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  1. @wowgetoffyourcellphone if you want the scythian brooch with alpha channel background let me know.
  2. @Stan` can you do me a favor im tired of trying and every single time stops at 650-700 kbps: gather_mine.7z
  3. So, you telling me, heros could use black and white hair color?
  4. it also has infantry_swordsmand_"C" On the actor.
  5. can you explain better this one, didn't get the point exactly but sounds good.
  6. They always have been an infantry but using the highest rank. What i have updated is the icon wich remained before as an old tunic.
  7. Enough for today, my internet wasn't the best this day. Note: Compare how ugly the helmets looks with a white specular while it looks awesome using bronze specular. Tomorrow i'll continue with another highcrest and also add a better snake crest and if my internet lets me, finally upload the fixed animations wich i know they remain broken for today's fix to group variants.
  8. for a moment i also thought my gpu died but blender was working as usual so i know it wasn't gpu.
  9. A message poped up in VLC media player when i opened a movie, i missclicked and that changed my whole desktop theme and since then the atlas didn't worked.
  10. Not yet, fixed updating the drivers, i may have an idea what caused that.
  11. Found something usefull if its real: https://www.hellenicarmors.gr/en/armor/corinthian-helmet/
  12. Yep, i know, won't work with the animations (specially the swordsman) but connection issues. Also now i have this issue when trying to open the game:
  13. Added the actor's and variant fix, however im trying to upload the animations files.
  14. Did that and it looks kinda the same but applying logic that works only if you have an axe. Ie: when i used to work in my house shoveling and using a pickaxe, i recall that if you dig with a shovel soft sand the shovel it goes through easily, however you can't do that to a hard surface, the impact will be the result of your strength hitting the rock + the strenght of the rock hitting back wich will impact in your arm so if you have a two head pickaxe you don't want to hold it with the hands in the tip, you want to hold it at both extremes for have a better control and resistance agaisn't the impact. otherwise the impact could return the pickaxe straight to the eye.
  15. fixed two isues, and one improvement. Spearman using spear(whitout shield) running animations. Fixed Swordsman run_relax_shield having hand twisted while running making the shield cut the body in the half. Fixed Increased speed of running animations in a realistic speed and less jumping. Improvement
  16. iiners? what is that? if i have more free time later after fix everything i'll give a shot to the panther and this one:
  17. Also, here it is a preview of the archer ranged attack ive done testing:
  18. Use some screenshots to enphatize your points on this ones (pikeman, shield walk), could help to fix them, i just saw the archer jog. Also if have possible references for mining would help, i wanted to improve that one but was kinda hard to control the swing of the arms when minning.
  19. Finally someone got the point otherwise i would have to explain it on spanish i was running out of words in my english knowledge. The day we have Shield/Armor based defenses surely we will have strong balance issues to face. Heros is just one unless it affects globaly, by this time of the game it would be a moss pitch battle instead of the hero aura wich affects the battle, because we don't have yet directional attack neither working formations bonuses. A battle would mostly depend on the broken template and the amount of infantry instead of Elevation, ambush, ambient, tactics, equipment.
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