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  1. I have just one little idea i want to share with you boys. What if player could somehow capture oponents ( AI ) soldiers and use them as slaves or workers or soldiers etc.
  2. I found trailer in one magazine in my country ( i wont tell name of it ) and some pics. I love era whit Julius Ceasar and cesarious era. BTW I apllyed for help at game too cuz i really love ya boys and wanna help anyway i can.
  3. Hi. My real name is Sandi and i come from Slovenia. Last day i saw trailer for this game and i become very very happy. Im here to help as much as i can at game and anything else. I have some exp wit programing, internet and i ahve a lot of ideas Im fan of RTS games especially those based on history and true events. Like this one. I support groups of programers like u boys and i always help as much as i can. And i know a lot about history cuz im fan of Roman Empire.
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