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  1. low fps

    Each client does as well as a check make sure all the clients have the same data the lag you see is mostly related to the pathfinder algorithm more units need more calculations it is being worked on as well as work on the render engine there is also the fact that we still really only use a single core of multi-core CPU's refactoring for multi-threading will be a very long and difficult task. Enjoy the Choice
  2. Idea

    Most of the lag is due to the pathfinder routine that has to calculate where each unit is moving to next so more units means that this takes longer period your change of game play would not have the effect you outlined as everything is still in need of running though the pathfinder we are working it it is not a trivial(easy) problem. Enjoy the Choice
  3. But 3D rendering colour management is very dependant on the rendering system you use each modelling app uses a different one so getting photo realistic renders is still very much art and experience. Enjoy the Choice
  4. Polybolos animations for infantry

    Not that many Linus Thorvald invented Git for the Linux kernel crew when the commercial versioning system they were using wanted to start charging them but he just did the cmd line version there are several GUI's for Git on the Linux side while Desktop Github is the best for Windows. Enjoy the Choice
  5. For you blenderheads on the forum blender 2.79 now has filmic colour management which does essentially what Lion's article is talking about in an open source environment. Enjoy the Choice
  6. Romans military image references

    It is possible that since this only appears on consuls that it a mark of consular rank after all they were elected. Enjoy the Choice
  7. Hang then Crash on CentOS 7

    You should find the logs here /home/username/.config/0ad/logs the ones to post are interestinglog.html and the system_info.txt Enjoy the Choice
  8. [Fixed]Allow to restore lost wall turrets !

    Remember listening to the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" way back in the eighties where 42 made it's entry there is even a club here in town called "Zaphod 's" hosted the author for book signing even. Enjoy the Choice
  9. How to start modifying?

    That just the way that XML should work part of the language design itself Enjoy the Choice
  10. Cant Download mods

    ~/Library/Application\ Support/0ad/ Is that where you are looking for the mods? Enjoy the Choice
  11. ¿Gunpowder Units?

    Should not be to hard just a mater of changing the projectiles stats and adding a smoke(particle) effect for the gun powder. Enjoy the Choice
  12. Cant Download mods

    You may have to restore your Folder preferences in Finder. Enjoy the Choice
  13. i did make a map but how can i start it

    There is no map download function at all so you will have to get your new map to them some way most likely cloud based ie: DropBox or One Drive we have no way at present of curating extra maps as their are security issues in any un-curated download service. Enjoy the Choice
  14. game excellent

    We are a history focused game not fantasy. Enjoy the Choice
  15. Territory markings missing on OSX

    A terminal gets you a command line interface which came to computers way before GUI so everything is text based so not really surprising that you don't know about them Some of us did our first usage of computers way back then the GUI first appeared in the early 70's at Xerox Park then finally copied by both Mac's and Windows in the early 90's though X-windows was available on most university Unix systems by the late 70's mainframe systems.My dates may be of +- 5 years memory getting kinda porous at my age Enjoy the Choice