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  1. There is an old proverb I can across a while ago "The hen knows when the sun rises but she lets the rooster announce it" it was offered as being African in origin in one of the "Ring of Fire" series. Enjoy the Choice
  2. Welcome to the forum compiling from source means running the source code though a compiler(on Windows Visual Studio)that coverts the raw source code into a binary file that can actually run under that operating system.The computer spec can be found in a text file called system_info.txt that is the games log folder that you can find using that link to GameDataPaths that vlad provided. Enjoy the Choice
  3. That is not the case with nomadic peoples several where matriarchal and even the ones who were not had very flexible sexual roles with woman acting as the primary military force when the men where away on the hunt or war most Mongol woman where very good archers and riders while the Scythian women where both chiefs and shamans of great political power so the classical role for woman really only holds for citified folk. Enjoy the Choice
  4. As far as I know nothing yet they still have not released a full version they are still in coding mode. Enjoy the Choice
  5. They do not run a lobby server. Enjoy the Choice
  6. All of the models are in the public.zip of the installed version the one issue that you run into accessing them from there is that the model textures are in dds format(compressed) so you can do as @borg- suggested and get the whole development version or just use your web browser and just the needed files part of the svn repo that most people do not download is the actual Art repo where the original source files are kept this includes both the .blend are texture files in png or jpg formats either method will work just pick the one most convenient for you. Enjoy the Choice
  7. Besides forking has always been a traditional response in the FOSS community it's what happens after all the flame wars the sides retire to separate corners and recover their zeal to code better than the other guy Enjoy the Choice
  8. You are just screaming do it my way and not taking any constructive criticism that just does not work on any Open source project all development is by compromise and you appear to refuse to do that just my way or the highway and @$%! everyone else that attitude will get you nowhere on any FOSS project we are not a dictatorship but a collective of volunteers that have developed a self governance regime that you seem to not agree with fine do it your way and quit bothering us with your unseasoned/emotional rants. Enjoy the Choice
  9. Only in commercial environments open source projects only proceed with motivated contributors we are all volunteers no interest/talent no work done at all,that and discussions of this nature occurring about every year Enjoy the Choice
  10. Welcome to situation normal for all open source projects never enough people actually doing something everyone else complaining your too @##@%&^! slow I have been involved in several project and that has been constant. Enjoy the Choice
  11. Enrique was our former art director but has not been active for over a year now and @LordGood is our current art lead.And there has been changes to the Ptolmaic texture set to be more colourful. Enjoy the Choice
  12. Nice has a faint Moorish feel. Enjoy the Choice
  13. I have stuck with the books since I read the first book five years before HBO started their version did not want to pollute my imagination still have not watched any of the episodes. Enjoy the Choice
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