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  1. Yup i turned autorun off and the game was installed without problems
  2. and another thing how can i change the helmet crest in a unit?
  3. I want to replace the helmet,shield a unit has with another shield and helmet that exist ingame(ex. replacing hoplon shields with roman shields in a greek spear infantry)Is this possible??What programs do i need to use??I am new to modding and it would help if you show me every step with details.I am not talking about creating a unit entirely from scratch but replacing the weaponry of the ones that already exist in the game Also i want to know how i can make shield symbols.
  4. Thank you all for the help and suggestions wowgetoffyourcellphone that's exaxtly what i was looking for...i really appreciate your help ,
  5. Nevermind i found what the problem was,Norton didn't allow the program to run so i disabled it and now all works fine Thanks for the support
  6. the file's name that i try to download: 0ad-0.0.18-alpha-win32.exe the message that i get when i try to open the file
  7. ok i tried to whitelist the mirror installer from the antivirus and now it says windows is not possible to find C:downloads/0ad 18(something like that),ensure that you typed the file correctly??? Can someone help me ??
  8. Yes the site is sourceforge.net but the thing is i have downloaded the game from there more than 10 times in the past and i had no problems i don't know what causes this....
  9. Also it would be nice if you could give us the ability to create our own units from scratch in the future by mixing the weapons,armour and helmets that already exist in Atlas editor
  10. Sorry for the mix up i will try to be more comprehensible with my problem.Some units have many varied appereances in game and i like that ,for example spartan hoplites have many designs in game with different shield symbols and different helmets but what troubles me is that it's really difficult to get the specific design you want when you recruit units.In game it may take hours or more to make an army out of the units you want (spartan hoplites) with the appereance you want (scorpion on shields) but i know that variations are important in game and i like them,so i try to do this with the atlas editor.I make scenarios but it takes minutes to get a unit with the specific design you want and even hours to make a full army out of them and when you place the unit on the map a different design replace the previous one and you are forced to change the appearance,if you want to get the same design,by clicking the unit's name over and over again in the units tab so i want to know if there is a quicker way to scroll between units' different designs in order to pick the one i want to place on the map Suggestion;it would be great when a unit with a different design doesn't get replaced by other designs automatically when you place them on the map and if you could change the design by clicking manually the unit's name
  11. I use windows 8.1 64 bit and i tried to install the game yersteday through the scourge.net site but too problems poped up First my antivirus cancelled the installation proccess and then a window poped up saying that Windows can't access the file and that i may haven't the rights to do so Secondly this nsis error appears
  12. Everytime the developers upgrade the game, they forget to add the unit variation option in the Atlas editor.There are units with many varieties (spartan hoplites,greeks hoplites etc) that have different shield designs and it takes minutes to find the one you want and even HOURS to create a whole army out of them.Do you know if there is any solution to this or how i can contact the developers about it??It is really annoying and it would really help if you could somehow find the unit's design you want without having to click the unit's name again and again!!!
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