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  1. As @Angen said someone also has to make the relevant animations as well which is an Art task not code. Enjoy the Choice
  2. No they do not work and Lion did say possible features which means it that it has not happened yet nobody has written the code. Enjoy the Choice
  3. The top level .config folder is a fairly new recommendation from the Linux Standards organisation not all distros follow it yet but if your current fav does that's the one to use. Enjoy the Choice
  4. Not enough info inferring from the path shown you used the SNAP version to install which is probably a good thing as the version in the Ubuntu repo's will not connect to our multi-player lobby it's to old now could you post the last lines of the mainlog file that should give us more info on where exactly it is bailing out as is it appears to be a cache related and since this an initialisation run is weird in other words the cache is being created so it should be ok as it's never been touched. Enjoy the Choice
  5. Oh a helpful troll or as they are called in the carny world a shill. Enjoy the Choice
  6. Funny how that portrait of Hadrian looks like the "Donald" Enjoy the Choice
  7. The Romans used dogs as well part of their auxiliaries on the march they where cattle drovers the army's meat on the hoof loosed at the start of an engagement ahead of the skirmishers.Most of the larger dog breeds all over Europe are their descendants. Enjoy the Choice
  8. Don't forget mounted archers they are relevant in this time period though most where nomadic pastorals of the steppes Scythian and Xiongnu. Enjoy the Choice
  9. Every movement or proposed movement requires a pathfinder call that means every unit on a map is recalculated that by definition is a bottleneck and the reason we currently recommend low pop caps(fewer units on the map). Enjoy the Choice
  10. You start doing optimisation when all of the planed features are working correctly until then all code just grows in complexity.But once we do start it will not be a fast process either as whole sections of code may need refactoring to make them completely thread safe (use all cpu cores available} then we might discover we have algorithm validity issues like the pathfinder. Enjoy the Choice
  11. That policy applies to third party apps only take a look a the version of blender that is available in the repos of all distros you will be lucky to find 2.8 it will only be on a distro that was released after the blender foundation officially kicked 2.8 out the door one of the exceptions are Gentoo based distros the policy was originally Debian not Ubuntu. Distro developers do not have the resources to maintain third party app packages they leave that to the app developers or volunteers getting up to date third party apps has always been chaotic some distros have backport repos but there is a risk that you break your current install using them it's the argument between bleeding edge vs stability one of the reasons that appimage and flatpak exist. Enjoy the Choice
  12. Which will not be updated till the next 'buntu release that's the policy I mentioned. Enjoy the Choice
  13. The version in the Ubuntu repos has been out of date for several years due to Ubuntu policy use the 0AD ppa to make sure you have the latest version. Enjoy the Choice
  14. @Lion.Kanzen As in Free, libre, Open Source Game of Ancient Warfare @sphyrth that just adds unnecessary clutter negative space can be just as important as the foreground look at any properly composed image either photographic or painted it's the negative space that defines the focus. Enjoy the Choice
  15. It maybe basic but it ain't simple. Enjoy the Choice
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