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Faction: Byzantines


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42 minutes ago, Alexandermb said:

Chi Rho indeed or the eagle of the first posts IIRC, the five aesthetic yellow ornaments on the shield are caro predominant.

I'm not sure with the date of the eagle.


While i wait ideas for the fortress any suggestion on both fortress & barracks tweaks ?

Open structure with other kind of arcs similar

 New Seleucid barracks

Mixing central building, but texture wall must be lighter and roof similar to Seleucid tiles


The front, "la fachada" must be like this. but taller columns.

Resultado de imagen para byzantine arcs

Other ideas is use those arcs with column.

Resultado de imagen para byzantine arcs

Imagen relacionada

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8 hours ago, Alexandermb said:

Should i @LordGood ?

I don't think so, I used Ghibelline Italian references for that model, not Greek. You could do something interesting with their polygonal fortifications, which was a neat compromise between the time consuming pain of planning and building rounded fortifications, and the inherent weakness sharp corners brought in squared fortifications

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Also, the coif mesh issue in the nape area for swordsmen.

Upon your commit, we have the following shields

  • Parma (infantry_javelinist / cavalry_javelinist / champion_cavalry_spearman)
  • Lenticular - Round (infantry_swordsman / cavalry_spearman)
  • Lenticular - Oval
  • Oval - Plain
  • Oval - Curved (infantry_spearman)
  • Kite - Small (champion_cavalry_swordsman)
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