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  1. Do they have the same starting frame, frame lenght and FPS (24 or 30)? If that so they should be sync deleting event but all of them shouldn't have event so maybe placing the event on an empty prop whitout animation. Haven't faced this problem yet but sounds like an issue in a future for other actors.
  2. Well, im actually ignorant on the variants too because i just move a bit the variants until i found the proper order and naming tag to match with the actors in atlas. for example in this case: First when i've updated the actors in the 2nd horse update all mane and tails were unsyc because the movement of the cavalry was overwritting the trader movement. This first happend because of the base_horse_mount variant using "walk" tag so trader horse variant was using is own "walk" animation too but also being a children of horse mount so MountVariant > TraderVariant overwrited. So i've removed the horse mount movement animation and placed it on each variant making also the "fast" using pace animation instead of troting. This means that we can't make X variant have a different movement animation being X a children of Y wich also has a movement animation. So X doesn't overwrite Y, X isn't being taken into account. So we can make a guide for variant makings following this order: X: Generic animations that doesn't require to be different. IE: Death. Idles if they are generic. Y: Specific Animations that are different per actor IE: Walk, Attack, Idles if they are like new infantry idles. Second problem was my variants being separated by a group each one of them: Before: After:
  3. Adjusting the actors and props found why i had to do trader hair separated from cavalry hair at first place, and found a solution so now we will have less actors needed for horses and will be possible to have different movement animations whitout duplicating props.
  4. Actually thats the one handed spear animation, the 2H one is this: And the variants:
  5. Who say it was going to be cheat? ITS CIENCE, maurya will have them and will overpower all the succesors. End of the message.
  6. Now we need an elephant unit carrying the maurya double decker tower, carrying elephants, carrying the double decker tower, carrying the elephants again.
  7. Pace or trot i don't recall how it was called: I've plan to introduce this ones as default walking for champion cavalry since they have a faster movement speed
  8. Interesting, they look like phalanx but they use the shield in a lower position about the chest and belly.
  9. Probablemente si llegase a usarse a melee, pero esto se evita facilmente dandole un rango de ataque minimo. Si llegaramos a tener ataque secundario deberia ser usado obligatorio con el ammo de angen restringiendolo a 2 en romanos y 3 jabalinas en thureoforos.
  10. Para diferenciarlo un poco de la animaciĆ³n de jabalinas, estas solo giran el cuerpo. Y darle mas distancia de lanzamiento frontal.
  11. Ive started playing warcraft in PS1 Tides of darkness, i have no arguments but just to enjoy anything that comes hahahaha
  12. @Angen its one of my first ever done animations for the game, im thinking on Redone the whole siege animation starting from the ballista armature (wich was one of the biggest pain to sync with units) to give more timing and realism to the lever pulling motion being more natural, however im not sure how this could affect gameplay.
  13. @Angen Some walking animation with tools are done:
  14. Orc Models Side by Side: Undead Models Side by Side: Night Elf models Side by Side: Human Models Side by Side:
  15. Why elephsnts are allowed to Garrison on towers ? Is that usual ? I mean does that happen all the time with Al defense towers.
  16. Don't worry i totally forgot about it too, i was cleaning most of my files and committing the ones left behind. Theres no rush im free this week until i get inspiration to start working in another shield or something else. Next one could be Iberian shields.
  17. @Stan` Horse file Updated 18/11/2019: 0.A.D Horse.blend.7z Elephant File Updated 18/11/2019: 0.A.D Elephant.blend.7z
  18. Replaced asian elephant mesh with african forest mesh on carthage faction.
  19. @Stan` hope you don't mind i will change with the new archers firing animations the bow armature with something like Bow_ and generic for all bow weapons for avoid duplications and mistakes of same bone names with any other new armature from any other artist.
  20. If people nowadays can get scared easily by a Pitbull (i had one wich died recently and he scared any1 who came to my home) why not an Elephant? Wish we had an Out of Control behavior wich gets triggered by loss of morale or scared by any other fauna animals like Lions or Crocodiles.
  21. @Stan` have a look at the file, including most of the ones we have + the one i've done. If i'll keep doing more i will be uploading updated files consequently: 0.A.D Body Meshes And Animations.blend.7z
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