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  1. Hyrule Conquest

    The log file should still contain all the those error messages in the order that they occurred if you haven't overwritten it by playing a new game/map just saying you got errors does not help in tracking them down and correcting them. Enjoy the Choice
  2. Debian Stretch and 0ad 0.22

    That's because ppa's are strictly a 'buntu thing have you checked if the newer version is in backports/testing if so then enabling backports should do the trick for you. Enjoy the Choice
  3. Rise of the East updated to Alpha 21

    Not using svn on my Linux install ATM but I haven't booted into Windoze in over a year Enjoy the Choice
  4. all map black

    Not much information on your system but as a guess try updating your video drivers then run the game again with the minimum graphical options if that does not work please follow this https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ReportingErrors just post interestinglog.html and system_info.txt that should give us a better idea on what is actually going on. Enjoy the Choice
  5. How to import textures to Blender?

    Yeah with current prices for memory we do tend to not care about it's use as DDS is primarily a memory/performance hack for GPU's Enjoy the Choice
  6. How to import textures to Blender?

    Been using blender for over 10 years now native DDS support is a very recent thing there used to be an add-on for support which is why I chimed in. Enjoy the Choice
  7. Mod Selection Broke Game

    Welcome to the community FlorencePants we all have Homer moments and checking error logs and such is just one more Enjoy the Choice
  8. How to import textures to Blender?

    Not sure but you may have to enable an add-on for blender to see .dds files they are just a compressed format of jpg,gif,or png files. Enjoy the Choice
  9. How to get SVN version?

    There should be a tutorial on using the snipping tool on one of M$'s help sites I remember seeing it when I fist installed Win 7 you might try googling to find it or the snipping tool help files themselves Enjoy the Choice
  10. ===[BETA]=== C# actor editor for Windows users.

    This might also be ported to Linux using Mono though it tends to lag M$ C# be several versions just a suggestion as maintaining both would no doubt be a headache Enjoy the Choice
  11. Stoas and champions

    Why should champions supposedly exemplars of their civs be produced from a mercenary camp who where most often foreigners it's a major continuity break with history depending on the civs internal history on where to train champions would be more productive in other words the history of the individual champion should determine their place of training some of our champions where nobles so the CC would appropriate others where commoners so just barracks would be ok no need to add additional buildings to any particular civ just to produce them though a tech requirement would be appropriate from a game play prospective. Enjoy the Choice
  12. svn broken?

    That is good practice any time there are lots of changes as the cache tends to override the new instances of entity definitions ie: if it's already cached that copy is used not the new one it's a compromise to improve performance as the load new data takes longer. Enjoy the Choice
  13. Unit And Building Names

    All of our translation efforts are done using Transifex have a look at https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Localization from our wiki for more detailed info on how to participate note that most of the Greek names we use are not contemporary Greek but ancient Greek as are the voice tracks. Enjoy the Choice
  14. Black Panther

    Seen it last Tuesday beautiful production design all a round and they were not afraid to play for the laughs loved the "we'er vegetarians" one great play on stereotypes as the whole movie challenges them. Enjoy the Choice
  15. Persian Rework

    Thorfinn did mention that they should be citizen-soldiers but restricted in rank advancement and be primarily economic and canon fodder units.Since they can do the economic support role they can not be mercs as mercs can not preform as economic units. Enjoy the Choice