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  1. The AI is dumb as a rock, garrisoned fortresses do wonders against them.
  2. Yeah, I don't see the problem with Penalty, because either that or Debuff are pretty much the only way I have ever heard such things referred to as.
  3. My problem is with the limited population cap, not something that can really be fixed by patches. I am just so used to having 5 to 20 workers gathering depending on the resource in AoE2/Galactic Battlegrounds that the economic and overall population balance has proved difficult, especially for food in the late game. That scenario also has the added problem of giving the enemy navy a range advantage.
  4. The half population for standard infantry and ability to queue unit training were great additions, to the point I pretty much only play RoR, but they don't completely solve the problems.
  5. That certainly didn't help, I had already played Galactic Battlegrounds for years before I got AoE and AoE2 in a bundle, which made AoE2 so much more appealing than AoE. It is much the same reason why I primarily play Generals and Zero Hour even though I have The First Decade.
  6. Nothing about AoE is easy for me, because I am so used to 200 to 250 population and Castles/Fortresses in AoE2/Galactic Battlegrounds, so 50 population and no Castles are hard to adjust to. The main problem I am having with the Egyptian Wonder mission is establishing naval supremacy.
  7. I am still stuck on the Egyptian Wonder mission in AoE, to the point I have never played any of the other campaigns.
  8. I hardly ever even use healers, even after the cost reduction, and I am the kind of person who loves healing units in order to improve survive-ability. It is how I operate in everything from Age of Empires and Age of Mythology, to Homeworld and Command & Conquer. It was one of the reasons why StarCraft frustrated me until the addition of Medics for the Terrans to heal biological units in Brood War. Moving to heal would definitely help, especially when formations are finally able to give units the survive-ability to make healers more useful during battle, since right now they are only really effective for recovering after a battle, when Temples are just as effective, even without garrisoning them.
  9. If capturing wasn't the default action, I would like it a lot more, since I am pretty certain capturing just allows you to use a structure as if it was your structure, instead of letting you train the other civilization's units.
  10. There is no point in putting units on walls in 0 A.D., because they can't move and don't really receive any bonus, and, therefore, die way too easily.
  11. There is a minor issue that has apparently been overlooked since the Wooden Tower was introduced, the Roman Hastatus (Swordsman) can't build them.
  12. The walls in BFME2 weren't very effective, if only because the maps were so small and the economy required too much land for resource production to be productive.
  13. The way meta-games develop has always frustrated me, since I almost exclusively play skirmish, I can usually get away with playing a completely different way than most players in a multiplayer setting. Which never helped me in StarCraft, since most people on Battle.net, unless they are in the ladder, only play custom games nowadays, so I was never in a position to learn how to play "proper" StarCraft. The massive 100 population boom into champions play style in 0 A.D. I keep hearing about is alien to me. Age of Empires has apparently developed a vaguely similar meta-game, at least in regards to the population boom aspect, but I don't play that way, because I can get away with strategically located garrisoned fortresses with cavalry to deal with siege weapons. The AI could attack an unguarded flank, but if I do it right, there won't be an unguarded flank to exploit. As much as I like the idea of fighting armies in the field, I rarely do that, because the AI almost cannot handle my most from the least approach to army composition, where I have a small army of the best troops that covers my siege engines. In 0 A.D., this usually consists of spearmen supported by archers and skirmishers, since swordsmen are so much more squishy, which makes me far less effective with the Romans and other civilizations where swordsmen are the default melee infantry. Combined with my defensive approach, and I can pretty much outlast the AI, because I don't spend all of my resources like a good little RTS player is supposed to. The Spartan Skiritai Commandos are actually technically Champion Swordsmen with the elite rank to differentiate them from conventional Citizen-Soldiers and Champions.
  14. Probably auto-queuing of the Supreme Commander variety.
  15. The changes made to the number of garrisoned units in wall towers and the fact walls don't really offer any advantage for garrisoned units, has further limited the effectiveness of walls when combined with my other problems.
  16. I don't know about multiplayer, but in skirmish, I find walls to be somewhat difficult to use, to both block off choke points alongside the terrain and rebuild, especially when an end or corner wall tower is destroyed. This has always been a problem for me beyond just 0 A.D., since AI often attack end or corner wall towers, going back to both the Battle for Middle-earth and Age of Empires. Of course, I don't generally need walls anyway, since garrisoned fortresses do great work without a wall and AI is notorious for not being very effective at conducting a siege.
  17. The Thebans are definitely wanted, especially for campaigns in Part 2, Empires Besieged, in order to round out the major players in the Hellenic world. There were plans for the Thebans when the Hellenes were split into the Athenians, Spartans, and Macedonians, with a preliminary History piece that was recently removed, but nothing more has happened since no civilization profile was ever made and the addition of the Mauryans, Ptolemies, and Seleucids has taken all of the attention of the art team.
  18. Definitely a little cartoony, but not nearly as bad as AoEO.
  19. Everything needs them. The Romans need them so the manipular/Polybian army (Triplex Acies) is actually effective, since Swordsman (Hastati) are way too squishy in comparison to Spearman. While the Spartans can get by right now with the Spartiates, since they are Spearman, they will really be dangerous with formations. The Achaemenid Persians and Mauryans pretty much have to rely on Archers and Skirmishers screened by Spearman.
  20. Yeah, that is one of the most annoying aspects of the AI.
  21. Other than a general plan of an alpha like every 3 or 4 months, there isn't really a plan for releases and what they will contain.
  22. I think garrisoning or at least a healing aura is planned for the Carthaginian Cothon, in order to give the Carthaginians more of a naval advantage.
  23. The Seleucids have definitely been difficult to find good references for, but it is clear that native troops were used.
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