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    Working on adding decals for more details on maps.
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    A generic volcanic island for the kicks. MAP DOWNLOAD (MOD): random_map_volcanic_island.pyromod @coworotel feel free to add it to the community map pack
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    Map made with decals. (1vs1) Puddle Decals
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    Sorry I took so long, the Moblin units had an insane amount of animations that needed to be done, but they are all done now!
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    Hi All, I would like to introduce to you weekly livestream pro game series. Our main purpose is to create something like a league that not depends on players. This is a weekly event contains only one game with commentary by feldfeld. The best players have priority to play. Teams will be organized by the host, unknown_player. There are some basic at the moment rules: -Mainland, 200 Pop, Normal Size -No players who lag -No Specs. Watch on feldfeld's twitch channel: feldfeld0ad -Sundays at 18:00 (UTC) This is currently a developing event organized by several players. We would like to invite you to play/watch/contribute to the event today at 18.00 (UTC). Twitch Link: https://www.twitch.tv/feldfeld0ad Have fun,
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    Revamping foundations. That's really sloooooooooooooooooooooooow. Still need to add props. They now have consistent size 1x1 is one game tile and 2x2m in Blender
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    we must follow this path creating more coherence (logical) and simplistic way. more realistic but logical: mining , farming , building , kill most of Aoe memes.
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    The fall of a Tyrant Wow, a historic day for Sudan. Today, April 11th, 2019, after 5 months of bloody protests, the military of Sudan has announced the removal from office, and subsequent arrest of president Omar al-Bashir, Sudan's sitting president for the past 30 years... Omar al-Bashir was a war criminal with a shocking body count of 1.5 million deaths in the civil war with South Sudan and between 200.000 and 400.000 deaths from the genocide in Darfur. There were so many evils about his rule, I wouldn't even know where to start... The Nubian Queens were present in full force! The now iconic Alaa Salah is actually being called a "Kandake"... Just since the last few days, soldiers started defending protesters after they saw Bashir's security forces firing at them. At least 6 soldiers were killed defending the people. Today the military said enough is enough and announced a transitional government. The protesters (and the African Union) aren't happy by the military take over either, and will continue protesting until a civilian government is installed. A luta continua! Power to the people of Sudan!
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    Pop growth : - 5 pop house / 75 wood (less stairs effect in pop growing) - 20% building time - pop room gain by building some other structures than houses - no metal based human units (metal takes longer to gather than wood) - no stone buildings (except towers and castle) (stone takes longer to gather than wood) --> easy to spam barracks (with their + pop room) - rotative farm too boost food production (and thus, possible to lower the number of food workers ) When you know that pop growth is an exponential phenomena, those cumulated advantages gives to celts an insane advantage. and for units : - Cav Hero for best dancing (Vecingetorix is the best hero of the game) - Sword cav for best siege destroying and quick raids - Slingers, best basic unit since .. very very long time. With basic micro and some healers, slingers can get all <<< and quickly the player dont need even need siege as those massed slingers can destroy absolutely everything or can easily retreat in formation with few dumping. - Brits have a dog which can reduce ennemy pop in early game and already give a substainable advantage. I hope that in next version of 0ad i will see team games with 1 or 2 gauls/brits .. and not 6-7 as we often do now.
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    Something like this has a footprint slightly larger than a Civic Center.
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    Hi all, Unknown Player and I are organizing a weekly event on Youtube. We would like to live stream during a 4v4 pro team game with commentary. We would like to collaborate with a streamer. Our main purpose is here to create something like a league that not depend on players. We saw how hard to schedule 1v1 during The first 0ad championship. Sometimes it took weeks to finish the games. According to our experience, most pro players are in the lobby seeking for a team game between 18.00 to 21.00 (UTC). So it can be a good idea to broadcast one of those matches with some interviews/commentary or even Q&A. Nowadays, the 0ad community is growing. We believe that bringing an attraction to pro team games can add extreme value from newbies to pro players. We have some rough ideas about this event: -We would like to broadcast only one game. There are several reasons for doing this. First of all, it's easy to organize with a few people who are behind this event. Secondly, we're trying to bring good quality games with pro players, but it's regularly. Creating an event that needs effortless. Since we play at least 3 days of the week. It can be season to season like a league. -Initial rules are like this: - No spec allowed (Watch on "Streamer's" Channel) - Game start at ~19:00 (UTC) - No players who make lag - Best players have priority to play - Hosted by "Unknown_Player" Rules: No dance No wonder Map Mainland 200 pop Autumn Normal size Our current plan is hosting a game on Sundays at ~19.00 (UTC) by Unknown Player. And I'll assist to live stream and coordination stuff. There will be other commentators too. For now, we're curious if we can find a streamer in the community who can livestream in her/his channel with commentary. Are you interested in this project? Do you know a streamer who can collaborate with us? Let us know what you think about it. Also, we are capable of creating graphics like this: Have a nice day! See you.
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    The fire is now under control and although the spire and surrounding roof has collapsed, most of the structure, including the towers, has been saved and most of the artworks on display inside were evacuated by firefighters. It's sad, but it could have been much worse. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-47943705
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    Dear user, your concern has been noted. However, we must inform you that our current policy does not allow for such an action. Arguably, players should have the right to change their own nickname. However, this would entail obfuscation of identity which could be harmful in several cases including: rated game challenges, recognition of users of dubious reputation, tracking of player statistics. It is for the above reason that we do not permit nickname modification, please be understanding. It may happen in the future that players will have an unmodifiable and unique account name with a modifiable alias (both visible to the public). Nevertheless this feature will not be added soon and till then we maintain our stance in the matter. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
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    i've been playing albion online and they low poly stuff is really great, i would like to try change the rein as a it is now (separated mesh with separated armature) as a mesh of the same horse armature (just like the blankets and armors works now) for reduce the amount of animation files and make the horse easier to do. TBH i have most of the mod done, only the rein is the annoying piece of the horse to do.
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    The Carthaginians were not happy upon hearing the news that the Roman Republic has set foot in Northern Africa.
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    This is instead the implementation of the products in the economy panel: we set a small economy with 1 City Center , 3 bakers, 3 builders and 4 farmers ( please don t mind now the white building, that will be the storehouse in the future ) we open the economy panel and we select the city of Carthage and we click the products button now is possible to see all products available in the city. If no product available the icons will keep be grey color. In our case because the only producers are the bakers , and each carry 100 breads we got a total of 300 breads. Next i will set the real prices for each products (240 is not real) . Also i added a buy all button for traders , but i am still not sure if i will keep it
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    The updated textures were committed just now.
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    @Anaxandridas ho Skandiates I saw you commenting on hellenistic/greek fortifications in the "===[TASK]=== Trees" thread. I thought it more appropriate to reply here. I found these in the Osprey title: "Ancient Greek fortifications 500 - 300 BC": @LordGood, interesting perhaps? Here's the actual Osprey title for those who like to read (includes pictures of ruined fortifications): Osprey ancient-greek-fortifications-500-300-bc.pdf
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    this look so nice. we have a map with north Syria (old Assyria) thematic?
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    Nice work ! No need to scream though
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    I ve alwys been nice. It's others who hates who I am
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    abandoned village and date orchard by a dried up oasis. merchant caravan spending the night
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    There is a cycle of two free interesting mooc (on an "academic" site) https://www.fun-mooc.fr/courses/course-v1:EPHE+126001+session01/about It's in french only but I share it because it fits perfectly with 0ad art, history and timeframe: from Alexander death to Actium defeat and it covers more or less the whole Alexander's empire area. Enjoy!
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    Hehe. If we had to choose a graphics engine though I would go for Godot. I believe we could migrate 0AD code into a GDNative plugin and replace JS by Godot script which looks a lot like python though it now has variable types.
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    Yes. Thankfully half hour after my message the fire was decreasing and the firefighters were more optimistic. This is bad enough and I am glad they saved the rest.
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    Actually it's the contrary. People playing with toasters urge us not to do it
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    Most current issues relate to things that we have to write for ourselves regardless of engine like pathfinding, AI, etc. All a separate engine could really provide is a somewhat better graphics capability, at the cost of massive rewrites. We could use that effort to just improve the graphics portion of our engine without the dependence on external engine development. However, the main reason we don't have fancy graphics in 0 A.D. is mostly because we are trying to support old versions of OpenGL and by extension, old graphics hardware. According to the recent talk by @vladislavbelov if we dropped old hardware support, we could very easily add many nice graphical upgrades with our current engine.
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    Rein works better with horse armature instead of separated mesh. Some files will be cleaned, and others merged.
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    The OP-ness is specific to naval maps and comes from the fact that once the enemy has an advantage on the sea, he can snowball that irreversibly by: seeing every new dock built by the opponent seeing every new ship trained by the opponent seeing every ship being garrisoned by the opponent, and the unit composition The team with the lighthouse can then focus the entire fleet onto the one point where the enemy operates on the shoreline, rather than having to distribute over the waters to gain the knowledge piece by piece, while having to pay with significant population cost to gain that little view otherwise. In a 4v4 on naval with ptol, a tactic to exploit that is to swing resources to the ptol teamplayer, build the lighthouse, a dock and a manned ship in the first 6min or so, and make sure the opponent team will never have way to even build a single dock. In particular if you have played against Hannibal on Corsica vs Sardinia, you will know that this exact thing is going to happen and you can't do anything about it. (Only anti-ship units can help, which are random imbalanced units not intended for that purpose usually)
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    Yes. I sent the files to Justus.
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    @wackyserious, ooooh, found a beautiful painting of the Carthaginian Sacred Band supported by some Libyan skirmishers (or perhaps even Gaetuli, I'm not sure):
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    Regarding "hills" needed, we can use hills, cliffs, mountains, or simply pits in the terrain -- small depressions in the terrain grid simulating an open quarry. Different maps can use different methods. Doesn't require every map to have lots of hills everywhere.
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    Absolutely. I also think it's unnecessary/strange that military units are in civilian clothing when gathering, but change back to military gear after dropping off the resource, even if they're still gathering. So they go from military to civilian and back every gather cycle.... As long as they're gathering, they should stay in civilian clothing... When they are not gathering they should be in military gear.
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    Depends largely on the map, but I'm afraid you're right. We played often enough with a "no-lighthouse" rule. Removing the reveal-shore feature entirely would be a bit sad, perhaps it can be fixed instead of deleted. What is @borg-s advice?
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    http://kingsandgenerals.libsyn.com/6-celts-before-caesar A good podcast released by Kings and Generals channel. The quality in term of accuracy is above the videos, although it doesn't really discuss the military aspect. For a few corrections, between 8:00 and 9:00. the speaker should have more emphasized the role of the Etruscans in the contact between Northern regions and Mediterranean civilizations. At 11:40, the speaker pronounced "La Tène" as Latèné pronouncing the last e as an English speaking person will pronounce the letter e when he recite the alphabet. Actually, in French we pronounced the letter e more like an English person says uh/euh, and at the end of a word this sound is very little pronounced. Here an example of pronunciation at 1:45. This is a small and not important error but I took the opportunity to correct this common issue. Between 16:30 and 17:00, the speaker highlights the issue of the origins of the Celtic culture (especially Celtic language). It is true that the Hallstatt narrative as a sole explanation for the Celtic expansion is dull and mostly abandoned by modern scholars. But he mentioned the idea of a western origin as a valid theory. However, the hypothesis pushed by Cunliffe and Koch that the Celtic languages comes from the West is mostly based on the idea that indo-european languages doesn't come from Steppic expansion (Kurgan hypothesis) but from Eastern neolithic (for Cunliffe's stand) or that Celtic languages do not come from the same indo-european migration (steppic) but from a later Anatolian migration of culture already bearing an indo-european culture (for Koch's stand). Honestly, this is only misplaced nationalism among two old scholars and there is really nobody following their view. They only got mediatized outside the academic world, this is why people thinks this is a valid theory among scholars. This is not the case. Archaeogenetics shattered their hypothesis about indo-europeans. At 26:16, the speaker says the Celts didn't build roads. This is not true, the first Roman roads got built upon previous roads: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1366468/Roman-road-doubt-discovery-cobbled-built-100-years-invasion.html https://www.theguardian.com/science/2011/mar/15/britannia-roman-roads-iron-age https://halshs.archives-ouvertes.fr/halshs-00639254/document https://www.persee.fr/doc/efr_0000-0000_1989_ant_116_1_3707#efr_0000-0000_1989_ant_116_1_T1_0741_0000 Finally at 26:55, the speaker says the Romans had the advantage of a industrial production of weapons for their soldiers. While the Gauls not. This is true however the latter claim that the chain mail is only for the ruling elite is a bit disputed by late La Tène findings. Especially one I worked on it as a technician. It was a deposit of artisanal waste with a large chain mails piece, mixed with broken objects, unfinished products and productions failures. It doesn't suit the idea of a high valuable object. The chain mail is probably not widespread in the whole warrior class but assuming it is only for high-members of the La Tène society is maybe too extreme. At the end of the La Tène culture, iron production is starting to be very important and close to what is seen in the Mediterranean world. Rome's productivity is exceptional in comparison of Greek cities and I think it is a bad idea to compare everything with Rome.
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    Perhaps it could have some aura as well such as improved movement speed within a particular range. This might seem deceptively useless, but could help with fishing and trade longterm while also giving a better escape window for damaged units.
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    Hi everyone! i finally created the first producer: the Carthage Baker, i also implemented also the producer panel which is split in two part, one is the catalogue, where the producer store the product produced, and the second is the actual stock of raw material. In this case the baker need grain and wood to make bread (following the product table created few post above)
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    Oh, and most of the old shield textures live here: https://wfg.itms.ovh/?dir=oldfiles/users/files/art/members/stag/shlds These originals were made in a much higher rez. You'll have to probably install one of these... Anything newer than v6 should work: http://www.oldversion.com/windows/paint-shop-pro/ You can export a .psd file if you'd like from psp.
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    Ready to commit, waiting for green light.
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    @stanislas69 result of texture compression using tinypng tool: Mod went from 17mb to 9mb: Shield texture preview: L: Compressed R: Default Baked texture No notable difference but better size for textures: Mod folder with the latest changes and fixes: mods.7z @stanislas69 rider death wasn't changed on this two mod, that bug may be unrelated to the mods. if you find another indent bug tell me the files and a screenshot, i saw some and fixed them. should shield files be switched from "brit_shield..." to "shield_brit..." ?
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    As I said to Unknown player I could maybe do it but with a lot of drawbacks. I have monotone voice with bad english pronoucing, on top of having dubious quality micro (i think i had problems about volume), I don't use camera hotkeys and I have 4Mbps upload speed (if you mean live streaming). That's what you pay for getting my understanding of the game
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    You should be able to find a few people who have streamed 0AD video's before in the "0AD on Youtube" thread. You might have better luck asking those people directly on youtube because they don't usually have accounts on this forum. MayorceteGaming for example is a relatively high profile youtuber who recently streamed a 0AD MP game and has done a number of videos on 0AD before (he's a fan). Though he's Spanish speaking...
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    Unbelievable... Absolutely unbelievable... https://www.theguardian.com/media/2019/mar/27/mep-errors-mean-european-copyright-law-may-not-have-passed Just... I don't even know what to say... The British thought they were smart... Think again... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-tech-regulation/britain-plans-social-media-watchdog-to-battle-harmful-content-idUSKCN1RJ0QP Of course the Russians couldn't resist either... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6912257/Russia-tightens-grip-internet-new-laws-widespread-censorship.html Oh, and the British police just arrested Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, on the behalf of the US. Totally unrelated of course... https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/video/2019/apr/11/julian-assange-removed-from-ecuadorian-embassy-in-london-video http://www.14news.com/2019/04/11/julian-assange-arrested/ Only a few months ago the United Nations Human Rights Commission said:
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    Reused and enhanced some parts of the old texture from source and came up with this.
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