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  1. Yeah, never got beyond playing around with the camera angles in the config file. Not that I would have really been able to make this mod myself anyways. However the lack of easy modding options in 0 A.D., i.e. you basically have to fork the entire engine if you want to do more than simple addition of units or such, is really a bit discouraging. But maybe I am just too used to the nice mod support in most open-source FPS engines. Edit: but maybe this has changed by now... didn't check. And of course for a skilled programmer with in dept knowledge of 0 A.D. code base having all the source code available is the 'easiest' modding option... but for us tinkerers having a precompiled engine runtime and tinkering with configs and script through & being able to make a seperate game by simply having a subdirectory in the game folder and starting it with a execution argument or from an ingame mod menu simply makes things much more accessible. For the fundamental idea to make a hybrid of an ARPG and a RTS, 0 A.D. still seems to be the best option however.
  2. How? Especially if you only have these files and no copy of 3Dmax at hand? It's nice that these work fine, but for expanding the set or modifying them an .fbx export would really help in the medium term.
  3. No real point for a screenshot, but it works like this: After choosing a faction you can also choose a commander doctrine, these then open a tree of special commander skills (while playing to earn special points that allow to to select additional skills to become available, i.e. each time choose one out of three skills). Typical stuff would be to call in a special air-strike, or reinforcements from off screen, or call to arms motivation boost of your troops etc.Then the skill has a cooldown and can only be used again after some minutes.
  4. So a bit like the commander abilities one can choose in Company of Heroes? Could be linked to important historical figures instead of "divine powers"?
  5. An export to .fbx would be probably good if someone wanted to continue working on this without C4D. At least in Blender .dae imports are notoriously broken, and I hope it would work better with .fbx
  6. Ah, cool. Would be an quick way to make RTS animations I guess (for other genres it is way too imprecise). .iqm/.iqe can also be re-imported into Blender with only little loss. But it has become a bit of a standard in FOSS FPS games, and is definitely nicer to work with then collada for rigged character meshes. See: http://sauerbraten.org/iqm/
  7. What would not work? The guy behind that tool is pretty responsive and would probably be willing to fix smaller issues.
  8. With this open source tool you can easily load the Ryzon animations and apply them to other rigs I think: http://www.moddb.com/mods/r-reinhard/videos/iqebrowser-v212-teaser Edit download here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/r-reinhard/addons/iqebrowser-v212 Edit2: Ahh it seems like you can even use an old Kinect to do motion capture in your home with the above tool See: http://www.moddb.com/mods/r-reinhard/videos/iqebrowser-v210-teaser
  9. If the lacking animations are a problem, maybe using the CC-by-SA licensed Ryzom animations would be a short-cut? http://forum.freegamedev.net/viewtopic.php?t=5138&p=62621 They include simple sword fighting and crafting (mining etc.) animations... not sure about bow shooting though.
  10. Awesome work, can't wait to see these in game fully animated!
  11. Looks like Spidermonkey just got a massive speedboost: http://wingolog.org/archives/2014/11/14/generators-in-firefox-now-twenty-two-times-faster
  12. There's actually plenty of 0 A.D. art in Stunt Rally already
  13. Back when I tried this (sorry I seem to have deleted the modified config since then, and never did any code) it only extended the global config, e.g. you can add new key-bindings and overwrite others and also change the camera settings but you can't have a completely seperate local config that doesn't carry all the RTS specific stuff that rather interferes with the ActionRPG settings. ---- But it is great to hear that there is some renewed interest (especially with a iterative development style that keeps close to 0AD). Not sure if a Blender hybrid integration is really needed if the collada export is working ok now. For high quality RPG like animations one can probably reuse the Ryzom ones, which were recently converted to the much more usable iqm format and which could probably be easily exported to the 0AD also. So all that is needed art wise are some higher quality character models that could in the long run also replace the really low poly RTS models from main line 0AD if kept reasonably low poly. Something around 3000 tris should look and run fine for that. If this really takes off I could probably find the motivation to start doing a modular character set like described above (I am a sufficiently skilled 3D artist, but lack motivation to work on something that isn't a working project). Anyways... looking forward to see where this goes!
  14. Yes, I did just that as an experiment a while back and also changed the camera zoom and angle to fit for a action RPG. It was working quite well, except that the remaining RTS controls from the default config were not possible to remove and thus were messing up the overall game-play.
  15. hmm ok, C++ functions seem to make more sense in most cases then. What about modding though? If you don't want to modify core 0AD but still have some performance problems, using some compiled asm.js javascript code might be helpful, no?
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