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  1. Loki1950

    What is the basis for good?

    "Man the rational animal the only creature that makes up reasons for what it did after it has done them" Enjoy the Choice
  2. Hope that is notepad++ you are talking about Enjoy the Choice
  3. All the theological debate on just war starting with St. Augusta has devolved to might makes right Enjoy the Choice
  4. So far only useful under Windows no support for the other two platforms we support Linux and OSX so only a limited solution. Enjoy the Choice
  5. Loki1950

    Economy and Citizen-Soldier Movement Speed

    That is exactly what LordGood said he did but it did work at all as the units could not be garrisoned just increasing there footprint has no effect as the pathfinder ignores said footprint and they clump up. Enjoy the Choice
  6. Loki1950

    Cannot Start Game - Get Mod Screen Instead

    And do not forget -dev library that goes with it as that is where the *.h files the headers that the link phase needs to finish the compile. Enjoy the Choice
  7. Really like your background Enjoy the Choice
  8. Loki1950

    NoMaDiC CiViLiZaTiOnS

    To be fair the Mongols are still very good falconers but apart from magical communication with the bird what's the point just good for hunting. Enjoy the Choice
  9. Loki1950

    Grumpy Gurken's recenst ramblings

    Just a senior moment Stan too near my bed time Enjoy the Choice
  10. Loki1950

    Grumpy Gurken's recenst ramblings

    Then you should check the log file for 0AD after all the OS does not know what the app is doing in detail check the wiki for Game data paths the one you want is interesting.html which is just the errors
  11. Have not used Codeblocks to compile 0AD on Windows but on Linux , after you run update-workspaces.bat you will find a Codeblocks folder ready to use so you don't have to get that pile of manure from Redmond so no grass under your feet Enjoy the Choice
  12. Loki1950

    sprintf property 'hotkey' does not exist

    Since there are three separate languages this post might not get noticed by the relevant people so a more general announcement with a suitable title would be appropriate. Enjoy the Choice
  13. Loki1950

    sprintf property 'hotkey' does not exist

    So which "hotkey" where you trying to use and did you check the config file for it's definition you have been around long enough to do that Enjoy the Choice
  14. Don't rely on Windows for the error messages 0AD has a log file where every operation is logged and if there is an error it will be printed there in much more detail than the OS defaults check the wiki for where to find it. Enjoy the Choice
  15. Loki1950

    Siege unit

    The main issue with doing that is that it would depend on the pathfinder algorithm which is currently still a work in progress and the main cause of lag in the game so doing the direction transition requires lots of calculation therefore increasing that lag and the lag is what most players actually complain about. Enjoy the Choice