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  1. Is it a feature to capture animals/enemy units?
  2. I've found that clicking on a unit multiple times and having him/her change voices each time breaks the illusion of the game. Would it be possible/easy to assign only one audio file per unit? I think it would help with the realism. Thanks.
  3. This is something that 0ad will always have over proprietary games I think. The endless variety that will come from contributions over time. I love just wandering through the map, taking in the scenery. This game is something special.
  4. Ok I finally did it. I remove ALL the files manually, apt-get removed the package, and purged again, then apt-get auto-remove. Now it has reinstalled and is working without errors!!!! There should probably be a way to catch errors like this in the future. Has anyone else had problems upgrading after creating a mod folder? Anyway, looking forward to playing this again!!
  5. I deleted everything to do with 0ad, removed the package and even purged!! And I get the same error with permissions. This is silly. Now I can't even reinstall it on my system. How is it that I can't remove this program and install it again? Any help would be much appreciated because I'm not going to reinstall linux to get it to work o_O How can a working version of the game be scrapped by installing the upgrade? I hope this doesn't happen in future versions. I just want to play
  6. Here's the screenshot of the error now.
  7. I did have old files in the mod folder. Strange that purge doesnt remove them. anyway, now I've got another problem. I get a popup when trying to launch the game (doesnt load anymore). Now I get an 'Insufficient access rights to open file' message from pyrogenesis. Strange that the upgrade doesn't handle something like a mod folder from an older version :/
  8. Its Syllepsis, there's no doubt about it. I wonder if it's not just some old mod folder...
  9. Ok, I can't find the commands.txt in the page you linked to. I deleted all the dot folders in my home user, purged my copy and installed again, and I still have the same problem. Can you tell me more about that commands.txt file? Any other ideas?
  10. Is it possible to get notifications when you're starting to stream?
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