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  1. @Wendy22 Can you please record video of correct multiplayer functionality (normal amount of lag) and video of incorrect multiplayer functionality (too much lag), so that we can evaluate the symptoms? I have a suspicion that you've upgraded your hardware based on the assumption that it would magically improve the normal amounts of lag that are present with 0ad team games. There are opportunities for making the network code more efficient and less laggy. But, lag during a team game depends on the weakest link in the chain: the player with the slowest hardware and/or the highest latency and packet loss. Reducing lag is a team effort.
  2. Testing for hardware defects involves knowing what the correct functionality looks like, performing experiments and making observations to catch incorrect functionality. Ideally a wide variety of software is used, and components replaced with known-good components in order to eliminate variables. Each experiment should be performed in a controlled manner, meaning that only one variable is varied, and there is a control group (a properly functioning hardware configuration) to compare with. One can use stress testing or benchmarking software to hopefully make it more likely that one will discover incorrect functionality.
  3. I don't think that it is necessary to study an Internet protocol like XMPP in order to implement an idea about adding a button that allows users to report misconduct in the lobby. EDIT: Knowledge of XMPP is necessary in order to add private messaging functionality to the 0ad lobby client. PM functionality is necessary in order to discretely inform an admin about the misconduct. However, if the user is eventually banned then I think that the concept of "no secret evidence" from the sixth amendment of the US Constitution should be applied. That is, if the only evidence that indicated a bannable offense was provided only by a witness, then it should not be kept secret, so that there is opportunity for the accused to effectively appeal in case of a false accusation. In order to add a report interface, it would be necessary to study JavaScript and XML, since they are used by the user interface of 0ad. But, knowledge of C++ might be necessary as well in order to enable a lobby bot to notify an admin when a player clicks the report button. Adding a report button for users to click would make lobby moderation slightly more efficient for moderators, because then moderators would not need to inspect every message. But, if no one is available at the time that the "Report" button is clicked, because there are only 1 or 2 lobby moderators, and they are not able to be interrupted most of the time due to their real-life responsibilities or else they are asleep during peak hours of certain time zones, then the main problem is a lack of staff with lobby moderation privileges. An additional problem is users who aren't motivated enough to report misconduct on the forum, an activity that would still be necessary at times, even if we had a large number of moderators.
  4. Okay, this is great. I've been thinking for a while that delegation of moderation duties to multiple people is necessary in order to improve the community atmosphere, by enforcement of the rules, in the lobby. In order to provide guidance to the people who have volunteered to help with moderation, could you make a list of examples of conduct that should receive a kick and report for possible ban, and conduct that should not? Here is a suggestion. Suggested list of example offenses that at minimum should receive a kick and definitely should be reported for possible ban User's nickname or room name does not comply with ToU, e.g. has profanity, felony crime suggested, impersonates an admin, etc. User says more than 3 swear words, possibly with modifications to bypass the profanity filter, in the span of 5 minutes User says something insulting more than once in the span of 5 minutes User is too young to sign up for a lobby account, based on the user's statement(s) about their age. Thirteen is the minimum age according to the Terms of Use Probably many more examples can be listed Question: Is the conduct of a user, while in a game listed by the lobby, covered by the Terms of Use? It's not lobby chat, it's in-game chat. I think that there is an argument to be made either way, as the network packets with potentially ToU-violating speech aren't flowing through a WFG server at that point, although there is authentication through the lobby in order to connect. Can the Terms of Use be clarified to make a statement on this issue, please? Also, where should we report potentially bannable conduct? Do you want a PM, forum post with a mention of your name, or message via other communication system? Ideally there is a way to establish quick enforcement, but I know that those with banning admin capabilities are busy, which is probably why we're seeking more assistants.
  5. Can you copy/paste the exact link to the youtube video where you found this build, please?
  6. Based on the logs, it looks like the game is using the dedicated graphics hardware. Consider checking for CPU thermal throttling, mass storage device bad sectors, network packet loss, or custom build inefficiency (e.g. maybe debugging is enabled).
  7. At first, I thought that he was referring to the .torrent file. But, later in the post he says, "remove the issue from the executable installer please". So, that leads me to think that he probably meant that he downloaded the installer via bittorrent. Also, VirusTotal has no detections for either of the .torrent files, including for Symantec's protection software. Symantec is the company that makes Norton antivirus and internet security products. 0ad-0.0.25b-alpha-win32.exe.torrent https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/e75e1b9becb74edeb58ab8851a39e1adc0b21879f10c2ad75dd0c4f1d1d83078 0ad-0.0.25b-alpha-osx64.dmg.torrent https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/968147694127a441925290fd6a0f0048e553aea32a4847c37cb493de7f8a0084?nocache=1
  8. PUA means potentially unwanted application, which is not malware. It's applied to power user utilities, such as Microsoft SysInternals and WInPcap. I think that virus protection software flags PUAs, because if such software is unexpectedly on the computer then it could be due to an intrusion. Obviously, that's not what happened here. It seems more like a false positive. Oops, nope. Virustotal supports a maximum file size of 650 MB. Anyway, false positives can and do occur. Please state which file you have downloaded, or at least which operating system. Then, assuming that you downloaded it from an official source and verified the sha1 and ideally also the minisign, then it can be reported to Norton as a false positive. It would be useful to have a screenshot of the exact detection report from Norton. Sometimes this includes a longer name for the detection.
  9. Good question. You care enough about this problem to post follow-up comments about it. That's good. Now the true test. Do you care enough about it to learn about networking fundamentals and conduct detailed troubleshooting? I suggest learning things like what are UDP protocol, UDP source and destination ports, IP addresses, firewalls, routing, transparent proxy (Network Address Translation), etc. You could install Wireshark and capture traffic while doing controlled experimentation.
  10. I'm in the alpha 26 lobby, waiting for players to join. Yeah, I'm 10 minutes late for the 8 pm GMT start time, but I'm 50 minutes early for the peak time of 9 pm GMT.
  11. @woodpeckerStatus updates on this? Need help? Any other questions?
  12. C'mon guys, please don't sign up and then not attend. omL, AUTISTICUS and I decided to attend the event. The only other players we saw at 9 pm GMT were real_tabasco_sauce and Iaintborg (probably@borg-). borg was the only one who replied to AUTISTICUS and they played an a26 game briefly. I was still setting up alpha 26 rc2 at the time, but I joined later and invited people from the a25 lobby. Kakutstha and freyyja seemed interested. We sent them the download link for alpha 26 rc2. I'll do this again today (Sunday, August 7th) at 9 pm GMT. We can start a routine of playing alpha 26 release candidates for at least a few team games every weekend starting at 8 pm GMT. Be there or be square.
  13. Clearly the server didn't crash, otherwise you would not have been able to rejoin. In fact, I don't see any evidence of a process crash (forceful termination of the process by the OS due to fatal error) by either player in the video. Instead it looks like connection issues. Maybe the host pulled the network cable briefly each time after seeh reconnected... Anyway, not a bug. Also, it shouldn't be counted as a win for either player without reviewing the replay. @seehI recommend submitting this to the ratings disputes and offence reporting thread. Also, many 1v1 players don't allow spectators due to the risk that they reveal information to a player, either overtly or covertly.
  14. Doesn't track, since in the real world even in ancient times you could see much further than your catapult can shoot. Let's be aware of the tactic of "indirect fire", which consists of high angle fire at a target obscured by hills, walls, etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indirect_fire
  15. It depends on the type of ship. At the beginning of the game, after you build a Dock, you only have access to fishing ships. Unfortunately, fishing ships cannot transport troops, probably due to physics and/or citizen rights to not be forced to quarter troops. So, you need to LEVEL UP to Town Phase in order to UNLOCK the more advanced ships. Most ships besides fishing ships and fire ships, and fish 'n chips, allow transport of troops. Then, yes, garrison troops in the ships in order to transport them by following the steps that seeh described above. So just open fire when you hit the (destination) shore, and hoist that rag. (I learned that trade from Piggy Knowles.) But first, select the ship and ungarrison the troops by holding shift and clicking on their pictures at the lower center of the screen. Alternatively, select the ship and press U on the keyboard to ungarrison all units.
  16. @woodpecker, when Windows determines which process to attribute UDP network traffic to, I think that its algorithm is very simple. I think that Windows just looks for a process with the same source port open as that of the incoming network packets. The symptoms that you have described sound very much like a ddos attack (100% network utilization) and a dos attack (game freezing). I've seen the same symptoms at times. Pay attention to who is online at the times that these problems occur. I recommend that you install Wireshark and capture traffic. If you're comfortable with using the command line then I advise starting by only capturing traffic with dumpcap (part of Wireshark) since it requires administrative privileges. Once the traffic capture is stopped, display the traffic with Wireshark as an unprivileged user, since Wireshark sometimes has security flaws. Here are example commands for capturing traffic. You can store these commands in a Windows batch script file (make the extension .bat or .cmd), then simply run the batch file as Administrator each time you want to start capturing traffic. C: cd "\Program Files\Wireshark" dumpcap -D rem the above command will list several interfaces. Determine the name of the interface that rem you're using for your Internet connection. An example is rem \Device\NPF_{567B6C39-439F-45A8-B019-C5C508569708}. dumpcap.exe -i INSERT_YOUR_INTERFACE_NAME_HERE -p -w "C:\Users\INSERT_YOUR_USERNAME_HERE\Documents\traffic_capture.pcap" -s 0 You should always scan unfamiliar software for viruses with your favored virus scanning software before deciding whether to install it. There's a free service that scans with more than 50 virus scanner programs called Virustotal. But, use what you trust. And, you should always read the manual for the software before running any commands suggested by random people. Here's the manual for dumpcap, so you know what the command line arguments do. Ddos attacks usually have a lot of incoming UDP packets on a certain port, and no replies. The attackers seem to like to send the traffic to the port that one is running 0ad on.
  17. If you haven't read about the obscenity court cases in the US then I recommend it, regardless of your opinions about obscenity vs censorship. It's a real eye opener about how law is interpreted, and therefore it's useful for ensuring that a license is worded in a way that is clear and unambiguous. "Courts have attempted to define obscenity at common law with varying amounts of success; even the federal obscenity statute does not directly define “obscenity,” and obscenity laws can vary drastically from state to state." https://digitalcommons.tourolaw.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=3129&context=lawreview http://cbldf.org/about-us/case-files/obscenity-case-files/ Search terms: comic book obscenity court cases
  18. It's great that you're supporting open licensed content creators with so much music. I would like to use some of the music that you have shared, but I have a concern. License terms that are subjective are a risk to potential licensees. Different people might define certain terms differently, and it can be unpredictable how a court would interpret those terms. "Obscene" for example has a wide range of interpretations. "Pornographic" less so, although there is debate about how to define nudity without sexual context. How do you personally define the words "obscene" and "pornographic"? Can you include a definition for these words in your official statements about the license, please? Suppose that someone makes a video of 0 A.D. gameplay and uses your music as background music. And, suppose that a player used curse words in some of the chat messages that were captured by the video. Would you consider such a video to be "obscene" and therefore not allowed to use your music? Here is another test case. Sometimes there are situations where non-soldier citizens are killed by soldiers in 0 A.D. Would you consider that obscene? Now consider that all non-soldier citizens are currently only women in the game. Do you consider it obscene if a woman is killed by a soldier in the gameplay? Some of the units in the game have little clothing on. Where do you personally draw the line between "tight beach bod" and "pornographic"?
  19. By "card update" do you mean "Cartography". By "aliens" do you mean "allies"? I agree with your points. I consider it important for players to give at least a brief statement about the purpose of the flare or ping. Even better is to describe the number and type of enemy troops in the area so that other players respond more intelligently.
  20. Mod sharing between users... so that players have even less idea of where they obtained mods from. When a user is about to install a mod manually (ie. bypassing the developer review and signing of a mod as free of malware), I think that big security warnings should be displayed and a prompt asking whether the user has reviewed the JavaScript code for malware should be presented. The options should be "Yes, I have reviewed the source code so proceed with installation" or "No, I have not reviewed the source code so cancel installation". If you don't know why this is important then please read this bug report. Bug number 5850 Security issue: GUI file access, protected config values, and mods
  21. @vinme Do you know any of the players listed above as potential suspects? If so, how do you know them? Do you talk to them outside the game? Can you vouch for any of them that they would be unlikely to initiate or request a ddos? Let's work together to solve this problem.
  22. @vinmeTake note of what I did when I was ddosed. You, and others, can do the same thing in the future, and we can compare notes to track down who is responsible.
  23. I experienced a loss of Internet connection 3 times within a 30 minute time span today, starting at about 3 July 2022 20:44 UTC. Though I did not confirm based on traffic rates, the other symptoms were consistent with past ddos episodes (the past ddos episodes I did confirm based on traffic rates), such as the total loss of connection, total restoration of connection, the timing of the outage, and the otherwise good reliability of my Internet connection recently. The first time was 15 minutes into a team game that I was hosting. Only skirmishes occurred up to that point, and both teams were still strong in the game in my opinion. The second ddos was during gathering of players for a game, and it only had about 4 out of 8 players. The third ddos was while I wasn't even connected to the lobby, perhaps trying to discover any alternative lobby account name that I might be using, as vinme suggested. Now I will make some guesses about the motive for the ddos. There was no alternative team game hosted when I reconnected to the lobby, although after I opened a new team game room, another team game room opened with title "TG OP" and two players, as follows. RICSAND1655 Aslan. Here is another attempt at thinking of a motive. Perhaps a player was not happy with how things were progressing in the game, especially a player who was in combat with PhilipTheSwaggerless. maxticatrix: 35 kills and 39 lossses hefesto: 9 kills and 9 deaths Here is the replay, in case a pattern can be observed in the timing of the ddos attack (when the replay ends). replay_of_game_ddosed.zip Another idea is that a person who connected might have been frustrated about not being able to play, since the game was full. Here is a list of other players who connected to the first game but did not play. deumeu Sequani It is also possible that someone who did not even connect to my game was responsible for the ddos, since I haven't changed my IP address for a while. That is why I am sharing screenshots of the players present in the lobby at the time of the ddos.
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