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  1. Stupid question number 1 do you have Python installed if so which version and are there some specialised Python libraries that the script uses if you are running a Linux OS then Python 3 is installed as part of the desktop support stack so stan which version does your script depend on Enjoy the Choice
  2. We are making a historically based game doing what you suggest is not historical at all it is creating a fantasy to placate a minority view of the world. Enjoy the Choice
  3. The same place it has always been on GitHub with the rest of the maintained mods. Enjoy the Choice
  4. Reminds me of "The Water Margin" costumes so even if accurate about 800 years later Enjoy the Choice
  5. I have not seen such a map even at the largest size the current editor supports as you said it's scale would make it not very useful for a full RTS though a RISK or Diplomacy clone might be feasible. Enjoy the Choice
  6. This is a case where it's the software that counts that and the format of the exported image since you are using .png just keep the compression to a minimum so there are fewer artefacts when you transfer them to your home work machine FYI .png is a loss-less format with an alpha channel it's one that I prefer for textures myself. Enjoy the Choice
  7. To find idle workers just hit the "." key which will select all the idle workers have a look at https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Manual_Settings for a all the various settings and how to find all the keyboard shortcuts in the default.cfg file. Enjoy the Choice
  8. And SVN the revision control system is tolerant of flaky connections but there is learning curve in dealing with outages. Enjoy the Choice
  9. I doubt it only if you specifically ask your ISP and then you pay extra for a static IP which is standard practice world wide and lots of ISP's just do not offer them period. Enjoy the Choice
  10. Different time period different political actors check the roadmap for parts after the current period Enjoy the Choice
  11. You most likely have dynamic IP ie; it changes every time you boot or after a certain time period if you need a fixed IP your IPS will most likely charge you extra for it. Enjoy the Choice
  12. It is not a dragon as Lion mentioned it's a Foo Dog a celestial guardian figure dragons are reserved for the imperial family and only displayed in the Imperial Court to represent the mandate of heaven with a five toed Tien Lung. Enjoy the Choice
  13. It's Latin what's to translate Enjoy the Choice
  14. How about crater lake and variants as it reminds of several lakes I have seen here on the Canadian shield. Enjoy the Choice
  15. GLSL https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenGL_Shading_Language basically what the fancy shaders for the game are written in and no they are not supported by Microsoft's DX11 the game uses Open Graphics like blender for it's graphical interface as it is cross platform ie: it works on Macs and Linux so we do not have to code three different ways to support these platforms it was developed by Silicon graphics a long time ago then Open sourced from the crash log you posted your driver supports version 4.1.10527 which should be alright though I notice that you also have a INTEL GPU as well which is enabled that may be the issue as Intel's OpenGL support sucks big time. Enjoy the Choice