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I haven't created the auras or techs yet, so feel free to give ideas or criticism.    The Portraits will eventually need to be replaced. I wish I had the cash to just hire an artist. 

Scythians version 1.0 Units Civic Center Units Scythian Peasant Male and Female variations Resource Wagon Dropsite for all

Stunning antler-like horse headpiece with matching breastcollar; Scythian, about 300 BCE, Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, Russia. Steve Harrison.     Museum piece

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6 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

I wish I had the cash to just hire an artist

That would make a lot of things easier.

feedback: very nice, I only had to goggle why tomyris aura is called "fill of blood". So maybe a tool tip that explains that or an name that is easier to understand without knowing the historic context. e.g. "bloodthirst" or something similar.

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On 10/03/2016 at 5:06 AM, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:


version 1.0




Civic Center Units

  • Scythian Peasant
  • scyth_support_citizen.png.936ac68d3b9c39790be32913aef7022c.png
    • Male and Female variations
  • Resource Wagon
  • xion_support_wagon.png.053936b67dbfd257de84d65c60043f12.png
    • Dropsite for all Raw Resources
    • Can "unpack" into these buildings
      • Yurt (+5 to pop cap)
      • Storehouse
        • Can train Slaves once the Trade Depot is built
        • scyth_support_slave.png.626d0f1deaca6e72d01189dab51f023c.png
  • Maiden Archer
  • scyth_maiden_archer.png.b2461d0ff3a45a4d30c052374f2dec5c.png
    • Female Archer Infantry
    • Less armor, faster speed
    • Only costs Glory resource
  • Royal Maiden Headhunter
  • scyth_maiden_cavalry.png.3b4461a8edc4d000890a3d5de683c236.png
    • Female Archer Cavalry
    • Less Armor, faster speed
    • Only costs the Glory resource

Barracks Units

  • Scythian Spearman
  • scyth_infantry_spearman.png.c71139817056829adb2a467e3fe01347.png
    • Spear Infantry
  • Saka Axeman
  • scyth_infantry_swordsman.png.3912022fad69501a124ed206036f6995.png
    • Sword Infantry
  • Scythian Archer (male and female actor variations)
  • scyth_infantry_archer.png.958c6ec5f5113034a3e8c678d0f57a43.png
    • Archer Infantry

Stables Units

  • Scythian Scout
  • scyth_cavalry_scout.png.0f29b04977942ba39864069114edff02.png
    • Scout Cavalry
  • Sarmatian Lancer
    • Spear Cavalry
  • Massagetae Sagaris Cavalry
    • Sword (Ax) Cavalry
  • Dahae Cavalry Archer
  • scyth_cavalry_archer.png.fbd02393f78b8463f27fba4186f944d3.png
    • Archer Cavalry

Mercenary Camp Units

  • Bosporan Hoplite
  • scyth_merc_hoplite.png.88fc94dc0ffe9a10daf528e738fcdba4.png
    • Hoplite
  • Thracian Peltast
  • athen_merc_peltast.png.59661010fe89d2ff09d3b4088d458aab.png
    • Javelin Infantry

Fortress Units

  • Alani Cataphract
  • scyth_champion_cavalry_lancer.png.d1033ae1e7793761016aa183cbc9560e.png
    • Champion Lancer Cavalry
    • Extra Armor, slower speed
    • Can upgrade to a strong anti-building attack (flames)
  • Royal Cavalry Archer
  • scyth_champion_cavalry_archer.png.af4109d552159c54707ced6fd2a41433.png
    • Champion Archer Cavalry
    • Extra Armor, slower speed
  • Battering Ram
  • scyth_siege_ram.png.2098008c676384c6bb07675868803414.png
    • An uncovered Ram
    • Lower armor, faster speed
  • Tahm-Rayiš (Tomyris)
    • Hero Cavalry
    • Queen of the Massagetae, a powerful Eastern Scythian confederacy. Her army defeated Cyrus the Great and checked his expansionist ambitions.
  • Ateas (Ateas)
    • Hero Cavalry
    • United dozens of Western Scythian tribes to form a kind of "Scythian Empire" over his lifetime. Fought against and was killed by Philip II of Macedon.
  • Skilurus (Skilurus)
    • Hero Chariot
    • King of the Crimean Scythians, whose capital was the Greco-Scythian city of Scythian Neapolis. Warred against Mithridates of Pontus.
    • Defensive abilities: unlocks Stone Walls as long as he lives


Scythian Structures

Scythian structures, like the Huns and Xiongnu, can be built anywhere on the map, in neutral, allied, or enemy territory. This is their "nomad" bonus. They also have half the build time and cost. Consequently, they are the weakest buildings in the game, at 50% health of standard. Their buildings are very fragile. These bonuses and weaknesses also apply to their Fortress. 









I love the concept... The Scythian where one the most significant civilizations of their times and made outstanding warriors, specially their cavalry.......By the way, how cool is to find another  Kings and generals channel fan as me. it is  nice to know I'm not the only one that love and follow that channel. Thanks for sharing.

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