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  1. A melee/ranged toggle was actually suggested for the Persian Bactrian Lancer (lance/bow), the Mauryan Maiden Guard (sword/bow), and the Ptolemaic and Seleucid Thureos Spearman (spear/javelin), but I am not sure if anyone figured out how to do that. And on a similar note, a cooldown-based volley ability with pilum (Roman heavy javelin) was suggested for the Roman Princeps, Extraordinarius, and Eques Consularis to make them more representative of what they were actually capable of.
  2. The Mauryans have Wootz Steel, so its not like they don't have anything to buff all of their swordsmen.
  3. Yeah, several Cavalry Heroes also use swords, so there is no real point in removing the class.
  4. I revised my last post to show just how many Cavalry Swordsmen there really are.
  5. No, some civilizations only melee cavalry are Cavalry Swordsmen, specifically the Athenians, the Britons, the Gauls, and the Mauryans, and the Carthaginians and the Persians also have them.
  6. Yes, that's what I meant, the Sparabara formation, with the Sparabara in front and Sogdian Archers behind. That's annoying, I really love tech pairs and the temple techs work fine as tech pairs to me.
  7. I was commenting on some of plumo's suggestions with my first three comments, Prodigal Son. The second comment was about the suggestion concerning adjustments to what units are available at the Civic Center, so I have concerns about only having melee units at the Civic Center, hence my concerns about the Helot Skirmishers. I just don't see much of a problem with so much of what is already in the game and already planned, that I am very skeptical about most of your changes and it doesn't help matters that I don't even know that much about some of these civilizations in order to properly evaluate all of these suggestions. Basically, I like the idea of Marian Reforms and Iphicratean Reforms as you envision them. In all honesty, the Spartans are one of the most unique civilizations already since they don't have walls. I don't have a problem with a fortified Civic Center for the Iberians, though that can get tricky for balancing, take the Teutonic Town Center from AoK for example, though I don't think that will be much of a problem with the territory system. I still say the Persians need the Sparabara formation in order to give them a tactic to have a chance at combating Greek and Roman heavy infantry. Actually, the Seleucid Reforms are some of the most historically linked mechanics we have, because there is strong evidence the Seleucids were going to Romanize their military, though you may be right about Companion Cavalry being a better choice for a Champion than Scythed Chariots. I believe chariots in general really need their trample damage. What tech pairs are still available and what techs were added, because that video posted awhile back wasn't particularly helpful? I happen to know how to look at the code, but even as a programmer, I still have a hard time making sense of what is what.
  8. It doesn't help matters that there usually isn't much more foraging opportunities beyond what is near to starting locations. That's a nice idea for Civic Centers and Barracks, but what about the Helot Skirmishers for the Spartans, they are the obvious choice for the main Spartan citizen-soldier dedicated to resource gathering and construction? I agree about the Carthaginian Embassies, though the current buildings should definitely be kept in their present form for use in scenarios and eventually campaigns. Were the Carthaginian mercenary tech pairs removed, because if they were that seems like a silly idea, since they seem like reasonable trade offs. Auron is right though, a cap of two Embassies was implemented, and I am the reason its two not one, because it would have heavily favored production time over cost reduction. The Spartan Skirtai Commandos are like that for a reason, since they are already elite troops. The Cleomenian Reforms are an interesting idea to utilized the Spartan Pikemen that aren't normally available. I don't think the Spartan Hoplites would if they were available from the start, because Champions exist for a reason. As long as the Athenian Marines are still available at the Gymnasium, I am open to alternative ideas for Iphicratean Reforms. I still say the Carthaginians need garrisoning or a repair aura at the Cothon in order to make it a powerful naval tool. I am not certain what could be done for the Britons and Gauls. A ring of like four Dorre (Defense Tower) seems like a reasonable alternative to the walls and would allow the Iberians to do some interesting things with the equivalent of four Houses built. I am not certain what type of polyreme would work best as an addition to the Macedonians. I like the Mauryan and Persian suggestions, but don't know what to make of the Ptolemaic suggestions. The Marian Reforms should be added, but the Auxiliaries must also be a part of it and it shouldn't wreck the Roman economy by making the Auxiliaries citizen-soldiers and the Marian Legionaries champions. What's wrong with the current Seleucid Reforms for unlocking champions?
  9. To put it simply, campaigns aren't currently in development and were only planned to be made for Part II, now called Empires Besieged, which focuses on civilizations in their prime from 1 A.D. to 500 A.D., because triggers weren't even expected to be implemented until then.
  10. So basically all tech pairs have been removed for the time being? I can understand why this was done for economic techs, but it doesn't really seem necessary for military techs as long as its a choice between melee and ranged, not just spearmen and skirmishers. The fortifications and temple techs work fine as tech pairs.
  11. The thing is, the Romans technically do have palisades in the form of siege walls, but they are only available in the city phase.
  12. On the Music page of play0ad.com, tracks 23 and beyond in the embedded Bandcamp music player aren't visible, even when scrolling down on the embedded player, because the embedded player is taller than the viewable area of the page.
  13. With a final cleaned up it should be: "The team has decided not to add more civilizations or factions. And there are factions that are more important in 0 A.D.'s timeframe. Examples: the Kingdom of Pontus, Numidia, the Han Dynasty, and the Hellenic city-state of Thebes." The team is currently done with adding more civilizations at this time, since the Seleucids still need a proper art pass to properly differentiate them from the three Hellenic civilizations, the Athenians, the Spartans, and the Macedonians. The only civilization that remotely has a shot of being added at this point would be the Thebans, due to their importance in the history of the Hellenic world, the limited work that has already been done at researching them, and the ability to reuse a lot of assets from the existing Hellenic civilizations.
  14. The key with citizen-soldiers and resource gathering is they have a bonus for mining stone and metal, so I would recommend training some citizen-soldiers that only cost 50 food and 50 wood (either spearmen or skirmishers) for the express purpose of mining, depending which unit is available to the civilization. My breakdown for this is, spearmen for the Carthaginians, the Athenians, the Macedonians, the Persians, the Mauryans, the Britons, the Gauls, the Ptolemies, and the Seleucids, and skirmishers for the Romans, the Spartans, and the Iberians.
  15. Well, considering Citizen-Soldiers also build the more advanced buildings, its imperative to adjust.
  16. Excellent, much better than the existing Iberian houses.
  17. Sounds like a plan, though I would also imagine for something like the Parthenon, a Wonder based on a standard building, could also function like an enhanced version of the default structure, in this case a temple.
  18. Its actually planned that infantry won't do much damage to walls (besides palisades) and buildings and will instead capture them when the loyalty system is implemented.
  19. I believe this building demands a similar footprint to the Celtic Temple in order to look right.
  20. Between that and also not being infinite like in the base game, I was somewhat confused by the RotE release.
  21. A great reference for the Juggernaut is the Ultimate Weapons episode of the H2 show Ancient Impossible. The last segment of that episode is about the Tessarakonteros or Forty, they only ever refer to it as the Forty. Their version doesn't have sails, but it has a solid representation of how rams might work on such a massive polyreme.
  22. Zeta1127

    Rotary Mill

    The Skiritai Commandos can't currently build the Theatron for the Spartans, so this kind of issue isn't exactly unprecedented.
  23. I probably wouldn't really know what you are saying, I don't play that much, because the only computer I have that can play the game has a built-in graphics card that can't really handle the main menu (the moving parts flicker rapidly). I don't really know when to expand or the subtleties of the economy yet, so I basically just abuse the fact I can outlast the AI.
  24. Stone and metal need to be available at starting locations for those civilizations with swordsmen and slingers in the village phase, though I can see them generally being near the edge of the starting locations in order to encourage the use of storehouses.
  25. There are apparently two values that govern gathering resources, Rates and BaseSpeed. The bonuses to the Rates for each unit type are as follows, Female Citizens have a 50% bonus to foraging and farming, Citizen-Soldiers have a 5% bonus to woodcutting and a 25% bonus to quarrying and mining, and Cavalry Citizen-Soldiers have a 400% bonus to hunting and herding, but can only hunt and herd. The BaseSpeed is the value effected by the promotion, so Advanced Citizen-Soldiers are 25% less efficient at gathering resources than Basic Citizen-Soldiers, and Elite Citizen-Soldiers are 25% less efficient at gathering resources than Advanced Citizen-Soldiers (50% less efficient that Basic Citizen-Soldiers). I never bother using Citizen-Soldiers for woodcutting, I didn't even know about the woodcutting bonus until I looked it up just now. Note: These stats are all in the ResourceGatherer section of the following files in public/simulation/templates directory, template_unit_support_female_citizen.xml, template_unit_infantry.xml, and template_unit_cavalry.xml. In order to look at these files you need a text editor like Notepad++.
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