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  1. Yeah, maybe some of these powers should suit better as unit abilities. Perhaps some archer units could be able to cast a rain of arrows after researching a certain technology? I don't know. And regarding the "anywhere on the map" part, yes it would be very annoying. I suggest a moderate range for these abilities, so you can't leave your archers on your base and command them to shoot the enemy base at the other side of the map. Regarding the name, I think "Ability" or "Commandment" would probably suffice. I think the best options are either the AoM way (choose powers when aging up) or research
  2. One of the best features that stood out in AoM when compared to the AoE series are the godpowers that the players can use during the match. I like them because they add more strategic depth to the game: Players would have to know when to use their powers correctly and plan their strategies accordingly. Besides that, Godpowers are really fun to use. Another benefit would be bigger differentiation between civilizations. Maybe some civilizations could have no godpowers, but a strong economy and powerful military, while others could have lots of godpowers, but mediocre economy and military. Howeve
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