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  1. It comes done to the fact that they Java and Python are not fast enough for intensely graphical games if you don't want tearing and lag on the screen and keeping track of all the units on the screen for pathfinding. Enjoy the Choice
  2. Mongol style horse archers depend on the stirrup for stability in the saddle and the stirrup did not reach the Mediterranean Area till the early Middle Ages same as the horse collar. Enjoy the Choice
  3. When you start the project with in Visual Studio did you use the main menu->Tools &Options->Scenario Editor to start the atlas portion if so if there is something wrong with your build then you should see the relevant errors within the VS window's debug section again the Atlas is not a project it is an integral part of pyrogenesis the .bat file is just a way of passing the --Atlas command line argument to pyrogenesis.exe .And why do run it with VS anyway if the build was successful that is only for debugging not running the app normally.It has been awhile since I built with VS rarely boot my Win10 install any way Enjoy the Choice
  4. Atlas is not a separate project it is part of the main engine code pyrogenesis you run it directly with a command line argument there is no atlas.exe only pyrogenesis.exe does that start if so you can switch to atlas from there. Enjoy the Choice
  5. May be a Phd as in piled higher and deeper looking forward to reading it. Enjoy the Choice
  6. First thing formations are NOT turned on so they just do not work yet period where working on it it's a pathfinder issue till then trying to move 95 units at ounce will put your CPU into overdrive and the display lags big time while it tries the calculate where each @#@!## unit is and wants to go to next while figuring to make sure gets to the attack point on the map it's heavy duty math lad it take time and finding more efficient algorithm just is hard then coding the thing and please remember this an Open Source project we'er all volunteers and most us have a life Enjoy the Choice
  7. Try a few trial matches with small maps at first that should get you a feel for the pace and management of both your economy,structures,foragers, and troops try with the AI till you can get online practice with the game mechanics will always pay off the AI can be brutal when you do get to p to p games that's when you can have fun trashing each other a few games of that nature should give you some ideas on adjusting the map settings to suit your personal taste and your opponents for both challenge and time. Enjoy the Choice
  8. Ram is just a generic term for a male of any of the many sheep breeds. Enjoy the Choice
  9. Most of the default Linux text editors have syntax highlighting and on Windows notepad++ uses the same syntax libraries for an IDE give codeblocks a try as the build scripts generate a codeblocks project. Enjoy the Choice
  10. The GUI elements are all done with Javascript that reference primitive functions written in C++. Enjoy the Choice
  11. He did say it's a work in progress it is not finished yet and it's a patch you find it by trolling the issues on trac Enjoy the Choice
  12. The whole video is about pathfinding for massive armies and they don't go into to much detail so they can maintain a commercial advantage it's not an Open Source project Enjoy the Choice
  13. Also in the match setup change the assigned AI for each opponent form Petra to unassigned. Enjoy the Choice
  14. Which Intel GPU as the Intel provided drivers are usually crap(sorry but truth) some stopped support for OpenGL at version 2.0 while 0ad uses version 3.0.Now for the log files that .bat file you posted is supposed to be run in a cmd line window the result of which is opening the log files location with Explorer check our wiki http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths for the manual method. Enjoy the Choice
  15. Not much info to work with since I see .exe the assumption is that you are on some version of Windows there should be be a few other files in the logs folder such as system_info.txt , interestinglog.html and mainlog.html so please post both system_info.txt and mainlog.html from the error message you posted I don't think that the crashlog or dump files where created so ignore Lion's post the log file should tell us where in the loading phase it actually borked on one thing that maybe the cause is your GPU drivers check that they are the latest available for your hardware 0AD uses OpenGL not DirectX so it may not have full OpenGL support. Enjoy the Choice