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  1. Yes and no. If it were a modern military game, Shurr. It's kind of hard to blow up a building in the good ol way-way-way-before-gunpowder-ages, though. And torching it might be a bit difficult. They'll just douse it. (Are you T.N.T?)
  2. Well, you CAN sabotage something you don't own completely, but it would be a bad game-play feature. People would just click the button before it's captured, and all that capturing time would be wasted. So anyone with quick micro will be able to fight potentially good gameplay features. ;(
  3. Archers in general need a pretty serious nerf. They shouldn't be able to hold their own versus melee anything. except maybe pikes. (pikemen don't really have much in the way of a "shield", more of a big round thing strapped to their arm, thus can't protect from arrows)
  4. Relax, he spelled it wrong, woopy. Don't jump at him with fangs bared for a spell-oh.
  5. Because sometimes you don't want your units to attack move. Though, the hotkey could definately be more standard. (as with several other UI elements)
  6. So it seems a lot of units need to be nerfed to the ground, then buffed back up incrementally. Ranged units especially. Also, you might want to mention the use of micro wherever possible with your # beats # % statements, KingAJ. Especially relating to ranged units vs melee units. I assume the archers didn't micro at all, considering they actually lost units to pikemens. I still dislike the way pikes are executed, they need to be brought more in line with other infantry units (but not too much like them) So.. more speed, less armour, more attack. I like the way they are now.. if the game was a total war title. It's an real-time-strategos title, not a total war (alike) title. (leave that to the modders. XD)
  7. So basically, the same thing norton always does?
  8. well they have tonnes of health so that you can't snipe them. (which i'm fine with) Which is why I like to play with paladin in wc3. You can't snipe pally's. TBH Heroes really don't need a change. they are fine as is, if you're 1v1ing a hero, you're doing it wrong.
  9. Not yet. However i believe it is planned to be made "Eventually" so you can Do something similar to what Battle for wesnoth has. (in-app-gui, connects to a server, you download in game, blar blar etc)
  10. wait wait wait Hold the phone Doesn't dosbox only emulate old dos programs? Also, it was released at almost the same time as vista, so i doubt you'll need any voodoo tricks just to run it. Unless linux.
  11. aoe2 wasn't even remotely eurocentric. at least half the civs were NOT european. and 3 was about the colonial age, so it couldn't be anything but.
  12. I think there was a treasure toggle a while back...
  13. Maybe if someone can implement a primitive 3d pathfinder, sure, but it isn't going to happen. (like that in stronghold 1 etc)
  14. Still, too complicated. Maybe for custom maps, but for the main game, it's got enough going on, having to worry about how many mercs you will have to pay will make some poor peasants head explode. Anyway. I was going to make a thread on this but.. eh... Some of these have probably been suggested, but variously. And i thought I'd like to cobble them together into one post. Advanced before-game-start options. Some Suggestions: Start age - Final ageA resource density filter. (Different toggles for each individual resource + traders)EG: Having Wood Toggled to "Low" would make each tree be harvest-able for 100 wood, instead of 200 (or 200 if baobabs, instead of 400, etc.) But then you could also set them to Infinite.. I want Infinite metal mines to fund my mercenary armies! MUAHAHAHA! MUAHA! Wut? EG:2 Setting Trade income to high would double the trade you would get from each trader, or low would halve it. (no infinite setting for trade. lol) Harvest Speed (0.5x>1x>1.5x>2x>2.5x) How fast resources are harvested by default. A Peacetime setting. Maybe with various toggles? EG: Option 1: Can't attack enemies for a certain amount of time. (can still hunt and attack neutrals) Option 2: Can't enter enemy territory for a certain amount of time. (but can still fight enemy) Option 3: Can't Leave friendly territory For a certain amount of time. (probably bad) A biome setting for random maps. EG: Mainland sometimes has the savannah biome (i think it's called?) Which annoys some people.maybe having the choice to set it so it always comes in grassland If people so desire?
  15. Nobody plays random maps on sc2 ranked because they cannot. Besides, sc2 is much much much easier to balance when they DO make random maps than games like 0ad and AOE. starcraft resource management is literally made for babies. (2 resources, almost always next to each other. only dropsite makes your workers. done.) Not that it's bad. just very simplistic. (thus easy to balance) Also, they can make beautiful maps without them being chopped down and butchered. mappers in sc2 don't need to worry about trees being harvested. (except for certain arcade games) mappers in 0ad and similar games do. I do agree though, maybe we should set up a ranked/tournament standard? only Skirmish maps are ranked? Even unbalanced maps that are pre-made have better balance than random maps (as a general rule)
  16. ...this isn't real?! MY LIFE IS A LIE!
  17. Too complicated, and what would happen when you run out? Everyone get's payed up front for the job. Much less complicated.
  18. I think he meant you draw it like a wall. (drag from one end to another) But you place it like a dock. Nice sketch, btw.
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