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  1. Macron political patronage anyone Enjoy the Choice
  2. It has not finished the install so no game at all Lion Enjoy the Choice
  3. Ogre's API changes drastically with each version just maintaining the code base become tedious in the extreme as every library call has to be checked. Enjoy the Choice
  4. Not really enough information to help you under which operating system are you trying to install under we support three Windows, OSX. Linux if the setup fails I will assume you are using Windows as only it uses an installer.Things to check do you have enough space on your hard drive and was the download corrupted that is the most common reason for the install to fail. Enjoy the Choice
  5. But is mainly because Id's founder did most of his development of Doom using Linux GPLing his work was just his personal way of giving back to the community and Id is almost singular in doing that. Enjoy the Choice
  6. In other words we can not afford the licencing fees for using a closed source engine which can go into the thousands depending on the perceived popularity by the owner of the primary licence. Enjoy the Choice
  7. Adulthood is not achieved buy gaining age infantile behaviour can persist forever Enjoy the Choice
  8. Iecedar please post the cmd.txt of the offending game as that is required to show that it actually took place. Enjoy the Choice
  9. Please expand on how Wayland is impacting your issue is it that wxWigets is not compatible or just the version we use. Enjoy the Choice
  10. I prefer the one here at the Royal Ontario Museum even if they did not bother trying to get the paint right the style is a much better take on Greek Classical statues .Will give me an excuse to visit my youngest brother in Toronto and take some photos. Enjoy the Choice
  11. Open that .dae with a text editor (notepad++ on Windows) it's in XML format look for your texture file names check that the paths are correct. Enjoy the Choice
  12. My mother was a French speaker but we where living in an English speaking province(Ontario) so we were confined to the backyard of our house Mum didn't know/trust the neighbours who where all people she could not speak to as she did not talk de English so my younger bother and I observed all the kids in the neighbourhood playing and we just wanted friends so we broke out and had lots of fun and started teaching Mum English about three months later she got to know the neighbours Enjoy the Choice
  13. Never was good at that spelling thing probably all the confusion from being both an French and English speaker since I was 4 yrs old(escaped the back yard). Enjoy the Choice
  14. a pool is for swimming in or a gambling format the proper English word you are looking for is pole as in a mechanism for voting or finding public option. Enjoy the Choice
  15. As Nescio says editing xml is fairly straight forward but for your sanity/ease of use a syntax aware text editor helps all the default Linux text editors have coding language syntax checking on the the Windows side notepad++ doses the trick quite nicely as well as handling java script syntax. Enjoy the Choice
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