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  1. andy5995

    Reduce Lag

    The branch is on my fork: https://github.com/andy5995/0ad/tree/issue_3700
  2. @Lion.Kanzen I know I "could", but I'm not sure yet if I *want* to. I'm trying to spend a bit less time on the computer lately. It seems to affect my sleep quite a bit, also some physical pain issues I'm dealing with.
  3. andy5995

    confirmation that donation was received

    @jeru Thanks for the response. Yes, I'll send you those details in a PM.
  4. I donated through Paypal on March 28/29, but have not yet received any confirmation/thank you email (aside from the one auto-sent from PayPal). My feedback is that I like to get a confirmation email from the project to which I donated. One other bit of feedback @Jeru : In this blog post where comments and suggestions are encouraged, the link to the forum post leads to a post and sub-forum where replies and new posts are disabled.
  5. I don't know yet if I'll be working on this patch or not. As @Lion.Kanzen mentioned, there is a ticket for it. Once I'm able to log in to trac, I'll add a link to this forum post.
  6. I suggest something like MegaGlest has: press 'x' and click on the map (or mini-map). A sound alert is issued to your teammates, and the area that was clicked pulses/flashes briefly on the mini-map.
  7. andy5995

    [a21 replays]

    I thought about starting a github repo and collecting replays from people, and merge PRs if I knew the player submitting. I would probably want to add 0ad admins/ops or well-known players as collaborates so I don't have exclusive admin control of the repo Although if there was high interest in something like that, it would probably be better if it were started by a long-time member of the 0 A.D. Team, imo
  8. andy5995

    Unit Pathing

    @spartan117fan There is a modding guide that may help you if you're still interested in changing the defaults. Modding_Guide Finding_Your_Way_Around Also, there is a subforum here with more information about modding: Game Modification I'm not sure that you want to make changes to public.zip though. @stanislas69 I notice public.zip isn't mentioned in the modding guide, though I understand why you mentioned it.
  9. andy5995

    Strange game/mouse behavior

    Hi, @Supimajo. I see no one has answered this after 2 months, and your post may have gotten buried. Bitte tell me, what do you mean that it is "not conspicuous"? The way it is supposed to work is that the WIN/LOSE dialog pops up and a button has to be clicked to make it disappear. Is that not happening correctly?
  10. andy5995

    Crash with faster speed

    I see no one's replied to this yet. (bump) Can anyone help troubleshoot this problem. @sanderd17, @stanislas69, @elexis?
  11. andy5995

    Hi everyone

    @Greco I saw this ticket and thought you may be interested: #3879 Walking animation for pig and goat EDIT: Also #3935 Slaughtered animation for bears, goats and pigs and #3594 Add animations to capturing
  12. andy5995

    Out of Memory issues (Make 0ad Large-address-aware)

    I played the modified Corinthian Isthmus (4) map on Windows a couple days ago. I didn't see any error messages in the console like the ones shown in the description of #1619. As far as using the term "crash", I think we need to be more specific. Stan, do you get a window with a white background that pops up first? Gives a generic message (apparently generated by a 0 A.D. error-trapping routine) about encountering an error, and the buttons "continue" and "break" at the bottom. After I hit continue, I get a Windows dialog about encountering a problem and needing to close 0 A.D. I'm no expert, but I'm not convinced this is related to #1619.
  13. andy5995

    Hi everyone

    Hi, Greco, welcome.
  14. andy5995

    Out of Memory issues (Make 0ad Large-address-aware)

    @stanislas69 here is that VMMap output that Philip suggested. 1.2MB uncompressed. pyrogenesis_01.mmp.zip