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  1. Welcome aboard lakobos enjoy your stay here if any art task catches your fancy just go ahead and do it we are not all that formal here especially with our artists just hardware and engine constraints and our bias for historical accuracy you might consider getting the development version as then the art assets are not all zipped into the public.zip just makes working with them more convenient. Enjoy the Choice
  2. The instruction set for ARM CPU's is different than that of Intel and AMD CPU's which is what the source code is primarily targeted to the differences are small but significant so that what will compile on one platform may not on the other which is exactly what is happening here. Enjoy the Choice
  3. Just updated my laptop's Win 10 to 1903 and M$ will not be supporting any earlier version. Enjoy the Choice
  4. Spidermonkey is what the main engine uses to process the scripting language we use java script so no SM no game BTW if you have Firefox installed then that is the system mozjs as in Mozzila js not sure which version the current FF uses. Enjoy the Choice
  5. Look up Animism as Tengrism is a example of as is Shinto Enjoy the Choice
  6. If you really want action on this post the evidence that it happened find where on your computer the replays are stored then post the relevant replay here. Enjoy the Choice
  7. Then play that game and quit playing "Dog in the Manger" here every post that I have seen from you is negative with no constructive input just more AOE spam. Enjoy the Choice
  8. Welcome my Spanish is no nonexistent but you can find the Hotkeys that are already defined https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/HotKeys you can also add your own by adding the to your user.cfg file how to do this is explained in the wiki on that page that describes them. Enjoy the Choice
  9. Would need a complete refactoring of the keyboard handling code not a trivial task most likely to take months to do so it comes down to a decision of is all the extra work worth the effort and are there other things that take priority(always lots of those) we are always short on coders/programmers.So basically it's a resource allocation problem the resources being the coders time. Enjoy the Choice
  10. That tells a unit that is selected to build but not what to build that waits for the second click on the building site that has already been created. Enjoy the Choice
  11. So where is your preferred build order saved there is currently no way for the engine to save such a list so lots of extra coding needed also the way you constructed this question does not make any sense in English. Enjoy the Choice
  12. From the logs it says that there where no errors at all that registered with the game engine so I am at a loss the only other area that maybe relevant is Apple's implementation of X-Windows which is the display handling layer we use on all platforms and which Apple has been trying to drop for years as it is not developed by them. Enjoy the Choice
  13. Thanks for the PM that you posted them one of our other members got here before me and has had a look but has not posted his reply from your system info I see that you are a MAC user but the logs that you posted do not have any errors looks like you opened the game again which overwrote the one that had the problem you described we only keep the log till the next run of the game so not much I can tell you about what went wrong so would please try repeat the error and post both log file right after you do so then one of our MAC users can hopefully see what went wrong also you could try disabling Delenda Est and seeing if the GUI cleans up.This may take a while to sort out so have patience.BTW I should have typed system_info so no problem Enjoy the Choice
  14. Check the simulation folder sub-folder ai within the public.zip the common api should give you what you need to know as well as the petra folder give your new ai a name and put the code init's own folder for testing the ai may be chosen in the game setup GUI. Enjoy the Choice
  15. They are part of what is called the public.zip it also includes all of the game assets ie: models and textures which have a large memory footprint so they are zipped to lighten the download size. That and the zip is the default MOD for the game engine which method did you use to get the source code when I last got the code using a svn client it was not zipped. Enjoy the Choice
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