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  1. Here's a mod for it (GitHub repo): Show Available Housing
  2. @Itms Awesome! That'll save me some time. The one other mod I submitted was called CartographyMode, which provides an option at game setup to enable or disable shared team vision.
  3. Hi @Itms, thanks for the fast reply. I'll re-upload and send you a PM on the forum.. or IRC?
  4. Well @Stan` after waiting for review and approval, I logged in to mod.io today to check their status. For the past couple months, said "pending review". Today, they were just gone. Does that mean Items reviewed and rejected the mods?
  5. In my opinion, the ceasefire slider/button should be changed. It's confusing because it looks the same as a radio button for the other options, but it's a slider.
  6. Other players I talked to thought this would be a good enhancement, so I created a ticket.
  7. Thanks @Stan` I uploaded another mod, created by a friend of mine. This one enables cartography but only if the option is set during game set-up. https://0ad.mod.io/cartographymode
  8. I didn't notice that the ticket was already closed by @elexis so.. nevermind I uploaded the Vision Sharing mod posted by @MeteoritoAlpha to mod.io (https://0ad.mod.io/vision-sharing-enabled) How long does the approval process typically take for a mod to become available?
  9. I think it would be useful to display available housing that exceeds the pop limit. For example, if you have 250 units and the limit is 250, but there is extra housing, then a display of something like "250/250+30" (if you have 3 extra houses that provide 10 housing units each if 3 other houses are destroyed later). That would be useful because it shows how much "backup" housing you have. A player can decide to stop building houses or build a few extra in case some are destroyed. Should a ticket for this be created?
  10. Thank you very much, @Weber K. And yes, I'll review it for grammar within the next couple days.
  11. The good news is that @elexis raised the priority of the existing ticket today.
  12. Maybe some new, helpful info for the devs from this recent post
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