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  1. Gauls are easiest to pull because wood is almost always plentiful, i am loath to build the iberian and itallian mercenaries because of hat it costs to build their embassies. Also, in terms of units, Italians are the worst. (spearcav doesn't beat anything, and is downright worse than swordcav) Iberians have the most choice (swordcav slingers skirmishers) Gauls are all about hacking up a storm. (both their units are hack damage focussed)
  2. I'll try to with-hold an opinion about the womans changes, (without testing) but i think it will just buff booming too much. There is already a rather nice spectrum. Booming>Turtleing>Rushing>Booming. buffing any one of those play-types in any way will be too destructive to game balance, i think. This from a part-time-boomer.
  3. Or a similar Hotkey, i would rather it be a separate one, Say i want to make a gameplay screenshot, without the ui..... yeah, oddball event, but someone could feel that way.
  4. Whoever is maintaining the ubuntu repo's always takes several weeks to update. ....if he has done it in a while. Other ubuntu users have reported having the latest version already, maybe you should upgrade to a newer version? ?
  5. That would be ridiculously OP. Mario obviously doesn't train women with houses. Also, Yes you can. It's called diversions, use them.
  6. Sword cav is fine, IMO. No, it's BEYOND Fine. It's job, is to chase down skirmcav. though.. If you CAN manage to get 50 sword cav chopping at your enemies civ center, you deserve to kill it. Also, women ALREADY TRAIN FASTER. they are at 8 seconds, to most infantries 10.
  7. So no stan? I'll get the shovel, and we can bury stan tonight? To lions suggestions... Saturnalia would be fantastic if a19 came out in december. Also, Strategos (or strategoi) would be great there was more emphasis on military/formations in the alpha.
  8. Ancillary Suggestion for artists: A captain unit. Whoever in your formation has the highest rank, (or at random if all are the same rank), gets promoted to "captain" (with.. no gameplay influence? Just for looks?) Just occurred to me that formations generally have a leader, and leaders generally look shinier. Doesn't need to have any actual gameplay significance, but just so formations look cooler.
  9. Gentlemen, I Have with me here, a simple suggestion. Instead of units automatically grouping up (ala now) in a formation, or, if it seems appropriate, "No formation" (evri tym), How about we simply have units automatically NOT HAVE FORMATIONS, unless ordered to? So I have a suggestion, they are 2 buttons. "FORM UP!", and "DISBAND". This will quite UN-complicate the formation system we have now. (from a user point of view). It's also more Understandable. Currently we have a problem of.. say, like me, you dislike formations in their current state, but do sometimes like to use them. It is quite annoying to have to set NO FORMATION whenever you train a 5x of infantry (or 50x - worse at 50x) set to move towards a metal deposit, or, TL:DR I want a Button to make my units form up, and a button to disband them. Potentially also better from a UI standpoint, instead of 50 buttons, you just have 1, thus can lower the bottom bar, for more screen space. Ancillary Suggestion: Make it so Formations can Have a little flag above their head which you can click on, to select that formation. This would make having a nice long line of pikes more manageable. (because you know, the more units in one syntagma formation, the less good it is) Edit: Besides it making more sense from a game-play standpoint, it's more accurate to how formations actually function. If you tell a bunch of people to "go over there", they won't form up, they would just waddle in the general direction you pointed. You would have to form them up, get them in line, THEN MARCH THEM TO "Over there". Also it irks me.
  10. Lined up, as in the graphic? Or lined up as, you click on something --------------------------->Here but actually click on something ----------------------------->Here?
  11. Names of locations and individuals sound weird though. Battles events and mythical beings are more smooth going.
  12. So when is this going to be downloadable? O.o Is a poor policy, TBH. Just update the OP with the git link, so people can try it out. Oh are you using Copyrighted materials?
  13. darnit, i was going to suggest salamis. T.T Salamis would be great if a19 was focussed on naval warfare. I'll withold my good ones, (mattering on the alphas focus - if it has one) for now however.... Saepenumero - repeated. Doing something again and again. Like constantly repackaging new builds? Or... Sol, Solus, The Sun. Maybe even Sol Invictus, which was eventually adopted as the roman sun god (from syria). But that was early empire, not republic. If someone can find an S word about Discipline, Or motion, it would fit with This ticket. Which I think would be a big part.
  14. True, true, they do get a trade bonus, but trading isn't a substitute for a good uninterupted metal mining. Especially at the price we were paying for ONE Mercenary. (100 metal is ALOT MAN) Personally I think that it's better now than it was. I think if the mercs are going to have techs, they need to be more interesting than "cost less or train faster"
  15. Some maps don't support a healthy metal production industry though. >.>
  16. No it hasn't? AUR version is still 17-4. NVM, Apparently it has, but i'm not getting the new version. Interesting. So much for manjaro being connected to the AUR. It took 2 days for pacmac to actually pick up that 0ad had a new version. >.>
  17. Because everyone took metal reduction costs ANYWAY, then just mass trained them to not have to worry about traintime bonus. Unless the map you were on had, like 9000 5k metal mines. I like it better this way myself, they technically sort of cost more than they did... But they also kind of cost less. Maybe we can come up with new techs?
  18. And my terrible pun didn't make it obvious? darn.
  19. It isn't dificult Open a terminal in where you want to install your svn 0ad, (i believe you can just open a folder, say, home, then right click on empty space, and "open in terminal") And Copypasta These. sudo apt-get install build-essential libboost-dev libboost-filesystem-dev \ libcurl4-gnutls-dev libenet-dev libgloox-dev libicu-dev libjpeg-dev \ libminiupnpc-dev libnspr4-dev libnvtt-dev libogg-dev libopenal-dev \ libpng-dev libsdl-dev libvorbis-dev libwxgtk3.0-dev libxcursor-dev \ libxml2-dev subversion zlib1g-devWill install Dependencies. Note that is for debian/ubuntu, You can search here for other operating systems ways to install, building is the same for everyone. Then cd 0ad/build/workspaces./update-workspaces.sh -j3cd gccmake -j3Then after that's done, go into your 0ad/binaries/system and scroll down to find the pyrogenesis executable (you may need to tick a box to MAKE it executable - it should be under "permissions" or somesuch if it isn't in the main box) Hope that helps.
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