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    Hello 0.A.D. Community, I've been developing a mod for 0 A.D, and i'm wondering if anyone would be interested in seeing a mod which focuses on the time frame during the 13th - 14th century. This period would offer many forms of weapons, armors, and factions to choose from. The gameplay will be more focused on a faster gameplay, large scale battles, and castle/city development. Here is what i have worked on at the moment. Here are some pics from which i get my inspiration for the mod! https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/486388828480294447 Please let me know if this is a mod that you would like to see developed.
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    My meshes for structures should be fine if I try to limit them to 1-2k verts, and use lower bit textures. Teutonic Order unit development pic.
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    @implodedok I am not here to learn, i am here to build a website, i worked giving maintenace to americaeconomia-ca.com for 6 months which is a wordpress website and developed a tiny php framework for 3 months at Claro (i have the repository at bitbucket), i put i have no previous experience because i haven't build a portfolio to show, but i know we can improve this website greatly, not only in the way we present content which need some rework, like combining text, colors and media in a more appealing way but also in the backend which i am willing to help with. Knowledge: I can work with mysql, symfony, wordpress, nodejs + expressjs.
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    Armored Horsemen (Mujaffafa) Bedouin Mounted Archer Healer (Hakim) - I am thinking of merging the Hakim/Mullah/Imam role into one. Something like an Islamic warrior-scholar. Umayyad healers will have a combat bonus aura to depict the effects of how the Jihad affected the Islamic societies during the Islamic conquest period. Infantry Spearmen
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    a few test screenshots i took in my work. Front sail will have to wait until i get my files or i get free time for make once again the armature and wind effect with cloth simulator.
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    Weird things like your soldiers deciding to chop trees in the middle of a battle due to an innocuous mouse click motivated me to dump the citizen-soldier thing.
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    0ad had it before January 2010 :-)
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    github repository https://github.com/SlavomirSlovenkai/0ad-gameplay-mode
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    I think the justification for not being hyper-realistic is the fact that all RTS games are generalised and scaled down in controlling your empire. That being said, personally, I like a hyper-realistic game. Even to the point of natural population growth.
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    This mod contains experimental gameplay features which might not be perfect yet. Also I am aware of some bugs (but if you find any, please report them). Please do not mix this mod with others, because I have overwrote almost everything and they will not work together. github repository https://github.com/SlavomirSlovenkai/0ad-gameplay-mode Features: Phasing is cost free and automatic. Phase requirements Town phase 5x House 1x Market 1x Farmstead 25x Citizen City phase 15x House 1x Blacksmith 1x Market 1x Temple 40x Citizen General You need 1 Farmstead for every 4 Fields to build. Fields has to be build at minimum distance 80 from Civ centre. Soldiers can not gather and can build only military/defense buildings. Cavalry can still hunt. New unit Hunter available in village phase from civic centre. It is melee unit with nice slaughter attack and weak melee, so you can hunt animals even you do not have access to cavalry. New support unit Male. Can build special and military/defense buildings, also storehouse and corral. Only Female can build House, Farmstead, Field, Temple, Market. Melee infantry is trained in barracks, ranged infantry in range barracks, cavalry in stables. Stances got rework. Technologies Every soldier is locked by technology (or more) // exception are slingers, because they use just rocks For example: Spears -> Spearman Spears -> Pikes -> Pikeman Spears -> Hoplite (tech - as they have special formation) -> Hoplite (unit) Swords -> Swordman Javelin -> Javelin throwers Archery -> Archers Cavalry + Swords -> Sword riders (tech) -> Cavalry Swordsman Champions + Swords -> Champion swordsman (tech) -> Champion Swordsman ( unit) Cavalry + Champions -> Champion Cavalry + Swords -> Champion Cavalry Swordsman (unit) Every unit starts with no armour and no shields (some civilisations have shields from start). There are 2 available unit upgrades in the row ( every unit class has its own upgrades ). Each one adds some equipment to the unit, but they needs to be unlocked. For example: Swords + Shields -> Swordsman upgrade (tech - giving shields to swordsmen) Champions are trained fully equipped, but that equipment has to researched. Melee weapons, infantry melee units upgrades and melee infantry champions are researched in barracks. Ranged weapons, infantry ranged units upgrades and ranged infantry champions are researched in range barracks. All kinds of cavalry, their upgrades and champions are researched in stables. Cavalry and champion cavalry itself are researched in corrals. Champions are researched in civic centre. Siege weapons are researched and build in siege workshop. Training is done by garrisoning units into barracks/range/stables. While they are inside, they get experiences and rank up. Units with lower or no rank fights worse ( exception are champions and heroes). You can train them by fighting but they will probably die fast (especially when your enemy has better trained troops than you). As this takes some time, to train unit from nothing to basic rank takes 30 seconds, to advanced next 30 seconds (60 seconds), to elite next 30 seconds (1 minute and 30 seconds), to fully trained in total 2 minutes. You should care about your troops more and you will not want to throw them away and let them fall in battle for nothing. Damage types and armour: Fire -> Special units ( add-on damage, small compared to others, but no unit has strong protection against fire ) Pierce -> Spear, Pike Hack -> Sword Crush -> Slinger, Club, Mace Missile -> Archer, Javelin Range units have minimal range when they can use their weapons, if they cannot they use weak melee attack. Range unit according to spread: Slinger, -> Javelin -> Archer Melee units have MissChance, which is the most 0.5. It means that unit has 50% chance to miss target with attack. Spread and MissChance gets lower as unit levels through experiences. Champions and Heroes now have chance to deal critical damage, what means they can find weak spot and kill enemy with one single attack. Shields and armour Protection is divided between armour itself and shield (based on shield type and armour type unit is wearing). Bigger shield means higher protection than smaller one ( also shield from metal/iron means better protection than shield from wood - roman shields are exception ) Also Chain armour gives more protection than some basic kind of armour. Wearing helmets means extra protection. Attacking unit from back (melee or missile) removes protection given by shield. Rams are 100% missile proof, but weak against all kinds of melee attacks, also their attack rate is reduced. Capturing happens by garrisoning units into enemy building ( aka they brake doors and go in ). To deal with them defender has to garrison troops with better capture rate as enemy does. If attacker and defender are equals in capturing strength and defender owns more than 0.5 of the building or defender is stronger and owns whole building, troops of attacker slowly loose health. Exception are walls ( and maybe later another buildings ), where garrisoned units are visible and they fight against each other. Attacker has to use siege towers to ungarrison units on the wall. Rams and Siege towers requires minimum number of units to be garrisoned to be able to move. Rams requires minimum number of units to be garrisoned to be able to attack, When Gate is under 50% of health it is force opened even if was locked before and remains broken ( unable to close ) until its health is above 80%. Friendly fire is enabled. So you really want units upgrades to not miss their targets. Ammunition ranged units have certain count of arrows/stones/javelins to use. They will get it back slowly. Some champion units (e. g. persian immortals) can switch to bows, throw javelins or spears. Every range unit has ability to disable range attack. Running on command draining energy. Energy is required for running and melee attacks. When melee unit has no energy fights worse ( melee units have some chance to miss ). Melee cavalry can Charge with double click on enemy unit. This drains energy as running. Charging is done to the position enemy is staying, so when he moves, target place is fixed. While units are charging they deal mount damage (no armour can save you from this damage) to every enemy unit they pass around and they deal extra damage when they reach target position. When they charge into formation turned towards them, they get anti-charge damage. Hero selection on the start of the game and auto spawn after that. No resurrection later. Formations They have attack and armour bonuses to overcome units fighting in no formation. Control Selecting one unit from formation means selecting whole formation. You can ROTATE one unit or whole formation with Shift and right click to position you want them to face towards. -------- ( Still working on changes )
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    Our website content is not static. Having a CMS is a requirement for us. That is good to hear. Don't sell yourself short when presenting yourself. This all counts as work experience, even if you don't have the portfolio. Do you have any experience with designing websites? (and by that I mean the visual side, not the HTML/CSS code)
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    In Catalan: Celtiberian Numantia: http://www.numanciamultimedia.com/en/chapter-4/Numantia-in-the-Celtiberian-Context/5 Iberian city of Ullastret (Indigetae tribe in Catalunya): Castro de Borneiro, Galicia. $ Castro de Terroso, Lusitanian: Castro de Navarre. Castro de Arrola, Pais Vasco. Castro de Bolunburu:
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    I enjoyed reading your introduction, but this part bothers me a little. Of course you don't need to be extremely experienced to contribute, but if I read your message right, you're on the other side of the spectrum. So let me ask the difficult question: What exactly do you have to offer Wildfire Games? We're not a learning institution, we're a group of developers who write code, design art, etc. If you want to contribute to our website (we are actually going to develop a new one in the future, so an extra web developer would actually be wanted), it would help greatly if you were at least familiar with PHP7 and SQL. Wordpress experience would be good as well, but if you're at least a decent PHP7 developer or familiar with HTML5/CSS3, we could work on that. But I have no idea what tasks you could fulfill with "no experience". Please elaborate.
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    Ranged units are currently designed in an ahistorical manner, encouraging players to field forces that are almost entirely ranged. In part, this is due to a number of issues. 1. Ranged units are accurate and typically faster than their melee counterparts, encouraging players to kite with them. This makes players micro their ranged units much like in starcraft. Since 0 A.D. does not wish to have this kind of gameplay, this should be addressed. 2. The proportion of ranged to melee units is historically inaccurate to my understanding. While I think that there should be the possibility of using skirmishing armies, these should have a proper place in the game based on historically informed unit compositions. Here is a general analysis of army compositions during 0 A.D.’s timeframe. An article from wikipedia argues that Alexander the Great used 31,000 heavy infantry, 9,000 light infantry (ranged), and 7,000 cavalry in the battle of Gaugamela . The opposing Persian side had only 1,500 archers in an army that numbered between 52,000 and 120,000. These statistics are not extremely unusual, but they would be in the case of 0 A.D. Here are a few suggestions to address these problems. 1. Ranged units should be much more inaccurate, having the ability to hit targets they did not aim for, making it also possible to have friendly fire. In most cases with at least firearms, it has been common for soldiers to not even aim at a specific target in battle situations. Assuming that this was also the case before gunpowder, the game should attempt to emulate this. Missile trajectories should arc more, and accuracy should dramatically fall off as the distance increases between them and their targets. Highly experienced and champion units could perhaps do better, but these things should at least affect them in part. 2. Most heavy units, especially those with shields, which do a fantastic job of deflecting things like arrows, should be much more resistant to ranged attacks than they currently are. If directional armour is introduced, I think that the idea of them taking more damage from flanking missile attacks would be a nice option, yet for the most part, shields should play a much larger role in calculating defence against ranged attacks. These are just a few options for addressing what I find to be a problem, and I'd be open to suggestions.
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    Unlike other areas, I guess web development would be needing someone who truly knows what they are doing due to the sensitivity. So familiarity with IPB and wordpress (play0ad is wordpress, right?) would go a long way. @implodedok would be the one you should get in contact with. I saw that you mention about enrolling to a programming position in the future. You dont need to. Just pick a simple ticket and start working on it. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GettingStartedProgrammers https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GettingStarted
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    @user1 @Hannibal_Barca
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    Welp sorry? You're in the minority lol
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    (Just thought about "hyper realism" - which doesn't make much sense to me as a word in the first place as long as we are not living in a matrix - and are not really opposed just: Wouldn't players be a bit ... put off when they have to e.g. film themselves to convince their units to join their cause and in 90% of the cases as a result they would just be ignored or even lynched? Not to speak of the declining player numbers ;p) Less accuracy, moral/fatigue or "no focussed fire" fits well to combat in battalions. But as is (without battalions) the result of making ranged units less strong in this many aspects would likely result in no ranged infantry being build at all (except siege). For ranged cavalry it's the combination of range and speed that makes them so versatile (Would making them more expensive help?). Friendly fire is also hard to manage for the player resulting in just another kind of micromanagement. Not sure. (Focussed fire could be avoided by instead of dealing damage units have a chance of killing en enemy they hit (so basically no health but death resistance lowering the chance to be killed) but the outcome of early skirmishes would be basically random)
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    On the feedback server, because by GDPR we need a transparent control of data. So this all is going in bounds of GDPR following.
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    Praetorians and Ancestor Legacy are not bad too for battle formation and tactics.
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    Sort of like the settlers 5 ^^
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    The maximum number of triangles currently supported by the game is 32 768 as far as I know. 5k tris is a fair amount of tris for a civic center. It's not an absolute limit of course. I should really update the wiki polycount page...
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    That would also be nice for the cart embassies. Currently they have an entitylimit of 3 (or such), but the original idea was to allow only two types built.
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    Things got more balanced. Previous alphas there were some definitely unbalanced parts. Those were ruled out. A23 seems to have a lack of clearly op things. (Besides a mass of catas and bolts maybe)
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    Hi guys, "I figured out the problem", lol It's not ranged units that's the real problem. It's actually the melee units themselves that are the problem! They don't have a directional defense, nor can they make use of shield walls. Many ancient armies fought in formations, especially heavy melee infantry formations were usually the core units in pitched battles. Because they often carry shields, they weren't as susceptible to missile fire as they seem in current games like 0AD. Let's face it, shields are purely cosmetic in 0AD, and as long as directional attacks and directional defence aren't developed, we're always going to run circles in this ranged vs melee discussion. An infantry unit (with shield) being attacked from the front by archers should be able to stand his own very well. But should be very susceptible to ranged attacks from the sides or from the back. This implies real tactics, not dancing units! Currently phalangites for example fight out of formation more than 90% of the time, and considering formations are broke, putting them into formation is a recipe for disaster. I don't need to stress how ridiculous this is.. Melee infantry will never properly come into their own until formations and battalions (and their implied benefits) are fixed and implemented, as well as directionality of attack and defence. I think it's frustrating that there are people who think dancing units are just fine, and there are people that think lack of battalion systems and decent formations isn't an important issue, especially with regard to these kind of discussions.