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  1. Other than the unit cost changes, I like where that counter system is going overall.
  2. Yeah, Siege Walls aren't really that big of a deal to prevent the Romans from having the Sentry Tower. It isn't even that big of a deal for me if the Romans can't build the Sentry Tower, since I don't really use them. It just seems like a waste for them to not be buildable when the model is available. Also, the Entrenched Army Camp could use some attention, the order of the units in the training list is different from the Barracks and the Eques Socius (Italian Allied Cavalry) was never added to the training list.
  3. Well, they currently start with both, and if you aren't going to let the Numidian Cavalry be trained anymore, then it is confusing to randomly be given one at the start. Okay, so the Numidian Cavalry is one of the Mercenary Camp units, but it is still strange to be given one at the start.
  4. Is it intentional that the Carthaginians still start with a Numidian Cavalry?
  5. Since the Romans didn't have the Wooden Tower, due to their Siege Walls, they don't get the Sentry Tower.
  6. Apparently, C++ was an option, I just wasn't aware that it was a thing until I had already finished all of my programming classes and ended up pursuing a more generic Computer Information Systems degree instead of Game Simulation and Programming. Already knowing C# and Java is definitely helping a lot.
  7. Well, I learned C# and Java in school, but I haven't finished reading a C++ book I have, so I meant learning the basics. Since I am kind of rusty at programming in general, my programming classes were at the beginning of my Bachelor's, so I want to do some practice with all three languages.
  8. I would like to think I have the technical skills to pull that off, since I am a programmer by trade, but I haven't finished learning C++ quite yet and kind of need to get a job before I go worrying about something like 0 A.D. in my free time.
  9. Well, that certainly changes things for the Latin roots of several Star Destroyer class names that I sure wasn't aware of, especially for the Venator-class Star Destroyer and the Victor Initiative Project that created the Victory-class Star Destroyer line.
  10. Buildable bridges are definitely desired, the problem is implementing pathfinding for entities, unless the new pathfinder somehow changed things recently, not necessarily modeling them. As previously mentioned, the current work around for such things is putting an isthmus underneath as in Gallic Fields, which obviously doesn't work for building them in game, only in Atlas.
  11. Yeah, the Persian Wars, the Peloponnesian War, the Wars of Alexander the Great, the Wars of the Diadochi, the Second Punic War, and the Gallic Wars are the obvious choices for the campaigns. The Persian Wars and the Peloponnesian War cover the Athenians, the Spartans, and the Achaemenid Persians, with the option to incorporate the Thebans eventually. The Wars of Alexander the Great, the Wars of the Diadochi, and related conflicts definitely cover the Hellenistic Civilizations, the Successors, the Achaemenid Persians, and the Mauryan Indians. The Second Punic War covers the Republican Romans, the Carthaginians, and the Iberians. The Gallic Wars add the Gauls and the Britons into the equation.
  12. It sounds good to me, especially since it is historically accurate.
  13. I don't know, Swordsmen are supposed to be strong against other infantry, which includes Spearmen, but Spearmen are generally more effective overall, making them the preferred unit as the backbone for an AI army.
  14. Indeed, I have also heard of ParaWorld, but have never played it. The first thought that came to my mind for dinosaur and/or prehistoric creature games was ARK: Survival Evolved and its pop culture inspired prehistoric creatures.
  15. The FPS Overlay continues to be the only way most menu backgrounds show up properly, as has been the case in the last few releases. Unfortunately, both computers available to me continue to be woefully ineffective at running the game, which was bound to happen with only built-in or outdated graphics cards available, so I can't really adequately test the changes made in the latest version.
  16. Actually, I don't think it really matters if citizen-soldiers cut down trees or not, since the bonus is extremely limited, instead I mainly use them for mining, quarrying, and building.
  17. I couldn't remember if it was decided how to implement such a feature with the Cothon. Unfortunately, I don't play very much anymore, because I don't have a good enough graphics card anymore to play the game well.
  18. The Carthaginians have their unique harbor in the form of two docks instead of just one like other civilizations, the Namel (Commercial Port) and the Cothon (Naval Shipyard), since it is kind of hard to adequately represent something like a massive harbor in normal play. That only really works in scenarios and eventually campaigns. It has already been rather difficult to adequately depict their triple walls and mercenary based military within the limits of the established gameplay mechanics, so this two dock system was the only way we could come up with to give them a naval bonus, though the Cothon could still use some type of repair functionality, possibly making it the naval equivalent to a Temple, to make it an effective naval bonus.
  19. That reminds me of the idea of being able to upgrade an Entrenched Army Camp into a Civic Center for the Romans.
  20. Rome was powerful throughout history, so much so that one point in time simply doesn't do the civilization justice, which led to the choice of the Republican Manipular army during the Second Punic War alongside Carthage, due to the focus on 500 B.C. to 1 B.C. in Part 1 Empires Ascendant. Hence the long term plan to also include a few other Roman civilizations in order to do Rome justice: the Early Empire (Marian Reforms), Late Empire (Trajan), and Byzantines in Part 2 Empires Besieged focused on 1 A.D. to 500 A.D., which is planned to also include other civilizations at their prime during the period and campaigns.
  21. I am skeptical of the aura changes, Testudo formation isn't going to be replaced by Pax Romana, since formations simply haven't been fully implemented yet. Also Pax Romana and Romanization are Roman Empire concepts not Roman Republic concepts, so Pax Romana and Romanization simply don't work with the Roman Republic, especially since the Roman Empire is planned to be included as a separate faction for Part 2 Empires Besieged.
  22. In looking for mods related to Age of Empires II, I found Rome at War and 0 A.D. around Alpha VIII. The more historically accurate nature of 0 A.D. in comparison to even the Age of Empires franchise that inspired it. I have made some minor suggestions in the past, usually typos that I have pointed out in the Suggestions thread, that have unfortunately been overlooked. Unfortunately, with outdated hardware I don't really play 0 A.D. on a regular basis, built in graphics and/or an outdated graphics card tends to do that. 26, male, United States
  23. According to the other thread, the stone defense tower is an upgrade to the wooden defense tower.
  24. Excellent examples of the differences between the way 0 A.D. and games in general portray ancient and even medieval siege warfare and the reality of siege warfare.
  25. The problem is Malus simply isn't a commonly used term in English at all.
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