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  1. The trade interface is an improvement over the old way of doing it, and this is the first version anyway, with the addition of sliders as mentioned by mimo, it should end up being effective for all trading situations.
  2. I have noticed a small thing, someone forgot to make it so the Skiritai Commandos could build the Theatron for the Spartans.
  3. It could be, but all of the other treasure around the tower can be obtained with out doing that, so I seriously doubt that is intended.
  4. I have a minor issue to report, in the skirmish map Mediterranean Coves, the metal treasure at the base of the Gaia Iberian Tower to its left is unobtainable without destroying the tower.
  5. The Thebans are a potential fourth Hellenic civilization, which I would personally love to see, since they are the other major Hellenic power, defeating Sparta in the Battle of Leuctra with the Oblique Order, and would be necessary in order to do Classical Greece justice in a campaign.
  6. I mean, when a new expansion to a classic game with a strong following is tied to an HD re-release of the game, and the HD re-release itself probably could have been done as a free patch to the original game instead of as a new edition, like how Firefly Studios did the HD patches for Stronghold, Stronghold Crusader, and Stronghold Crusader Extreme. Its very hard to not feel a little cheated, or at the very least taken advantage of.
  7. Yeah, between this, AoEO, and the enhanced re-releases of AoK and AoM, I am starting to think that they either don't want to or at the very least don't know how to create another full installment in the franchise again.
  8. Ah, so with my solid foundation in C# and Java, I actually shouldn't have that difficult of a time transitioning into C++. I already knew this to a certain extent, but it is nice to see it reiterated. My main problem is I really need a job and to get my own computer with a proper programming set up in order to effectively contribute, because XP isn't going to cut it for anything other than older games for very much longer.
  9. If I had any C++ experience (I only have experience with C# and Java), I would have already offered my services by now, or at least attempted to contribute in some way.
  10. Surely there is a way to make it so ships behave more like AoE ships when trying to garrison troops, i.e. ships go to the nearest point on the shoreline and wait for the troops to come to them.
  11. I am looking forward to Star Citizen and Planetary Annihilation, but since I don't really have a computer capable of handling them, I am not exactly certain when I will be able to play either one of them.
  12. Divergent factions technically did survive in the form of a tech pair choice to the City Phase between the Britons or the Gauls for the Celts, and the Seleucids are able to chose from two different pairs of champions in the City Phase, so divergent factions aren't exactly gone, but the concept should be used sparingly if at all.
  13. The wooden planks need to be more like the ones from the Iberian Fortress and Walls, such as in the Iberian Town image here, because that is about as defensive as an Iberian structure can get.
  14. I don't care for the Romans not being able to repair their Entrenched Army Camps and Siege Walls either, though the Roman Logistics tech is going to be helpful.
  15. What are you going to do when corrals are fully implemented in a manner similar to animal nurseries from Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, or the Satrapy Tribute for the Persian Apadana, Romulus, complain about another infinite source of resources?
  16. In regards two your second suggestion, it already works that way, to the point one can also trade between one's own markets and docks, and even enemies.
  17. Mythos_Ruler increased the obstruction size of farms fairly recently, though they do still overlap somewhat.
  18. I would imagine the intention for coding the Heroism tech that way is so Melee Champions only get a hack damage bonus, while Ranged Champions only get a pierce damage bonus. Surely there must be a way to make it work as intended, though it seems like you are on the case. Apparently, its counterpart in the champion vs citizen soldier damage tech pair, Will to fight, is also coded the same way. Edit: I figured it out, there is no need to specify Melee and/or Ranged, affects Champion, or CitizenSoldier for Will to fight, for the tech itself is all that is needed, because the way the modifications work was well thought out.
  19. Well, oddly enough, they actually look like some of the trees from Lion's Mausoleum at Halicarnassus reference image, though they definitely could use an update.
  20. The <GarrisonHolder> section of the code of a building or other object that can garrison units governs that.
  21. Sanderd17, you accidentally misspelled phalanx for the Seleucids, the Spartans, and the Thebans on their civ profiles in revision 14534. I sent you a message via the forum message system, but I don't think you know about that system.
  22. Their names are actually leper and Yves. It seems to be a common mistake for new users on the forums to mistake the Roman rank inspired titles for the user names.
  23. I am going to point these issues out again and a few new ones I noticed, just to make sure they haven't been missed. Most of the factions with biremes/penteconters, triremes, and quinqueremes, specifically the Hellenes, the Macedonians, the Ptolemies, the Romans, the Seleucids, and the Spartans, need their specific and/or generic names cleaned up to the standard of the warships for the Athenians, the Carthaginians, and the Persians. The triremes in question are also using an outdated tooltip that is superseding the new one. For example, the Roman Quinquereme isn't even using its proper specific name, which seems like it should use the feminine version like the Roman Trireme was changed to recently. Are the Ptolemaic warships really going to be the Penteres for the medium warship and the Octeres for the heavy warship? I also believe Warship can be dropped from the generic name of the Ptolemaic Tessarakonteres (Juggernaut), like it is on the Ptolemies civ profile, and a Champion Warship template is probably needed. The Mauryan warships, the Roman Consul Bodyguard, and the Macedonian Companion Cavalry are also using an outdated tooltip, much like the triremes. Though in the case of the Mauryan warships, the tooltips just need to be updated, since they are unique in comparison to most of the other warships. Lastly, the Gallic Tavern does not decay and could use a tooltip cleanup, preferably with the language from the house. Don't forget about the Celtic Tavern version from scenarios. Speaking of scenarios, some of the other scenario only structures could use some attention. The Mauryan Palace could probably be given the specific name Harmya, which again comes from that Sanskrit website, http://spokensanskrit.de/. I have the corrected files if it will help fix these issues faster.
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