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  1. Loki1950

    ┬┐jugadores espa├▒oles/hispanos?

    There is a Facebook page en espanole setup by @Lion.Kanzen Enjoy the Choice
  2. As for your second question just click on that dot on the mini-map the main window will centre on where you clicked. Enjoy the Choice
  3. Loki1950

    save paths linux mint

    Time to repeat on both Linux and OSX any folder or file with a"dot" before it's name is hidden on Linux systems to see them look for "Show Hidden Files" in the View menu of your file browser or as @coworotel said ctrl+H with that file browser open Enjoy the Choice
  4. Loki1950

    Modding on Linux Ubuntu

    @nsg3 You will find public.zip where it is actually installed on Linux systems in the system files not your home directory /usr/games/0ad/mods/public/public.zip and a reminder that you can not change any file there without elevated privileges ie: sudo so it's terminal time unless your distro has the option of "Open as root" with your file browser this is an option that is usually turned off by default Enjoy the Choice
  5. Loki1950

    Black powder test

    What the Age of War late 15th century Nihon after the introduction of firearms leading up to the expulsion of all non Japanese . Enjoy the Choice
  6. Actually not a extra building but walls for the Iberian faction. Enjoy the Choice
  7. Loki1950

    Borg- vs Valihrant on Expansion Pack mod

    It's even available on Linux where we call it peazip most distros have it installed by default if not it is in it's repos. Enjoy the Choice
  8. For the Art tools most of us tend to stay with Open source ie: blender,Gimp/Krita and inkscape as for a your build tools Clion would most likely be over kill Codeblocks works quite well under both Linux/Win10 as long as you use VS2015 as the compiler on Windows. Enjoy the Choice
  9. Loki1950

    Help to play with LATAM Friend

    Most of the Ubuntu and it's derivatives should use the ppa that was posted that's what I use (Mint 18) and got the update a few weeks ago one will not find the current version in the distro's default repo's as that is usually against the distro's policy happens all the time with blender the version in the repo is never the latest and each distro packages it a bit differently one reason I use download the tarbal and drop it into /opt/blender adding a launcher and menu entries myself. Enjoy the Choice
  10. We do have a propensity to host things in house. Enjoy the Choice
  11. Loki1950

    Need help with Icons

    You have to remember that computers are painfully literal in both what they do and which data they will accept.I always characterise them as being excessively Anal retentive Enjoy the Choice
  12. Loki1950

    Avoiding endless lines from barracks

    What is missing is the code infrastructure for any test saying test it is simply not possible at this time with out the underlying code to actually do it and writing that code is not repeat not a trivial task when there is no definition of expected behaviour which is that design document it all about so quit kibitzing and let them get back to work. Enjoy the Choice
  13. That discussion takes place during the review process for the patch @FeXoR mentioned Enjoy the Choice
  14. One of the other reasons is the amount of binary data we have ie: all the textures are .png so much that github would charge us to store it read their policy about that carefully.And with svn we can and do archive our art source files as well. Enjoy the Choice
  15. Loki1950

    Crash du jeu.

    You might attach the game log file details on how to find it can be found https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ReportingErrors that should give us an idea on just where the real problem is. Enjoy the Choice