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Civ: Scythians


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Started working directly on the Scythians.


Some things I changed about them: I removed the packing from most of their buildings. After months and months of messing around with the concept, it just felt superfluous and annoying. Kept the concept for the Resource Wagons/Storehouse/House, which can all pack into each other. 

Still don't have territory or territory restrictions. Works well. I'm interested in seeing what people do with that. Their buildings are 1/2 health, cost, and build time. Weakest in the game by far (significantly weaker than Celtic buildings). All subject to playtesting of course.

On track with the units (see pic). Definitely need some shields, helmets, hats, and other props modeled (swords, scabbards, Quivers), and some body textures. Need to plan out the look for the heroes and champions. Perhaps our resident experts can help?! Also need to decide on how their Healer Priest should look.

Gave them 2 special units for the Civic Center, the Maiden Archer and Maiden Cavalry Archer. Training limit of 40 together, cost only Glory resource.



Need a Cult Statue for the Glory resource. Need research. A Wooden horse statue or some kind of other animal? Stag? Currently their Shaman's Tent acts as both Temple and Cult Statue.

Haven't tried to make the Falcon scout unit yet. Right now there's a "Falconry" tech, but I want a Falcon unit too. 


The "Hoplites" on the left in the image are Bosporan Hoplites, trainable by the Scythians in the capturable Mercenary Camps. On the right, Scythian peasants and 2 slaves. 

Wonder is currently the Uffington White Horse, which is incorrect of course. Was thinking a Royal Kurgan (Burial Mound). 

Their Fortress will cost the same as other Fortresses, but take half as long to build and have half health like the rest of their buildings.


Model by @Stan`


I really think these guys should eventually make it into the base game. ;) 

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3 hours ago, av93 said:

Would be cool also different breast bodies for all female units

Nah, that would be more for an Amazon mod. (the whole 1 breast thing never made sense to me though, on a practical level)


1 hour ago, Stan` said:

Here you go for the fortress. It uses the Seleucid struct.


Righteous. Righteous. 

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1 hour ago, Stan` said:

Here you go for the fortress. It uses the Seleucid struct.


scyth_fortress.dae 282.22 kB · 0 downloads scyth_spb_02.blend 1.37 MB · 0 downloads

Would you be willing to make one more alteration? I'd want it scaled down a little (with the doors scaled up a little too). Maybe -/+ 15%. It just looks scaled a little too big to be that small stone keep I was looking for, compared to the other Fortresses. 


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8 hours ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

Nah, that would be more for an Amazon mod. (the whole 1 breast thing never made sense to me though, on a practical level)

Sorry If I didnt explain myself, I was pointing that it would be cool to have different breast sizes for all female units.

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On 4/20/2020 at 4:03 AM, Lion.Kanzen said:

Very nice texture can be nice for village phase Sassanids, and central Asian civs.

Would be great for village Parthians, since they were a nomadic people who absorbed Persian and Hellenic culture upon conquering the region.

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Skilurus (Skilurus)

  • Hero Chariot
  • King of the Crimean Scythians, whose capital was the Greco-Scythian city of Scythian Neapolis. Warred against Mithridates of Pontus.
  • Defensive abilities: unlocks Stone Walls as long as he lives

@wowgetoffyourcellphone Been thinking of how should his chariot look like; maybe modified Seleucid chariot ?

A possible inspiration could be archaic Greek chariots (Second one is Etruscan).




Racing Chariots:





Only images of regional chariots i could find date to the Bronze age:jvg-s4lkm-g__sized_l.jpg




A four wheeled wagon was found in a bronze age Kurgan:



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