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  1. Linux does exactly what you tell it to do just like any other Operating System the real trick is knowing what to tell it most configuration files on Linux are plain text so fairly human readable but getting to know where everything about the flavour of Linux you use is a fairly long learning curve but Most of us that have climbed it are apt to give newbies a hand up. Enjoy the Choice
  2. You both might like Marlon James "Black Leopard,Red Wolf" volume 1 The Black Star trilogy his last novel before this was a Man-Booker winner it's an African fantasy about a dynastic change I loved it's unreliable narrator. Enjoy the Choice
  3. No you are right @m7600 a stable purple was not done until the 1860's by German industrial chemists no combination of dye and mordant worked for long apart from the aforementioned Tyrian sea snails,though there is some evidence of a Mayan purple also a sea snail dye. Enjoy the Choice
  4. The healer would be a shaman or witch doctor for you unknowing types and most of the old gods and goddesses where fertility types with the shape sifters thrown in for regional flavour and warrior gods several trickster as well lots of old greole(bards) stories to listen to if you can find one willing to talk. Enjoy the Choice
  5. The US continues to use their modified Imperial system due resistance at a grass roots level as in it's #%%@$%^ Foreign though at the official federal level it has been law since 1978 that Metric is accepted but in practice only for international trade we in Canada went Metric before that but an lot on our built infrastructure is still in the Imperial system. Enjoy the Choice
  6. And there is a ppa for Ubuntu and it's derivatives. Enjoy the Choice
  7. @Nescio the desktop was not the main reason just got tired of the various nose bleeds of fedora's bleeding edge approach with every new version kinda like your current hassle with gcc 10 as the default compiler That and Mint's LTS model was appealing. Enjoy the Choice
  8. I moved from fedora to Mint quite a while ago mainly for the "Cinnamon" desktop that I really like it is strictly personal preference now if you don't want to use flatpak have a look at appimage they provide a static build that is they do not use your installed system libs they compile the newest upstream versions into their releases it actually runs in userland so there is no interaction with your current OS version. If you do decide to go for Mint wait for the release of version 20 which will be based on Ubuntu 20.04 it will be a LTS version. Enjoy the Choice
  9. Unfortunately does not automatically install the latest version only the one that is current when the distro is released also the reason we recommend getting blender directly from blender.org for Gimp 2.10.14 look up the flatpak version which is what I did on Mint 19.3 Enjoy the Choice
  10. Though since MH models are meant for animation they are quads in the base mesh and proxies and clothes are just a kind of proxy.Quads deform better in the case of animation. Enjoy the Choice
  11. That I do @Stan` I am a moderator on their forums though our base mesh is not low polythere is a low poly proxy might have to figure out how to use 0ad's human skeleton MH does export to .dae BTW all output from MH is CC0 do what you want with.Any real technical questions join MH forums there is link to the wiki there as well "Docs and FAC" in the page header.Also might be useful for doing hero portraits as MH has good facial targets for modelling. Enjoy the Choice
  12. Further info git does not handle art assets gracefully or other binary blobs as git calls them too many of them and both GitHub and GitLab start charging you money to use there service. Enjoy the Choice
  13. This second time you have asked the same question in a different topic that can be taken as abuse of the forums. Enjoy the Choice
  14. At item to be aware of the with public.zip all the image file are in dds format to save bandwidth on the download you might want to get those images from the art masters svn repo if you are looking to view them. Enjoy the Choice
  15. Why do you need binaries/system they are system land as a user you don't permissions to write there do mean where are the mod files if so they are in a hidden folder .local/share/0ad/mods that binaries/system is only valid for Windows users. Enjoy the Choice
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