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  1. Loki1950

    Install 0ad on Kali linux

    And there is reason that it can not find the 0ad command and the it is not in the root account's PATH Enjoy the Choice
  2. Loki1950

    Got Millenium AD to work

    Those that show up ingame have been vetted BTW so that there no security or copyright issues. Enjoy the Choice
  3. Loki1950

    [Terra Magna] Terra Magna is now available!

    Just a nit pick wrong species of camel should be Bractian (two hump) not dromedary. Enjoy the Choice
  4. And there lots of online tutorials available to get you through the transition as blenders GUI is more keyboard oriented I use an image of blender's key short-cuts for reference a lot still. Enjoy the Choice
  5. Loki1950

    color of metal

    Most gold that is mined is not in it's full metallic state the most common is flaky inclusions in quartz just do a quick google image search for gold ores the only metal that looks like it's self as an ore is native copper one of the metals in bronze gold that is placer mined(panning in rivers/steams) will be gold dust and small nuggets and we do not have panning as a mining technology Enjoy the Choice
  6. Loki1950

    Food and citizens

    The Romans armies travelled with a herd of cattle to feed the troops the drover dogs(huge mastiff types) where usually let lose with the skirmishers at the start of battle the origin of "lets loose the dogs of war" Enjoy the Choice
  7. A lot of the images will be in .dds format to make for a smaller download footprint from your forum image I assume you use a Linux flavour there is plug-in for the GIMP that will ope dds format not sure where in /usr/share you can find all the data file though just did a quick look now. Enjoy the Choice
  8. Loki1950

    Need help downloading the medieval mod :D

    Yes though depending on how your web browser is set up it should download directly to the download folder where it is will make no deference really. Enjoy the Choice
  9. Loki1950

    Need help downloading the medieval mod :D

    Very much just more techie English Enjoy the Choice
  10. Loki1950

    The good feeling of the game

    Both 6 and 7 require major work on the C++ side(the engine) for roads there is a need to determine where the road is and what type for movement based on type of road while bridges require meshes that units can walk on with that also comes the ability to man walls properly as well. Enjoy the Choice
  11. Loki1950

    Train Times

    Your comment on the horsemen training times do indeed make more sense given the fact that raising/training horses as cavalry mounts takes at least several years of investment a horse raising tech may also be in order depending on civ specialities. Enjoy the Choice
  12. Loki1950

    Sound error messages

    Could you add system.txt also from the logs folder as the error shows that it could not initialise your sound card/chip for some reason @elexis will most likely ask you for that file while waiting you might try checking if your sound drivers and OpenAL are up to date. Enjoy the Choice
  13. Loki1950

    where's the other hidden units?

    That main things you need to know are JavaScript for changing behaviour and GUI elements and XML for unit definitions lots of how to's here on the forum and on our wiki(just click the Development link on the forum header) and new models is a bit more complicated as it requires use of blender or an other 3D modelling app that can export to .dae format. Enjoy the Choice
  14. Loki1950

    Hyrule Conquest

    Ah that makes sense then and LOD(level of detail) is an entirely different method with very specific technical requirements on the rendering side of the code. Enjoy the Choice
  15. Loki1950

    Hyrule Conquest

    That would depend on when it is added to the game engine by the main games developers BTW the main cause of lag is not the the rendering phase but pathfinding. Enjoy the Choice