the façade is made of limestone blocks; the core of the walls consists of mortar and rocks; and the colourful layers of bricks are there to make it more resilient to earthquakes. Have a look at this partially demolished section (and click to zoom in):


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