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  1. Desired gameplay(planned) features for A23

    You only need to recompile if you are on Linux or OSX there has always been a Window's exe as part of the SVN though the auto build fails sometimes so all you need is TortoiseSVN to get the svn version on Windows if one gets an svn error please post about it one of our more geeky types will be able to help you clear it up. Enjoy the Choice
  2. Simple to code games

    Ren'py is a Python based game/comic app that is great for story boarding for human characters have a look at makehuman(shameless plug I'm one of their moderators) Ren'py also has branching ability some good for choose your path stories. Enjoy the Choice
  3. Open the file with Notepad++ set the language to XML that should show you if the file is mal-formed(got syntax errors) if it does try cleaning it up in Notepad++ then try the Actor Editor again. Enjoy the Choice
  4. the game is over :)

    It would depend on whether the support libraries(dll's on Windows) have the needed functions for Host Migration if not then the needed functions have to bundled in a way that would be of use on all our platforms. Enjoy the Choice
  5. Unread Content unavailable?

    We still have our "Report post" link though clicking it during the slow down was a bit painful as to the cause of the slow down it's self my guess is that the data base that manages the whole forum needed a new index generated. Enjoy the Choice
  6. Terrain idea

    And therefor adding more calculation time to each iteration any arithmetic operation takes time. Enjoy the Choice
  7. Terrain idea

    Now how do we get the pathfinder to be aware of the terrain effects this has been on the wish list for ages but the pathfinder is not fast enough yet one of the reasons for the lag in unit movement and formations not working right. Enjoy the Choice
  8. The engine is written in C++ and JavaScript all of the source code and art assets are managed with SVN which is a versioning system that tracks all changes with a data base so that it is possible to revert any changes that don't work properly their are several versioning systems Git and Bazaar could also have been used you will not find much documentation on RTS engines as most are proprietary so their owners have a vested interest in non transparency so that they can keep the cash flow going. Enjoy the Choice
  9. Like the weighting you did on the cloak moves just right Enjoy the Choice
  10. Unread Content unavailable?

    I have also noticed a slow down as well even the sign on is slow again that will be related to the Db performance. Enjoy the Choice
  11. The maps folder is only created when there are maps in it so try creating one in the Atlas first. Enjoy the Choice
  12. The folder that you are looking is a hidden one so toggle "Show Hidden Files" in the view menu of your file browser any folder or file that starts with a "." is hidden this is for all Linux and OSX file systems then go to /home/yourusername/.local/share/0ad/mods/user notice the .local Enjoy the Choice
  13. Hyrule Conquest

    IIRC there is a loot trickle but it is generalised for all units when they attack/destroy buildings so you would need to do search for the variables involved before you could modify the code to your requirements so I have a feeling that it will not be trivial task. Enjoy the Choice
  14. Most of the GUI and game play elements are JavaScript while the units are defined using XML not HTML for modding purposes that's all you need that and a real text editor if your on Windows download Notepad++ as it has a good syntax checking for a large selection of programming languages if your on Linux then usually the default text editor will do as for the Mac I'm not familiar with that eco system. Enjoy the Choice
  15. [Fixed]ERROR: JS_ParseJSON failed!

    How can he with out knowing which mods you have guess and most likely be wrong Enjoy the Choice