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  1. A regicide style game where you.. capture a leader, and force him to work for you? :3.
  2. Gameplay reasons aside.... Do you think women are that Simple? From personal experience, i haven't met a SINGLE lady who i can convert to my way of thinking UNLESS SHE IS ALREADY WILLING. So my answer is no.. BUT, how about capturable slaves? ? Too Mean?
  3. Besides being the most over-rated Unit in history, spartiates were never that great. Their track record isn't so fantastic compared to most athenai hoplitai, for example. Sure, a LITTLE bit better, No, the deadliest warrior, was easily the roman legionairy. There is a reason rome had an empire, and sparta did not.
  4. On the topic of paired techs, i think they should be kept for super-techs (or policies) which provide HUGE Bonuses, instead of carrying more or gathering faster, that's just silly. :/ Also, does that menu scale downwards? I have a... rather small monitor (vive le no money)
  5. Most of the feature tickets were opened a long time before they were implemented, a way to have a "planned features" list, if you may. I see a plumed archer scrub. :3
  6. I disagree that we should have ranked games Should have pausing disabled. HOWEVER, there should be an upper limit as to how long you can pause (for said ranked games). In the event that we might get a cult-following esports crowd, people don't want to be waiting for 30 minutes for one player to get back. Oh and how many times a game you can pause Maybe also make it so pauses take 5-10 seconds to take effect? That way we won't get tactical pauses unless they are planned WELL in advance. ( A LOT CAN HAPPEN IN 5 - 10 SECONDS. A LOT.)
  7. I disagree with this, if you need a pause and the other person refuses you, what then? Like i said, there will always be those who exploit it, the only way to succeed is to make sure that their is as little exploitation as possible. This method will be maximum exploitation, thus is bad. though i like the can't pause after pausing mechanic.
  8. Open the Program "Task manager" and kill the "0ad" process, should stop the audio. I should totally read better. It seems to be related to the AUR Distribution of the game, i've only ever had this problem on arch-based systems.
  9. There is no good way to have a pause, Period. Every way you think of can and will be exploited. Dota 2 has it better than most games, but it has 10 people in a game (mostly) So it works for how many people it has. Maybe if you cant unpause someone elses pause (unless same team?) until 30 seconds has passed? that way you at least get.. some amount of time to fap Do whatever it is you need to do, and you cant pause forever and piss others off.
  10. If you want the Original Pharaohs ETC i believe there is a mod called aristeia (Bronze age mod) Which provides for it. Ptolemies however, are the only dynasty during the the time period 0ad portrays.
  11. Not Play0ad, thats for sure. just checked.
  12. They also apparently gather wood stone and metal at an enhanced pace, but in practice it doesn't happen. (did several tests on that matter, but that might just be a bug that the bonuses don't get applied)
  13. You could get a linux partition, it runs flawlessly.
  14. Is there any other reason besides "most people aren't using it anyway"? (like certain API Support etc)
  15. You can't, you can make them not play (turn them into a bot or someone else) and they'll leave eventually.
  16. A trailer, i doubt. Official release, 2, maybe 3 years from now? And that's hopeful.
  17. Officially, The marian reforms were still republican rome, But they did pave the way for imperial rome, so it makes no sense to not have it in the game.
  18. I did say I don't think it's currently in the game, too. But if it is, it will be in the Fortress, not Factory.
  19. Only ranged units, i think. (or at least they are best at it)
  20. I don't think it's currently avaliable, but the technology should be called "Marian Reforms", and it will turn all your infantry units (except veles?) Into Legionaires.
  21. OH.... that explains everything. Hope there's some sliders and an apply button in the future. (eventually)
  22. he has not learned the light of the butt----Chicken!
  23. Remember kids, 15.04 will be buggy as hell, with a million new features, but 15.10 will have all the bugs fixed.
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