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  1. That would be Planetary Annihilation (PA), which is one of the very few promising RTS games in development. PA is being developed by Uber Entertainment. The CEO of Uber Entertainment is Jon Mavor, one of the people who did SupCom with Chris Taylor, so the people behind PA have a great RTS pedigree.
  2. General Meldor, when playing a match, there is a unique emblem for each faction with a tooltip in the top center of the screen that shows who you are playing as, and I believe the number of gathers per resource is a planned feature.
  3. Other than the fence being imbedded in the structure on the right side, it looks great.
  4. I actually realized after I posted it, that the unit is actually called a Fire Raiser not a Flamethrower.
  5. The Celts and the Hellenes should work well enough, with the Celts actually having their chose between the Britons or Gauls at City Phase mechanic that was originally planned.
  6. The best translation for the so-called Theban Flamethrower I can come up with is Pyropallō, since we wanted to use pyro, with pallō being one of the Ancient Greek root words that catapult and its Latin root word catapulta were ultimately derived from.
  7. As I have mentioned before, I am a programmer, and I would honestly give the pathfinder rewrite a try if I had any experience with C++, but unfortunately I don't.
  8. Houses being able to garrison support units only sounds like a splendid idea. I pointed out some minor issues with warships names and tooltips and the Gauls Tavern on the previous page that seems to have been missed among the other posts.
  9. The Tavern for the Gauls doesn't decay, probably a holdover from when it wasn't a buildable structure, and the tooltip could use a little cleanup, probably with the phrasing from the House if we really want to highlight the population bonus. Most of the factions with biremes/penteconters, triremes, and quinqueremes, specifically the Hellenes, the Macedonians, the Ptolemies, the Romans, the Seleucids, and the Spartans, need their specific and/or generic names cleaned up to the standard of the Athenians, the Carthaginians, and the Persians. For example, the Roman Quinquereme isn't even using its proper specific name. Also, all of the triremes for these factions and the warships for the Mauryans have an outdated tooltip that is overriding the updated one.
  10. I have a bug to report in Alpha 15 on Cantabrian Highlands, the ramp didn't form properly for the AI's starting position. The save game where the problem occurred is attached. And is there anyway to get the towers version of the Iberian circuit walls on maps such as Cantabrian Highlands to always frame the ramp instead of sometimes being right in the middle of the ramp? savegame-0001.zip
  11. I would imagine the Bakhtrish Asabara would be considered a proto-cataphract from a historical standpoint.
  12. The Persian Corral Civ Bonus should probably be called Hatru System, though Royal Horse Herd, or Roundup like many of the others, are also options.
  13. Shouldn't the Elephant Stables for the Mauryans count toward the City Phase? I ask because I am currently playing as the Mauryans with a Market, a Temple, a Blacksmith, and an Elephant Stables, but I can't research the City Phase.
  14. Other than having a partial download the first attempt and getting weird errors the first time I tried to start it up, Alpha 15 Osiris is working great so far.
  15. Athenians I like Mythos_Ruler's suggestions, though of course all of the Hellenic factions need a functional Phalanx Formation. Britons I like the idea of two types of War Dogs and the free Kennel. Carthaginians I believe the Naval Shipyard should also get the tech pair suggested for the Athenians and/or the ability to garrison ships in the Naval Shipyard for repair, something to make them the naval power they were demonstrated to be throughout history. Also, I would like them to be able to garrison 10 troops in their wall towers as I believe it was planned. The animal capture feature is of course needed. Gauls Since they recently received the Tavern and Naked Fanatics, I think something could be done with them, though I don't really have any ideas since I haven't got to use them yet. Iberians Tactical Guerrilla aura and Flaming Javelins are definitely needed, basically what is already planned for them. Macedonians I really like them as they are, since they basically have everything except a Cavalry Archer and Syntagma Formation not functioning yet. And somebody needs to get the Thracian Black Cloak, if not the Macedonians then someone else. Mauryans They really just need what is already planned for them. Persians I like Mythos_Ruler's suggestions. I also like the idea of giving them a Champion Elephant and the Scythian Cavalry Archer. Ptolemies Can they also build more Civic Centers in addition to the Military Settlements? Romans A functional Testudo Formation and possibly the Marian Reforms is all they need, though I don't like the idea of the Entrenched Army Camp and Siege Walls being completely temporary. Seleucids I like Mythos_Ruler's suggestions for the Hellenic Reforms. Spartans I like the suggestion of a free Spartan Hoplite for each House built, though I also like the old idea for The Agoge of the Barracks and Military Mess Halls providing a population bonus. Thebans I still say the Thebans could be interesting, especially since they are the other major Hellenic power during the City-States period, so it seems like it would be a disservice to the time period not to include them eventually. Though this isn't the place for such discussion.
  16. If we are going to be thinking about Imperial generals, then don't forget Gnaeus Domitius Corbulo (Halo, specifically Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn, has its uses). His supposed last words, Axios!, should also be utilized in some manner.
  17. I believe there is a minor mistake in the 2000-2002: The Birth of 0 A.D. section of The Story of 0 A.D. article on the website, there appears to be an extra "their" in the part on TLA.
  18. The "metal centerpiece" is called a shield boss or simply a boss.
  19. I was surprised that the Persians and the Romans weren't already called the Achaemenid Persians and the Republican Romans, respectively.
  20. Mythos_Ruler is one of the developers...
  21. Then what is with that special technology on the Republican Romans civ profile?
  22. Actually, as I understand it, the Marian Reforms have been implemented as a special technology for the Republican Romans. The Marian Reforms replace all Republican Infantry with Marian Legionary, a champion swordsman, and allowing for the training of Numidian Cavalry. This has a major economic impact, since only the Marian Legionary can be trained in place of the Republican Infantry and the Legionary's only economic function to build Army Camps, Siege Walls, and Fortresses, making it a late game attempt at a game changer. I am pretty sure this special technology was implemented because the Marian Reforms occurred during the time frame of Empires Ascendant.
  23. The use of the Greek letter Alpha is just splendid.
  24. So when you guys moved away from the fixed-function renderer to OpenGL 2.0 and ARB shaders, you meant it when you said that older graphics card would be left behind. I guess I really shouldn't be surprised that even a fine graphics card like the GeForce4 Ti just never had it. I guess I am going to have to rely on my Gateway, flickering 0 A.D. main menu and all, in order to play the game for the foreseeable future.
  25. I am not even sure ARB shaders would allow for continued support for this computer, my parents' Gateway with a Nvidia GeForce 4200 Ti, due to the use of OpenGL 2.0. My own slightly newer Gateway E-4500D can handle the game, with its internal graphics no less, though for some strange reason the moving parts of the main menu background constantly flicker and I don't know if the fancy graphics work. I don't know when the game stopped working with the GeForce 4200 Ti, because I was using a GeForce 6200 in order to play things like Battlefield 2 for a time, but the GeForce 6200 doesn't seem to perform as good as even the internal graphics card on my computer for CnC Generals and the BfME series.
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