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  1. Train bears from barracks

    There is no death animation for the bear IIRC so no corpse is shown therefore some work on the art side is necessary as you intuited. Enjoy the Choice
  2. slave Market

    Arena fights where strictly entertainment and a show of state power they never had a military purpose and as far as I remember from my reading where a Roman thing other people though it was barbaric, and was an imposed in conquered territory to project power. Enjoy the Choice
  3. Considering This Engine

    Welcome to the forums the scripting language is java script and the units and building are defined in XML while the render engine dose not support PBR yet so it's diffuse,normal,spec,displacement and AO we use the alpha channel for player colour most of our art work uses blender as a first base most of us can't afford anything else we use Collada for animation and mesh definition.If you have more questions fell free we're a pretty easy going bunch though snarky at times. Enjoy the Choice
  4. Or exception rules in place for pyrogenesis.exe which if what 0AD's executable is formally called the firewall you use should give you a pop up when it attempts to connect though you will no see it if you are full screen mode. Enjoy the Choice
  5. How to start modifying?

    BTW there are several svn GUI available on Linux my fav is kdesvn almost the same functionality as TortoiseSVN on Windows though it is not integrated into the desktop. Enjoy the Choice
  6. error at start

    In that post that Lion pointed you to about game paths there should be a file called system_info.txt this in the logs folder along with the interestinglog.html which you where asked post instead of a screen shot that should give Vlad all the info he needs. Enjoy the Choice
  7. Minifaction: Nomads Xiognu

    Most of the nomads horses where smaller than domestic breeds of other civs as they where the original wild horse of Asia and they are smaller now. Enjoy the Choice
  8. Tales of Eluron - A Fantasy Mod for 0 A.D.

    But their are lots of other Robert E Howard titles available to plunder after all he did commit suicide in the 1930's Conan was just his most popular character due to reprints in the 60-70's still have all twelve books with Frank Frazzeti covers. Enjoy the Choice
  9. You might also use xNormal been around for a while Open Source but only on Windows 7,8,10 64 bit http://www.xnormal.net/Default.aspx also has a SDK available and it's built in viewer is useful. Enjoy the Choice
  10. Britannia. Trailer.

    So lots of us will not be able to see this trailer at all,I am in Canada so I assume that North America is on the ban list as they haven't sold it here yet Enjoy the Choice
  11. Minifaction: Nomads Xiognu

    Instead of a temple the shaman's yurt would be used as they where important/powerful figures in clan politics so just a yurt with special props. Enjoy the Choice
  12. The models are stored in .dae Collada format which can be made using blender we have over twenty blender tutorials just for 0AD workflow your not looking hard enough As for the selling your game all of the source code is GPL which means you can sell it but you must make that source code available for free if you do not be prepared to get a very expensive lawyer the same goes for the art work it is CC0 which means that it can not be sold period both the models and textures you have to make your own this also gets into the courts if you are careless and this an international convention. Enjoy the Choice
  13. Which package management system remember that we support three separate platforms so three systems would be needed and who would by necessity code them they do not exist for Windows or OSX those binaries are only for Windows as most of our users share that OS and very few have the knowledge to build from source these users are also mod developers that need access to the latest build.This has been proposed several times and the consensus has been it's to much work for minimal benefit we already have have a Git mirror though it does trail the main SVN repository by a few commits. Enjoy the Choice
  14. Blender tips

    Ah Blender Guru very good source for a wide range of tutorials from basics to advanced though he can be very opinionated Enjoy the Choice