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  1. I would love to see Pontus as a faction. I think it would be a very cool blend of eastern and western military tactics and units.
  2. Also the city state of Thessaly was famous for its caverly early on and later throughout the hellenistic age.
  3. Would these historical events possibly let me change the outcome of the 2nd Punic War??
  4. I figured the terrain interactions might be a little too advanced, but i figured id ask being a "history buff" ohh and buying units in blocks of troops very sweet
  5. This question may be kind of dumb but will terrain play any major role in unit formations, for example will unever terrain break apart the close cohesion of a phalanx like at Pydna and Cynoscephale.
  6. I first found out about it on a fan site for Rise and Fall i beleive, and from the beginning i thought wow this is gonna be sweet.
  7. I think that Pontus would be pretty sweet to see.
  8. I am at the end of my 2nd year.
  9. You scored as Trajan. You are quite fortunate to rank as the emperor Trajan, possibly the greatest of Roman emperors. You have relentlessly expanded the empire and even humbled the mighty Parthian empire. Loved by all, vastly larger than life, you are the model for all future emperors. It is hard to find a bad thing to say about you. HAIL CAESAR! Trajan 93% Vespasian 82% Commodus 61% Augustus 57% Marcus Aurelius 57% Hadrian 50% Domitian 46% Vitellius 43% Claudius 39% Antoninus Pius 36% Tiberius 36% Nerva 32% Caligula 29% Nero 18%
  10. I have and i think that your archives are quite well done
  11. Hello my name is Aaron and i am currently attending the Univerisy of Maine in Orono as a history major. I stumbled upon your site on night, and have been checking up on it every couple of weeks and i have to say that i cam intriged at what you have to offer. I am a big fan of Greek and Early roman history as you can probaly guess by the Forum name. I play a lot of RTS games, mostly the total war games.
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