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  1. My thinking was that learning how to import an existing skeleton and then export it would be a good starting point to then teach myself to make modifications to the mesh alone or rescaling the mesh and armature. It's looking to be a bit more complicated than I had thought. I didn't know anything about rigging coming into this so I should probably start there. thank you.
  2. I've successfully made some props in blender and exported to 0ad but I'm running into trouble with skeletal meshes. First I import a collada file (in this case it's "mods/public/art/meshes/skeletalf_tights.dae", which i renamed "humantest.dae" and it works fine). I check "import units" when I import. Then I export. I have tried checking different boxes, but I always get very grotesque deformities including backwards props. mostly the guy has extremely stretched out bones and sometime inverted joints (i can upload pictures). The animations still work. I'm sure this is a simple fix but I've read the tutorials and examined the .dae files and haven't yet noticed the thing that's causing the deformities. What am I missing? I appreciate any advice or resources y'all can offer. thanks Sean EDIT sorry if this belongs in another section. you may move it if thats better.
  3. also since i mentioned it i should clarify that my weapon switch mechanic is simply an entity that spawns and causes promotion then dies. the promoted unit does the same thing only using demotion which is identical to the promotion component. i know thats sloppy coding but i get no errors yolo
  4. i'm not aware of any multiplayer mods for flare. among the reasons i like 0ad best for this are the clicking to move and also camera controls. also gives me a reason to learn blender. i've made meshes and been through the tutorials but still get an error when i add models into my mods. on my version of debian its a hassle to get the right blender release i.e right version # but no collada support i fixed that but now i think either its the uv wrap stage or not being able to cache as pmd. i will discuss that elsewhere, though, i am glad to be here though!
  5. yeah, i've got flare. i like 0ad a lot better but i'm going to look at flare because its been a while.
  6. to expand, i would like input on which parts of the code to look at for facilitating attack that is synced with direction of the entity. as a side note i also want to rework the flying units because my airship fly through each other. is it ok if i post ogg videos on here or should i make them gif?
  7. hi everyone, this is my first post. been in love with this game for a while and modding for a few months now. my primary goal is exactly what this thread involves, since i have yet to find an open source game that is both so easy to prototype new fantasy characters and also reminds me of the old days playing rts like cossacks etc. just want o contribute a few ideas. i'm not a real coder yet (self-taught, i read code) but recently built my svn and want to use it to learn. aside from new heros i made a crude system for switching between actor/entity for changing for example between melee and ranged(before i saw there was a patch lol). also i made a system for having an inventory of items (needs rewriting) and i've been playing with some heightmap jungle arenas for balancing and testing. as far as mod to the engine, i would like to work on things such as ground attacking and also i REALLY want a mod that allow attacking only in the direction a character currently faces so that turning speed is less of a cosmetic attribute. really excited to talk to anyone with ideas about modding! pm me or respond to talk about these possibilities. i have tons more ideas! edit: also sorry i didn't read the newest posts and i see you have commented on some things like inventory. my old system used garrison and yes it works but it is restricting. i created new class of item entity template and the main issue i had was pickup.
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