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  1. It would need a change in the way key presses are are handled at the C++ level so it really is beyond what a mod can do with JavaScript. Enjoy the Choice
  2. The cmd.txt file in your replays folder is used as evidence. Enjoy the Choice
  3. Yes if you can still boot your old computer. Just copy the old save games to your new one from https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths Enjoy the Choice
  4. As @GunChleoc said the full history is not needed by those who just want the code or art only those actively involved in development really need it to prevent conflicts and resolve them which is what the review process is created to do and currently 0AD uses Phabricator for this not GitHub's interface at all though the mods do use GitHub there review interface is fairly transparent as I'm learning from my experience as vega-strike's lead and going to our first release in 6 years. Enjoy the Choice
  5. You might get rid of the black outline on the woad no way to do that available at that time apart from charcoal mixed with fat. Enjoy the Choice
  6. Like the woad man! Nice use of makehuman a lot of the heroes could use it as well. Enjoy the Choice
  7. It is about making a campaign mode a series of maps that cover a historical/imaginary sequence of events like the Roman wars with Carthage. Enjoy the Choice
  8. Post the command.txt file for your game as evidence and tag user1 . Enjoy the Choice
  9. Opening as in the first post of this thread Enjoy the Choice
  10. It started as a blender add-on and grew and grew been a moderator on their forum for a few years now it's now a stand alone Python app that uses QT5 for it's GUI there is ppa for 'buntu based distros as well as a Windows installer and since it's fully Python it's fairly easy to run from source in userland for those on RPM based distros punkduck just did a rewrite of MakeClothes and a newer version of make target is available check our forum for details and the GitHub repo. Enjoy the Choice
  11. Glad you like makehuman we have a fairly new RC that you should be be using that and the latest versions of the blender plug-ins from our GitHub repo there are versions that work with blender 2.79 as well just not maintained ATM. Enjoy the Choice
  12. BTW before the discovery of the "New World" all grains where called corn in English have a look at the etymology of the word in a good dictionary. Enjoy the Choice
  13. The Indian sub-continent has a long history of vegetarian diets and it predates Buddhism so the Mauryan in 0ad would have a percentage of it's population following vegetarian diets mostly the priesthood and nobility. Enjoy the Choice
  14. Coral stone is what is left when the algae dies or is no longer exposed to sea water that is what a coral island is hundreds of years of coral growth that then breaks down into sand and rock add some organics to the sand you get soil that can grow things more than likely a Wikipedia article about the process. Enjoy the Choice
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