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    Hello to 0 A.D. fans and community members As you may have noticed, there have been few recent developer posts on game progress. With that in mind, I will be taking some time to fill in the community with the first April update. A lot of artwork has been done to incorporate more historically informed, hellenistic architecture into the Ptolemy faction. This in turn compelled our resident art workaholic Lord Good to introduce a couple new factions into the 0 A.D. roster that have been sorely missed. Many of you might be thinking that the Chinese might be making their debut, but recent posts have shown that there is practically zero, if you’ll pardon the pun, interest in that faction being in the game. Instead, he has painstakingly created an entirely unique faction to the fray which gives me the pleasure of announcing the first additional faction that will come out this coming alpha: The Thebans. The Thebans are an infantry and cavalry civilisation, famous for their sacred band hoplites and their hegemony of Boeotia. As this highly demanded faction sounded good to a variety of people, the team has taken the adage that more is more, and as a result, there are a few more civilisations to introduce, each more unique than the next. (Here we see Thebes, once proud, under the three year long occupation of Sparta after their attempts to maintain Boetian hegemony.) Next we have Syracuse, a prominent naval power that made use of some of the most extraordinary inventions of Archimedes. (This image depicts the famous Syracusan port, which served as the stage for a decisive naval victory for the the Peloponnesian League during Athens' disastrous Sicilian campaign.) Additionally there is Epirus, employing war elephants and led by the tactical mastermind Pyrrhus. (See a recreation of the battle of Heraclea, victory so great it has been called 'Pyrrhic.') As a rival to Athens in trade and on the seas, Corinth comes into play as credited as the source of triremes and some of the most popular pottery prior to introduction of Athenian black figure ware. (This image shows the cosmopolitan architecture of this city-state.) The Achaean League also makes a showing as the nemesis of Macedonian attempts at conquest. Philopoemen, often called the “Last of the Greeks,” is one of the iconic heroes that leads this federation. (Philopoemen, pictured below, was more famous for his cavalry experience, but since he could walk, is represented as an infantry unit instead.) On the other side is the Aetolian League. This collection of city-states was infamous for its actions of piracy and raiding and functioned as a key rival to the above faction. (This screenshot shows the new and completely unique architectural set that will be used for them.) Joining the roster from Asia minor as well is the Attalid successor state. This nation was centred around the highly defensive metropolis of Pergamum and was a staunch ally of Rome, with its economic and commercial capabilities making it a highly influential regional power. (Pergamum, shown below, was praised as one of the most beautiful cities, housing landmarks such as the Altar of Zeus, which has yet to be implemented into the game.) And coming once again from Peloponnesus is the rival of Sparta, Argos. The Argives fielded a formidable army with an elite contingent that may have even rivalled the best Spartans and were home to a their own unique form of democracy. (See the Argive hoplites nonchalantly drive away a group of Celtic raiders.) I hope that these announcements have made you as excited as me as we embark on a new chapter in 0 A.D.’s history. Much of this might seem worrying to people as the workload to incorporate this many factions into the game may increase substantially, but the team was able to arrive at a unanimous decision regarding this by removing all non-Hellenic/Hellenistic factions from the game since people have been complaining almost constantly about the overly diverse representation of various people groups. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for 0 A.D.’s forthcoming Alpha 24: Xenophobia. Tune in next month as 0 A.D. begins introducing the ever popular mechanic of micro-transactions in the form of loot boxes.
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    all units use the same base meshes, which leaves the textures and armor pieces. This was a fairly simple affair until alexander ramped up the unit detail lol. The actor files become very busy. Due to polygon reservations, buildings need to be made from scratch every single time, and regional architectural nuances need to be observed and replicated, as well as having the building layout make sense structurally, all this and falling within Civic Center standardization. Thats a ballpark 6-8 hour process. 27 times
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    Version from 28.03.2020: (Lobby Warning fix and unselect on gamelist updates fix) fgod.exp.280320201820.pyromod for the crowd. Please do support 0ad by coding and contribution.
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    I am creating a city and a late bronze age setting for 0ad. For the mycenean I used the persian because their building are really similar to greek bronze age, If some one want to play true mycenean have to don't use cavalry exept chariots and don't use Helepant, and here you ave a Mycenean faction, after that there are Doric Greek (brit) that use also bronze helm and chariot, and also there are the sea people (iberian). When the map will be finished I upload it here!
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    My dear friend, it is very nice of you to make such an offer. However, I can't fix this "problem" alone.
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    How about the Civic Center (CC) changes it's "size" while upgrading from one phase to the other? On every phase upgrade the health points double. To increase the size I would simply start with a small/basic model of the CC and on every level up from one phase to the other I would make the model bigger and look more powerful. However, I would not change the size of actual space the CC occupies. This sort of behavior is simpler to implement. You only need 3 different models of the CC and some logic to change the models on every upgrade.
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    We have f_tunic_short.dae. Can we have f_tunic_long.dae? The men have a long tunic mesh. It would be nice to have a long tunic for females if possible. Thank you. Specifically, I am making Scythian unit actors and I ran into the problem of not having a long tunic variant for the female mesh.
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    Either that, or the upper ribbon menu needs to be more dynamic (or have a 2nd ribbon for dynamic options). That's more difficult of course. How about this. Normally when you move a unit over another object like a building that unit will turn red, but you can still move that unit over that object in Atlas. This is generally necessary to allow designers to be creative and put together some cool stuff in the editor. But what about a tiny little tooltip could pop up that says "Press and hold 'Alt' to garrison"? That could work. No extra UI work beyond that, except to somehow show what units are garrisoned in that building when it's selected. Also, allowing to ungarrison units if the designer wants. Yeah, needs more thinking. lol
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    Hello, I’ve been playing 0 A.D for a while and have had a couple of ideas for a new mechanic implemented by mod or otherwise that could give more purpose to early-game aggression and late game strategy. As well as, give more purpose to the Civic Center(CC) itself. Idea: What if your first CC expanded as the game went on. I currently see that this could be accomplished in different 2 ways. Implementation: 1) CC would gain max health throughout the game based on the game timer. Example of 1: At the beginning of the game a player owns a CC with 3000 health. It would gain max health every second throughout the game. The CC max health would gain would then stop at 20 min, doubling the health the main CC had at Load-In to 6000. This could make late game a little more challenging, because more health = more damage needed, as well as make early game more important. A secondary mechanic would be that if you attack a CC its generation would stop for a short amount of time then begin again. 2) Have the CC itself become larger (P1 1x1, P2 2x2, P3 3x3) and absorb other buildings close to it and add their health to the CC’s own, as well as gain the attributes of those buildings. Example of 2: If a farm with workers and 100 health was next to the CC at Phase Up the CC would delete the farm and garrison the workers within the CC. The CC would then gain attribute “Food Capital”, gain the ability to passivly produce food depending on how many workers are garrisoned inside. The number of possible workers would depend on how many farms are nearby at phase up (1 farm = +5 food garrison). If a barrack with 300 health was nearby it would absorb it and add 300 health to the CC’s max health and give the CC the attribute “Military Power'. Adding the ability to spawn more units at once for a slightly better discount but more time. Or 3) Some complicated combinatination of both. I would like to write these modifications myself but I don’t have any programming or developing experience. Currently I’ve gotten as far as downloading the svn version, attenpting to open the workspace (failed by the way), and having a look around the files. My main problem is I have no idea what anything does or how to develop modifications for games. Thanks for reading, K(C)oronaut
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    https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP23529 Example in: maps/skirmishes/Sicilia_Nomad.xml <Garrison> <GarrisonedEntity uid="3429"/> <GarrisonedEntity uid="3430"/> <GarrisonedEntity uid="3431"/> <GarrisonedEntity uid="3432"/> <GarrisonedEntity uid="3433"/> <GarrisonedEntity uid="3435"/> <GarrisonedEntity uid="3436"/> <GarrisonedEntity uid="3437"/> <GarrisonedEntity uid="3438"/> <GarrisonedEntity uid="3439"/> <GarrisonedEntity uid="3440"/> <GarrisonedEntity uid="3441"/> <GarrisonedEntity uid="3442"/> <GarrisonedEntity uid="3443"/> <GarrisonedEntity uid="3444"/> </Garrison> It is replacement for "Garrison": { "3434": [3435, 3436, 3437, 3438, 3439, 3440, 3441, 3442, 3443, 3444, 3429, 3430, 3431, 3432, 3433] }, It garrisons entity on game init with entities in GarrisonEntity element. No atlas ui was created for this yet.
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    @Nescio yes, it might have been proposed multiple times. The difference is that @Coronaut wants to put the effort in to actually implement it. It is not necessary to make it overly complex at the beginning. I would be happy if he can implement the logic to increase the points and implement the new CC styles for 1-2 factions. Then test it with those modified factions. The best way to start would be with a mod who introduces the new upgrade mechanism. Once upgrading the CC works @Coronaut or we as a community can suggest more complex mechanics. I do like the village, town and city idea. However, there could be unintended consequences like players expanding too fast, because building villages is too cheap and so on. The 100m radius mechanism is more difficult to implement, because you have to evaluate constantly the entire radius to ensure the CC can be upgraded.
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    Can someone explain why this is so? I'm surprised. I thought units were more complex because of all the movement etc.
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    This sounds excellent! Please let me know if I can help with balancing.
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    Having civic centres for each phase has been requested multiple times by various people, myself included. It would be relatively easy to implement on the template side (cf. b/a/e citizen soldiers), but the problem is the art side: introducing new units is relatively easy, I believe, but creating new structure actors is a lot of work. Of the thirteen civilizations in game, three have civic centres that need to be redesigned (athen, ptol, rome), and only one has two centre sizes (sele), although the latter actor is not used: If at some point in the future there would be three versions of each centre, then that would open up a range of possibilities for new mechanics, e.g. localized “phases”: new centres start as a village centre; once a village centre has the required structures (e.g. five houses) within its settlement radius (e.g. 100 m), it automatically promotes to a town centre, and when it has met the city requirements (e.g. market, temple, ten houses), it becomes a city centre. So a given player may have e.g. one city, two towns, and three villages at a given point. What if: P1 CC's had 750 health (or somthing low). Then, when you upgraded to P2, the only thing that would change would be that your CC's health. It would double to 1500. When upgraded to P3 it would have the normal 3000 health. This could insentivize [sic] early a general playstyle of P1 rushing, then P2 eco booming, P3 siege and army counterplay? Don't make it too steep. The problem is that it not only incentivizes that, it mandates it: any other play style becomes unviable, because slower players are put even more at a disadvantage than they already are in the current alpha.
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    Hello, Last year I posted an idea for a new civic center mechanic (link below) that I think would be a good addition to the game. I wanted to make it myself, so, for the past year I persisted and tried following the modding guides and forum posts, but realized since I have little experience with the game development process and coding it wouldn’t be possible. Original Idea: Here Now, a year later, I’m coming back to the forums to ask questions and be more involved in the community. Please excuse my ignorance. What is the difference between modding and developing for 0 a.d.? Correct me if I am wrong. A modder is a solo entity that creates changes in the game’s code how they want with resources already in the game and some they create themselves. A developer gets paid to work on the game from the standpoint of completing tickets to make a new and updated release of the game. Assuming you have no prior experience in game development, what knowledge is required to create mods for this game? How much coding experience is necessary? How many ways are there to obtain the game’s code? What advantages do you get from using eclipse, or Visual Studio rather than basic notepad? Who is the Svn copy for and how should it be used? Who uses workspaces and build environments Modders or Developers? What are they? What are they for? How do you quickly test if something worked or not? As you can tell I have no idea what I’m doing. If you can help me it would be greatly appreciated. -K(C)oronaut
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    First step is to create a mod. This can be done by adding a folder in your documents/My Games/0ad/mods folder and adding a little file called mod.json such as this one. { "name": "koronauts", "version": "1.0.0", "label": "Koronauts", "url": "https://wildfiregames.com/", "description": "Like Argonauts, but not quite.", "dependencies": ["0ad=0.0.24"] } Then you can start adding new files, or modifying existing ones by copying them over to you mod, at the same relative location.
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    Hey @Coronaut I will try to answer some of your questions let me know if you need a more in depth response for one of them. As @Loki1950 said currently none of us developpers get paid for working on the game. We do that on our free time and for free. Currently the only difference between the two is the ability to change the SVN repository directly. An external contributor can only suggest changes and give his opinion on patches. The final decision on whether the change or the feature needs to be included is in the official teams hand. That being said being a modder gives you a lot of freedom as there are already a lot of things you can do by yourself. You need to know how to edit text files mostly. Programming experience is a plus. 3D modelling animation rigging and texturing can also be a plus. Else you'll be "limited" to what the engine can do. Three. SVN, github, gitlab. That's detailed in the wiki. You need visual studio if you want to make C++ changes as you need to recompile the game. Eclipse will only allow you to have suggestions during the c++ edition but you'll need to tell it to use the msvc compiler. Technically unless you want a really specifc feature you needn't compile. It's for developpers or modders that wishes to use the last version of the game. You should basically update it every day to make sure you have the latest changes. You can also decide you'd rather mod the last release. You mean change it's size ? Then you need to modify the 3D model. The game has no scaling capatibility. Not sure what you want to do. Did you add code ? You should use the generated pyrogenesis.sln. by runninfg update.workspaces.bat in build/workspaces.
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    Okay then you need to go to C:\Users\{yourname}\Documents\My Games\0ad\mods Create a folder like so C:\Users\{yourname}\Documents\My Games\0ad\mods\mycenaeans_basic_mod Put the mod file in it C:\Users\{yourname}\Documents\My Games\0ad\mods\mycenaeans_basic_mod\mycenaeans_basic_mod.pyromod Rename the mod file C:\Users\{yourname}\Documents\My Games\0ad\mods\mycenaeans_basic_mod\mycenaeans_basic_mod.zip Add this .JSON file next to it mod.json Like so C:\Users\{yourname}\Documents\My Games\0ad\mods\mycenaeans_basic_mod\mod.json Sorry for the inconvenience.
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    Why don't you organize the next tournament then and let's see if you do a better job.
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    I guess last year's April's fool was the one where a staffer promised monthly (or so) activity updates.
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    What would be actually nice is to merge back Atlas with the game. I believe that to do so, we only need two more features in the GUI, scrollbars, and colorpickers. We discussed it with @bb_ and @Imarok at FOSDEM.
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    I know, right? Some people might even take this as a joke.
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    @Coronaut Yes, you understood my comment. That is exactly what I meant. Your proposal sounds good. However, you have to find out while testing it, if you achieve what you want to achieve with the proposed point structure. Maybe you will need to adjust it later after some testing and verifying. For the beginning I would start with that point structure.
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    When we will have actual props for the scythians, sure. scyth_spb_03.blend scyth_fortress.dae
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    Nah, that would be more for an Amazon mod. (the whole 1 breast thing never made sense to me though, on a practical level) Righteous. Righteous.
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    Hey, That's sad to hear, but nice to know you haven't given up yet. Stay safe too!
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    @balduin Would it be like the sentry tower to Defense tower upgrade? A visual growth rather than a physical one? That could work...and would be way easier to create. What if: P1 CC's had 750 health (or somthing low). Then, when you upgraded to P2, the only thing that would change would be that your CC's health. It would double to 1500. When upgraded to P3 it would have the normal 3000 health. This could insentivize early a general playstyle of P1 rushing, then P2 eco booming, P3 siege and army counterplay?
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    I guess there is something else at play here, I must admit that I do not know what though...
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    All this builds pyrogenisis.exe and the dll's that are not part of ones that ship with Windows in other words the whole engine the AI and GUI are defined by JavaScript and XML files in the public folder of the SVN tree BTW the latest version of the exe is also part of the full SVN download game play is also defined in the JavaScript files, Enjoy the Choice
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    First off we'er an Open Source project most of us do not get paid at all even among our core developers.Modding can be differentiated from development very simply developers mostly deal with the C++ code of the engine it's self while modding handles the assets(models,actors and amimations) and the JavaScript in the public.zip mod yeah the main game is just an other mod.As for the required knowledge base that depends on how extensive you want to change things for general modding where you deal mainly with JavaScript so notepad++ is great as it is a full feature text editor with syntax checking for most programming languages for 0AD JavaScript and XML are the most useful.Check the wiki for more detailed info that's the Development link at the top our pages it goes to trac our ticket management system and our wiki.And keep asking questions as you may have noticed we don't bite Enjoy the Choice
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    my fault, associate with aoe, would be a great addition to Terra Magna!
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    You don't need to engage in drama either, @vinme just does not know how to communicate. This can still be sorted out
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    u serious vinme ?
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    0AD most likely starved system memory plus swap so the Kernel sent a Kill(9) signal to the process terminating it. And yes, the Kernel only does this in the most dire of cases. One of these three should help figure out why. The first one is the most likely. I am not sure to be honest. dmesg -T| grep -E -i -B100 'killed process' /var/log/kern.log /var/log/messages Good luck fixing that.
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    Hey your map looks quite unique and nice. Reminds me of Atlantis from AoM. Great work !
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    I mean, I don't think we have a hard limit here, upper bracket still has lots of unresolved matches. I recommend posting available schedule on a separate post as prove that you're trying to play the match. If @Dakara does not respond then it's win by absence, otherwise you both sort it out. Stop drama
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    Hi @Stan` The Game Speed setting is normal. Issue occur after some minutes of playing, randomly.
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    Take the main structure of this ship in mind.
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    Presumably because chariots are currently still statistically identical to cavalry. Moreover, most chariots are champions trainable at the fortress (brit, maur, sele); only the Persian chariots are not; they count as citizen cavalry trainable at the stable. Personally I'd favour replacing the Persian b/a/e chariot archers with ordinary horse archers and introducing a champion scythed chariot (cf. Seleucids). And yeah, I agree the workshop could be a more appropiate structure for chariots than the stable. In fact, I've implemented that in my 0abc mod months ago.
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    Well, the strange value is confirmed... I'll do some experiments and probably give you a small minimal program reproducing the inconsistency, but I'm not sure what I will find. In the meantime, if you want to play, you can safely comment out the // ENSURE(tlb.Validate()); on line 54 of cache.cpp. It is only a sanity check (something insane is indeed happening! ) which doesn't prevent you from playing at all. Unless the root cause of this issue causes other issues down the line, in which case you can report here.
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