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  1. India was also a major source of both astrological and astronomical data and theory in the period with some contact with the Greek civs at least according to my Hindu astrology guru there was an exchange of scholars and writings that is the tradition in northern India evidence lying in congruence of Greek and Sanskrit words for various technical terms. Enjoy the Choice
  2. Most mills where water powered or just a draft animal going in circles wind mills did not appear until the middle ages and even then where not very effective they tended to break down daily. Enjoy the Choice
  3. All of them are compatible so stick to your budget and don't forget a copy of Win10(oem) which you qualify for by buying a major system component have you found a case to your liking yet. Enjoy the Choice
  4. You might try clearing the cache folder and trying the game again not sure if it make a difference and a question new hardware new OS install? Enjoy the Choice
  5. As I mentioned earlier the Linux support has resolved itself have no issues with Mint 19.2 on my laptop even blender with fairly large files runs well better than on Win10 anyway less overhead from the OS. Enjoy the Choice
  6. Most of the larger siege engines where built at the location of the siege from local materials though some components where built elsewhere and taken to the site as @Thorfinn the Shallow Minded states my I type slowly Enjoy the Choice
  7. My laptop is all AMD they have open sourced their Linux driver to the Mesa foundation there are two versions the standard mesa driver and and advanced one that is separately maintained to support AMD's implementation of Open Graphics Language it is usually available though a third party repo ppa on 'buntu based distros other distros tend to follow that model might have to brush up your google-fu to find it. Enjoy the Choice
  8. Looks like a cap lock (percussion cap) which where quite late in the life time of the smooth bore musket match and flint locks came first as a matter of fact cap locks are after the introduction of rifling late 17 hundreds. Enjoy the Choice
  9. It's just a basic fact that since the source code for the whole engine is openly available modding said engine is easier though finding appropriate documentation is problematic and project dependent,closed source projects limit you to the scripting language that was chosen as well as making changes to the engine are precluded the Hyrule mod includes actual engine changes not just assets and scripting . Enjoy the Choice
  10. You are right of course first off we still are 32-bit app can not address more than 3.8 Gb of memory then we still are written for a single core CPU so updating for those is not a trivial task with the current code base needs a complete re-factoring and we just do not have the resources(programmers) for that we are an entirely volunteer project we can't just throw more money at it as a commercial developer would do we have to recruit them very creatively they have to want to do something. Enjoy the Choice
  11. Lion it's valknut not walnut one is a symbol for Odin the other is the nut from the walnut tree Enjoy the Choice
  12. BTW just grabbed the original photo it's 6510x3510 so lots of detail and a detail for our map makers Carthage was a major exporter of grain till the Punic Wars. Enjoy the Choice
  13. Do you have any reference for the silo on the farmstead as they are usually used to store corn(maize) which was a product of the new world (north and south america) corn was not known in Europe until well after Columbus. Enjoy the Choice
  14. Also check out the Wikipedia entry for Wattle and Daub https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wattle_and_daub for differing styles used since the neolithic till about 17th century. Enjoy the Choice
  15. Nah just annoying and a waste of time. Enjoy the Choice
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