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  1. Loki1950


    I imagine that most of our devs would want that though we are at an impasse ATM our pathfinder algorithm just does not work fast enough that lag you experience is mostly because of it so adding formations that have lots of units just multiplies the issue of lag as the path of each unit needs to be calculated separately for short distances. Enjoy the Choice
  2. That and injured soldiers are more of a drain on the enemy so it has strategic as well as tactical utility. Enjoy the Choice
  3. Loki1950


    Any campaign mode would need to be a series of separate maps as our engine does not handle non determinant maps and large maps lag big time due to pathfinder issues and large maps imply a large number of units further aggravating the lag. Enjoy the Choice
  4. Loki1950

    Gameplay features A24

    But to answer your question those blue bands are the limits of your territorial influence and by design you can not build in unclaimed territory you increase your territory by building close to those borders and when you phase up. Enjoy the Choice
  5. Loki1950

    Guide to make Aztecs ( Mesoamerican mod)

    And the the Spanish happened and do not forget that three quarters of the capital's population died of measles as it did not exist in the Americas before contact also responsible for the depopulation on the Mississippi river area after contact in Florida. Enjoy the Choice
  6. Loki1950

    Guide to make Aztecs ( Mesoamerican mod)

    It would be refused as a reference by any academic institution and Wikipedia. Enjoy the Choice
  7. Loki1950

    Viewing Command.txt files

    The .txt extension tells you all you need to know they are standard text files so to view them all you really need is a text editor ie: notepad or notepad ++ on Windows if you actually want to see replay of the game just drop it into your replays folder along with the matching metadata.json just make sure they are in a separate folder for each replay not sure if there is a naming convention for that folder name. Enjoy the Choice
  8. Loki1950

    Guide to make Aztecs ( Mesoamerican mod)

    I would take most of the opinions from that web site with a large grain of salt as it's manly Stalinist propaganda not the first time I have seen it either the link for the image redirects to https://espressostalinist.com/genocide/native-american-genocide/ Enjoy the Choice
  9. Loki1950

    My game keeps crashing before a new game starts.

    Please post your log files they are generated each time the app is run check https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths for where to find them the system_info.txt file would also be useful. Enjoy the Choice
  10. All of the graphical elements are done using OpenGL as that is the only solution that will work on all three of the platforms we support ie: Windows/OSX and Linux in the source code look for rendering BTW the GUI is done using JavaScript as are all mods of the main engine. Enjoy the Choice
  11. Loki1950

    FeldFeld vs Borg-

    Just drop them into your repay folder the format is the same for all OS's. Enjoy the Choice
  12. Loki1950

    Holding Down Shift Lags The Game

    Could you a bit more specific like which OS you tried it on as key poling differs between Windows,Linux and OSX we support all three. Enjoy the Choice
  13. Loki1950

    i can't launch the game

    Ooo an other philosophy type Enjoy the Choice
  14. Loki1950

    Packing and Unpacking Rams and Siege Towers

    He most likely learned to use a keyboard with a typewriter remember those two spaces after a sentence was the standard for over fifty years it's only with the advent of word processing that it changed as for being easier to read all the formal research says there is no real difference in either speed or comprehension. Enjoy the Choice
  15. Loki1950

    i can't launch the game

    There is a full log that is generated each time you launch the game see https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths for how to find it just post it please between code tags that's <> on the formatting strip at the top they make scrolling through the whole easier BTW it's html this is just till you have at least three posts you can not use our forums attach function this should tell us where it stopped loading at least. Enjoy the Choice