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Faction: Byzantines


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9 minutes ago, wackyserious said:

What if we add obstructions to actor files? I believe that is possible, I've asked about that before, I'm just unsure how to properly implement it.

thats something i have been asking myself, an obsctruction actor meshes like lego blocks for buildings for plaza-like buildings can be walked by.

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8 minutes ago, wackyserious said:

The obstructions of the new houses seems to be not right. There should be a tiny gap between houses and it should not fully connect. Fully conjoining house entities should be done in Atlas for Scenarios, in my opinion

I'll delete the changes in the template, also did another helmet and will make the crest as prop (will make player colour crest & maybe golden version too) don't know who will use it.




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Add the upper part (chainmail) of the coif too. :)


I modified your helmet textures. I am thinking of adding player color to the hollow part/gaps on the top part of the helm. I'm just not sure if the Byzantines of the period continued the practice just like their Hellenistic age ancestors.

Tagging some history buffs for opinions. @wowgetoffyourcellphone @Nescio

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