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  1. Loki1950

    O.A.D closes unexpectedly

    @bhiza since you on Ubuntu the place to look for the log files is actually in a hidden folder so make sure your file browser is set to show hidden files it will then be at the address /home/username/.config/.0ad/logs the dot in front of a folder name means that it is hidden on both Linux and OSX. Enjoy the Choice
  2. Loki1950

    Aplication for programing

    All of the relevant source code files can be found in the SVN repo which is the versioning system that we use for the whole project so either use a SVN client and check out the repo or access it with your web browser the full SVN is the preferred method though if you plan on being around for a while. Enjoy the Choice
  3. So who cast the magic spell to grow them that fast you are completely ignoring the internal time line of the game most single player games represent at most two seasons of a year ie: Six months Enjoy the Choice
  4. Indeed limiting renewable trees to SP and/or for a campaign mode where the simulated time line is more than a single season should work. Enjoy the Choice
  5. Also a new tech might be in order Silvaculture or more popularly known as forestry Ie; replanting after cutting and do remember that trees typically take years to grow to harvest sizes so your current game would over before you can cut any of the new trees Enjoy the Choice
  6. Loki1950

    DDS file issues

    3652x2048 may just be to much Enjoy the Choice
  7. Loki1950

    Empires Apart. ==Freemium==

    Besides that Blender 2.8 will not be supporting BGE(Blender game engine) Enjoy the Choice
  8. Loki1950

    How Do You Attack?

    All of your attacks a predicated on on a booming economy/resources with out which you can not train the units you need to do the job there are a few video tutorials on quick build orders they do vary depending on which civ you playing though. Enjoy the Choice
  9. Loki1950

    Huns - references

    The Goth where a Germanic tribe while the Scythians where Steppe Nomads separated by a couple thousand kilometres Enjoy the Choice
  10. Loki1950

    Thoughts on this change.

    That approach may be taken later as it involves quite a lot of animation ie: each building needs a separate one we have lots of buildings and no one on this project gets paid to to do anything we all contribute in our free time that is completely apart for the skill required to actually do it. Enjoy the Choice
  11. Loki1950


    We really can not help you without more information so please post those log and dmp files check https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths on where to find them on your system. Enjoy the Choice
  12. Loki1950

    Couple of questions

    You keep forgetting that we are available on three platforms Lion.Linux is in there as well Yes though if you adventurous there Is SVN(development version) if you use Windows the exe is also updated. Enjoy the Choice
  13. Loki1950

    Unattainable berry bush

    The name of the map might also be helpful we do have a lot of them after all Enjoy the Choice
  14. Loki1950

    Persian Farsi sound

    If you joined the thread about giving permission to use your contributions you already have darn Stan types faster than I do. Enjoy the Choice
  15. Loki1950

    Game rewards turtling too much

    Been playing with the Tia Chi forms for about forty years and yes that slow motion thing you see the old guys doing in the park is a martial artwhose basic principle is to defect any attack on a tangent it includes throws and holds as well very efficient art no need to do the muscle buildup of the so called hard styles. Enjoy the Choice