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  1. Okay so I guess the recent optimisation will improve overall menu performance at least.
  2. Couldn't that just be adding a code in the map file format ? and then depending on that, in the xmls using one or another ? Also that would allow snow textures.
  3. Stan`

    Faction: Norse

    I hope so. Maybe there will be some updates at the end of the week after my Exams.
  4. Weird. The first time was really slow, but i restarted the game and the files were still cached somehow
  5. Faster to load, don't know about the fps.
  6. Hi, I just launched game using the newest files i could find, and I noticed that the interface is faster than the normal game any reason for this ? Also I wanted to know how often is the autobuild made.
  7. Stan`

    Faction: Norse

    TO DO : - Add details to the roof - Fix the roof sides - Update Roof front texture to fit the needs - UVMAP the decorations - Texture the timbers - Improve the wall Texture. OPTIONNAL : - Update the Snow texture version for snow maps - Make some Props Longhouse.7z
  8. I'll add a little thing to this. Maybe make buttons for the host. Like peace time 15 min 30 min 45 min. And 0 if they want to do something quick. That't would be a little more elaborated IMO =)
  9. Maybe you could take inspiration here : http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?186620-The-Last-Kingdom-BASIC-INFO-and-FIRST-PREVIEW Maybe cause of this :
  10. If his sword is at the level of its head the shield should go down a bit so he could see. =)
  11. Well that's not exactly true. You can change stuff in a laptop. Thing is its complicated, but you can find pieces, you can also oc it with modded bioses, and even make a custom aeration, I will post mine when its done if someone interested.
  12. I will try to do so. =) Well I was waiting for feedback on the Iberian Barracks and the rotary mill, but I understand people have life so I started working on other projects to keep practising and maybe learn some new stuff It's been ten years since I started modelling and I was expecting a more exponential way of progression. Sadly it's not the case, But every modeler I met or talk too on the forums taught me something, so i'm hoping I'll get a lot better by working on a project that will have a future, which was not the case of the previous one. About poly's, in my last part time job i took on July, I learned that using quads was better, and it indeed was, though sometimes the polycount suffered a lot. Since I'm not a very good texturer, because i can't really make anything from scratch, sometimes I don't see what can be replaced by a texture, so I use a lot of polys to get exactly the shape I want, because otherwise i feel the model looks bad(I'm not a self confident guy) I will try to practise more. It does allow me to do so, but I would need right top bottom and front view, which I have to draw, and i'm not good at drawing sketches, for I haven't practised much again, see the Mine thread for reference, Also, someday i'll need to buy a drawing tablet. EDIT : Oh and thank you for your support guys it's very heartwarming.
  13. Stan`

    Faction: Norse

    Just a quick model, I'm also working on the texture at the same time. Here's the texture : Just modified the hay to fit the needs, will update it depending on needs.
  14. I'm sorry if I sounded a bit bitter, I guess I was tired. I need tips, but I also need something else that i couldn't find, maybe I'm using to much edges to start. I will try to improve my model with the image you've given me.
  15. Then maybe I'll continue this another day. Its too late at night for now. I don't know what wrong with me, and organical looking things. I've had this problem before, on Talesworld Forum. The guy told me to learn how to draw, to model, and to texture, and that was it. Nothing productive. About Skills ? I don't think I have any compaired to the guys of your team
  16. I give up, I'm too dumb to do this model, been playing around with vertices, started from scratch, tried removing edges, tried doing the same topology as Micket, and that still sucks. Its even worse than the guy i showed you. This is getting me angry, And i never get angry. Take Micket's
  17. I will fix the Ngons stuff, i didn't notice, I try to keep quads as much as possible but sometimes, with the chamfer i don't see. I can't really reduce the number of polys of the helmets so I hope you're talking about the swords... It will be single eyecandy. Just keep everything here not to make too many posts and/or topics.
  18. Agreed. I don't think he needs one for home purposes but anyway its his choice =)
  19. Stan`

    Faction: Norse

    Oh okay stuck at my school for two more hours, so i could start working on something
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