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  1. I was playing on one of the 1v1 maps (don't know the name, sorry) and I placed an outpost on the mountain and it was taking over time damage. Full image can be found here http://i.imgur.com/aXAmQ8Z.jpg
  2. True. Ya but it doesn't seem like there is much of a fan base for these anymore. I know Planetary Annihilation did good but for whatever reason I feel that is different. (Even though it's not) Also, the slow progress is a bummer but hey, it's free. I really hope so. I plan on sticking around here as this truly is a great game and deserve more than what it got on the indiegogo campaign. Glad to hear that.
  3. This game looks so beautiful and I recently found out about this game and already love it. I sadly don't believe it's going to get very far because lack of funding. This game reminds me of Age of Mythology and that game was one of my favorite games as a kid. I really hope there is/will be a happy ending to this game and its production.
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