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Found 21 results

  1. Here are some tutorials for making procedural materials (Materials that doesn't exactly need a texture image for looks good) Have fun. Eyes making https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Blender_3D:_Noob_to_Pro/Advanced_Tutorials/Procedural_Eyeball_in_Cycles Marble/Stone like materials and Cracks/veins https://cgmasters.net/free-tutorials/blender-cycles-tutorial-stonemarble-how-to-make-any-texture/ Letters animations (Maybe for making introduction videos).
  2. Hello all! i've made this topic to show some cuirasses i've done once when i had proper internet connection but didn't had a chance to post it. This are textures (cuirasses) done procedurally with blender. So we can have them with normal and specular maps included in any possible color whitout too much effort. Some are recreations of actual textures with specular, normal map. While others are new additions following a few references i could get. Everything was done using Blender and some meshes and procedural materials. Scratches could be included in case is needed but every texture ingam
  3. Perhaps backward normals or just plain old missing faces.
  4. Hey folks, There is the contribution for today. Way harder than I though it would be. The result in low poly up close is really funky. But at distance I seems fine. Added a proof of concept animation as I had that idea of using span pose and use a deform bones to make the swimming/walking/chilling pose. Happy that it seems to work, maybe add a third wing 'layer' that would scale during closed wings poses so that it would be invisible the rest of the time. Kinda of out of the box idea, don't know if it'll work. What a odd little bird. The animation is bad mind you, a lot of the weight
  5. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/changeset/23903 This fix here corrects an error in the rock/ore gathering animation. It repositions the pickax into the correct hand, but now makes the pickax look too short when they are swinging it at the rock face. It would be nice for the pickax handle to be elongated (~25%) to regain that length.
  6. Introduction This is a guide covering how to import assets from the game to blender, create a second UV coordinates, bake the AO maps and export again. The game's buildings are usually divided in different .dae files (one per diffuse texture used) Usually, they consist in one main ".dae" file located in "meshes/structural" and one or more ".dae" children (props) that are attached to the main file, this "prop" daes are located in "meshes/props". (this is not always the case) In this example, we're going to bake the AO map for the celtic civil centre. 1.- Import the mesh into blender3D Inside bl
  7. Another topic for helmets, for now i have this: From other topics i have this: The first helmet its recorded but says its damaged because my secondary hard drive is damaged so i used VLC to fix the video now its only visible through that program, i'll see if YouTube could handle the video later.rome_helmets.7z
  8. Today i was making the celtic unit props update, so when we talk about the spears i realized that everything is getting updated but the Weapons texture is still outdate and very low resolution wich make some weapons like swords like rubber toys so here are a few testing (Specially the bloodie weapons). Wildfire Art department: @LordGood @stanislas69 @wackyserious First textures were baked following the prop.weap.dds uv but i will change that to a better space usage and less repeated staffs or blades (Maybe include Aged weapons) Here the testings on celt sword: Comparisson w
  9. What is a prop-point? A prop-point is a specific point in a 3D space (basically a coordinate) with a specific name which is used to reference that specific spot within 0AD actors (structures' models, units, animals, even props) What are they used for? They're used to spawn an actor within another actor. Basically you load another model/unit/structure/prop of the game inside the model where the prop-point is. Examples: - In a structure, you can use a prop-point to have a fountain which is already in the game and place it within that structure. - In units, you can use prop-points to have differe
  10. Hello! I'm back with a quick tutorial on how to make lowpoly trees taking advantage of Blender's 3D add-on "sapling tree generator" in less than 10 minutes! Here's a video tutorial from BlenderGuru with more in-depth information about how sapling add-on works: http://www.blenderguru.com/tutorials/how-to-make-a-christmas-tree/#
  11. While I was modding my FCI mod I decided to make one of the minor factions look more like they actually looked in the gaming clan war the mod was based off of, I was trying to edit the 3d model of another unit but found I cannot as they are all in pmd files, I do not want to have to download the entire svn version of 0ad (it is massive in file size) to get the raw pmd files. How would I either convert the pmd files or get the raw dae files for the default 3d models ingame?
  12. An updated version of this guide is available on the Wiki. Introduction This is a guide covering how to export and set up animation files from Blender3D into 0AD as well as some tips and general guidelines for get the animations working in 0AD. The Blender3D version used for this guide is 2.65a newer versions might have problems with the Collada exporter. Last blender version (2.69) works fine for exporting animations. Animations have three main requeriments in order to get them working in 0AD. These are: 1.- The file with the mesh and armature (COLLADA file) 2.- The file(s) with the di
  13. Hello I thought it could be interesting for 3D artists and future 0AD contributors to get advices, tips, good links, interesting tutorials, etc. So why not sharing them here?
  14. Hello. I have just discovered a nice blender add-on. I think it could be useful to create human models. Blenderartists forum: https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?391401-Addon-Manuel-Bastioni-Lab-turns-Blender-in-a-laboratory-for-3d-humanoids-creation Official website: http://www.manuelbastioni.com/index.php
  15. I've successfully made some props in blender and exported to 0ad but I'm running into trouble with skeletal meshes. First I import a collada file (in this case it's "mods/public/art/meshes/skeletalf_tights.dae", which i renamed "humantest.dae" and it works fine). I check "import units" when I import. Then I export. I have tried checking different boxes, but I always get very grotesque deformities including backwards props. mostly the guy has extremely stretched out bones and sometime inverted joints (i can upload pictures). The animations still work. I'm sure this is a simple fix but I'
  16. I recently have a trouble modding 0AD, i'm using Blender 2.69, but i can't open collada files, i start the plugin for collada edition for blender that we can find on: file > user preferences > plugins but whet i try edit a collada file i can't do it!
  17. Hi all, Blender Guru just made a cool contest for artworks on the Ancient Civ topic, and some of them are worth looking : http://www.blenderguru.com/ancient-civilization-results/ I especially enjoy these three :
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