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  1. Hello, I'm a new player to 0 ad so I have a few questions for the glorious citizens of Bal'Haman. (Carthage) What's the difference between each of the merc trees? It seems all 3 of the embassies both have a melee unit and a calv unit. Is there special perks between gaullic / celts / romans or is this area still WIP? What do you guys do or go with? Do you build 1 or all 3? Personally, I feel mercs are just a sink for metal at the time and are pretty worthless. The citizenry seems to be a much better force in all aspects.
  2. Just wondering, did I upload the correct log? I would like to get full screen running as soon as I can.
  3. There we go. Sorry, I meant to do it the first time but forgot. system_info.txt
  4. How big is the difference? The mouse in game cursor points to the upper left with an arrow. but what it is actually pointing to is on the bottom left. Basically, it's pointing to the upper left corner but it's actually on the bottom left. Do you start the game in fullscreen mode? Yes I start the game in full screen mode. Is the cursor offset from the start of the game? Yes, it starts off misaligned. What happens if you switch to windowed mode (Alt+Enter)? OH WOW! Switching into windowed mode actually fixes the mouse cursor misalignment. However, I dislike playing in windowed mode due to accidentally clicking on things outside of the game.
  5. Oh, my bad. This is what I meant. The mouse pointer is seen but when I click, it is actually vertically off for some reason.
  6. Hello, all! New to the forum / game. 1st thing I'd like to report is that the mouse pointer is not lined up to where it should be. I use a windows Vista 64x. That is all.
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