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  1. Because Siege weapons are meant to be used versus Structures.
  2. Is it weird that the package version number is 17-4? O.o
  3. Well you are going to have to rewite episode 1. ;3 "Hamilcar felt that Carthage had given up on Sicily too soon in the First Punic War. Hamilcar had been undefeated and was forced to make peace. The subsequent Mercenary War showed that Carthage was capable of further military effort." To quote the wikipedia. Half the reason why there was a second punic war was because he didn't like the fact he never lost, and his country did. Lol.
  4. Dropbox also works. It's also not blocked anywhere that i know of.
  5. First map chronologically, or the first map you've made?
  6. Hmm. how long will the Himelqart sections be? Compared to the hannibal sections that is. While hannibal barca was hailed "one of the greatest strategists of the ancient times", he isn't nearly as interesting as the Baraq Himself. I personally think he was the man behind the grand strategy that hannibal implemented (me and many others) Sure, hannibal was great in engagements, but as mago put, "you can create the victory, but you cannot use it" (or however that was phrased), thus i think hannibal isn't much of the grand strategy boyo.
  7. Compared to archers, yeah. Especially if you are using iberians, and you have a couple level 3's. (They do CRUSH darnIT, AND LOTS OF IT)
  8. again? God you artists, always blowing up your computers.
  9. I haven't seen this as a tool-tip, anywhere, is it true? as far as I know, only females have a bonus, and that's to gathering food. I've also done some focus tests and not noticed females gathering wood metal or stone any slower than males. can a dev confirm?
  10. Well we've had the suggestion about a million times, i was recently so frustrated with the inability to balance ranged units properly that i considered that i make a reboot post on it (you beat me to it! D:) Generally i think the best way to do it would be the way warrior kings does it: Ranged units attack at max speed when supplied, when they run out of supply, they slowly regenerate supply (very slowly, like 1 supply every 10/20 seconds) But if they are nearby a supply caravan, they'll get 1 supply every 2 seconds. (which won't supply their max attack speed fully, but keep it up to scratch)
  11. Skirmishers are more op than archers, (much faster than any other infantry - speed = gather speed, gather speed = better econ, better econ = more skirmishers) That said though, i have seen archers dominate in combat, even though they only do.. what.. 7 damage? With enough of them, 7 damage can destroy armies.
  12. He's a bit fat. Hyenas in general are under-fed. (ever seen a fat hyena? in a zoo, maybe!) Apart from model size, if you made his sides flatter, he'd have less triangles (right? im not a moddeler) thus better performance out of him? Not that it'll matter unless someone makes an animal invasion mod. xD
  13. Hyenas dfinately have flat-ish backs. http://media.web.britannica.com/eb-media/34/82634-050-865C2055.jpg
  14. They don't work together.
  15. Okay. I played as Macedon VS a very hard AI 10 times and tried very hard to rush Age2 so i can get my infantry upgrades, i seriously dislike Pikemen, but i can definitely see what scythe wants them to be. A metal wall of pikes. This is key, i think. I like the idea, but i however dislike that macedon has 0 infantry to rely on, they just have the Pikeman and the hypaspist/silver shield (champion). Thing is, macedon DID have a sort of have other infantry. (Mercenary Hoplites, for example) Their Infantry wasn't ONLY Pikemen. Their Agrianes also served a sort of support melee infantry when they shot off all their javelins. My sugestion is more of a feature request: Allow skirmisher/(archer?) units to also carry on the fight in melee when pressed, or requested, (maybe they could get an HP buff to go with it, but a range nerf?) OR: Give Macedon access to mercenary hoplites, who can function more of an actual infantry.
  16. The only time it isn't tedious is on small/tiny maps. Which hardly anyone plays these days. T.T
  17. as an rts, not much is new, (though it does merge some ideas, territory + formations in an RTS Game? Dafuq?)..... As a game.. I quite like the fact it's literally the only game that i can sit in the multiplayer lobby, go windowed mode and start browsing the web. All without crashing All without crashing, ON LINUX. (linux is key) oh also, it's one of the very few "Good" Linux RTS games.
  18. Okay, some Carthage stuff? (Really auron? More Carthage stuff?! Do I never?!) The Mercenaries. I like the new pricing scheme. They technically cost more, but they also cost less now (in a matter of speaking), what with the resources spread out much more. So basically what i'm saying: maybe there should be a difference between all the mercenaries? EG: Italiote swordsmen would have better armor, where gallic swordsmen would hit harder. (just a thought, for when the balance is less "every unit of the same type is the exact same" and more on a per-faction basis) Also, are champions ever going to be buffed health-wise whenever somone ages up? Champ cavs (sacred band in this case) seem to have less health On the final age than their not champion counterparts. This is a small thing, since they last longer anyway (armor armor babay!), it just makes them feel.. inferior, to have a single digit less. XD Did pikes change? I'm not looking at pikemen civs until someone says they aren't stupid pointless Anymore. (I mean, they could probably be a great unit when you use 50 in syntagma.. but still, seriously, macedon and the ptolmies are stupid vulnerable to phalanx's favorite Dish "testudo rush", does he still do that?) Just some thoughts i mulled over today. Edit: Will you stop nagging me? I'll upload it when I upload it. I'm not the only one who uses the internet and i wasn't home on Sunday (new month, new internet bill) *rage* and uploading during the week is just a pain. (rarely at home, when at home, want to spend internets playing games. Done.) And watching the video, most of the reason why you destroyed my economy (my entire army) is because of the Formation wiggle, (half my units were in formation, other half weren't, so they kept trying to reform whenever I attack moved, thus spent 30 seconds being shot at). Like I said, more tests are in order before we go hanging the noose on the slinger. On the other hand... I understand keeping formations in is a key thing for balance in the game, but can we default "no formation", to every unit trained?! Please?!
  19. I hope there would be a resign surrender feature (which the other player can reject). I'm cruel to my AI, so I will always say no, unless I'm short on time.
  20. Well... the wheel was already widely available... So... we can say.... we're taking some artistic license?
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