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  1. Isn't there also a sandbox mode for Petra that prevents the AI from doing much of anything?
  2. I nearly have 0 A.D. Empires Extended ready for a release, I just need to make sure I am not including any unnecessary files, especially art files. It will be compatible with Alpha 21 only, but as far as I know the only conflict with SVN at present is the changes to the Sentry Tower files, so it won't be that hard to port to the next release so far.
  3. I have never liked the limit in the first place, and if it wasn't for me making a case for making it a limit of two, due to a limit of one clearly favoring production speed over cost for the old mercenary techs, otherwise it would still probably be one.
  4. Yeah, I figured the second part was a bug.
  5. Okay, it was weird, the last time I used Liu Bang, it looked like his horse missing, which made it seem like he was a Hero Swordsman not a Hero Cavalry Swordsman, but that didn't happen this time.
  6. The Catapults seem to get struck trying to move through an open gate, and the gate won't close when garrisoned.
  7. Indeed, the day when I don't have to be so perfect with my timings for setting up resource gathering in the early game vs. Petra will be a great day. I played my first online match recently, since I haven't really had a PC capable of properly running 0 A.D. until recently. It was refreshing playing a Roman FFA on Tuscan Acropolis where I could sit back and relax a bit, and not have to worry so much about getting rushed immediately. I look forward to have a similar experience vs. Petra in the future.
  8. There seems to be a bit of a problem with the Wall Gate and pathfinding for siege unit, and to a lesser extent infantry and cavalry.
  9. Yeah, Champions and a Wonder are definitely needed for Han China.
  10. It seems to me like Liu Bang is a bit bugged in the sense that it seems like he is a Hero Cavalry Swordsman without a horse.
  11. That is one of the main reasons why I like the 0 A.D. project so much, the specific names, history blurbs, and relatively diverse selection of civilizations have an added educational component. Indeed, which is further exacerbated by the fact those who already have AoE2 and AoM don't get the new expansions unless they upgrade to the new version.
  12. The mass blob of units attacking when it feels like it has the numerical advantage, unless walls are involved, is definitely a little boring and repetitive. Formations will hopefully go a long way toward improving that aspect a bit.
  13. Other than borrowing your Corral file, I haven't really done a whole lot.
  14. Scenario maps were the original maps back in the day, before Random map scripts were developed and eventually many of the Scenario maps were converted to Skirmish maps.
  15. One of the ideas floating around is to have the campaigns be somewhat like Total War, there was a demo map that I think is still floating around under Scenarios/Demo Maps, but there is very little work being done on the campaigns at this time beyond triggers. The campaigns, along with the triggers to support them and new civilizations at their strongest from 1 A.D. to 500 A.D. are planned, but not until Part 2, Empires Besieged.
  16. Formations, along with citizen-soldiers, are going to be what really sets 0 A.D. apart from AoE2.
  17. Yeah, I have never really liked the AoE2 (and StarCraft and CnC too) constant production meta.
  18. Well, kh-p-sh is their sickle swords, which a synonym for blacksmith's forge. m-r, or some variation of mar, is farm field from a scholarly book I found with Google. ḥwt-nṯr is from the Egyptian temple article on Wikipedia. The Egyptian word for outpost is the closest equivalent I can find for sentry tower. The Sanskrit (Mauryan) word for sentry tower was from the same Sanskrit website I have used in the past for Mauryan specific names. The Latin (Roman) and Greek words for sentry tower are from a scholarly book I also found with Google. To round out the missing specific names, Attuna is the Phoenician word for furnace or chimney, the root word for Mount Etna, which is the best choice I have found for blacksmith for the Carthaginans.
  19. I am just trying to implement the feature for the base game, I am just using this mod as an easy way to test it. I also realized the Persians and Ptolemies will also have a version of the Roundup bonus, so I have done the preliminary work for them too. This rounds out the list to the Corral trickle for everyone, and the Carthaginians, Iberians, Mauryans, Persians, and Ptolemies Roundup bonuses.
  20. I have found a few of the missing specific names. For the Ptolemies, blacksmith is kh-p-sh, farm field is m-r, temple is ḥwt-nṯr, and sentry tower can probably be the same as outpost. For the Mauryans, sentry tower is Tārāṅgaṇa. For the Romans, sentry tower is Catascopium. For the Hellenes, sentry tower is Karavokyrós.
  21. Yeah, I think it should be default too, since the Elephant Stable is a Town Phase structure anyway, so I don't think it would be overpowered. Though the plan as I understand it based on the design documents was to have it be a technology to unlock the ability Elephant Breeding, that would function like the Carthaginian and Iberian bonuses at the Corral, but that plan could be reevaluated.
  22. I am not sure how to implement the Mauryan Elephant Roundup as an aura unlocked by a tech, but as an aura it should work fine.
  23. I just did some preliminary work on enabling the Corral trickle and the Carthaginian, Iberian, and Mauryan Roundup bonuses, all I need to do is Gaia animal capturing.
  24. That is exactly what I mean, an expansion pack adding new civilizations, not a total conversion like Delenda Est. I have edited the original post to make that completely clear even if one isn't familiar with RotE specifically.
  25. I have taken it upon myself to port some of the new civilizations from Delenda Est, specifically the Epirotes and Thebans, to a RotE style expansion pack mod adding new civilizations, 0 A.D. Empires Extended. If people are interested in trying it out, I will see about releasing it to these forums. I have finally attached the latest version of 0 A.D. Empires Extended. empires_extended.zip
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