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    Even if the history says that we still need it, officialy Maduro is no longer president since two days ago IIRC (Even when he never was legally president so he is now double illegal dictator) recently the traitors after a lot of pressure of the citizens they did what they had to do a long long time ago, so our "Millitary Forces" are forced now by the law to remove from the charge Maduro but they wouldn't we can only hope on another international forces and we need a mass cleaning of our millitary forces since most of them are criminals and they will remain doing harm to people with or whitout president so yes, belive it thats our only hope no matter what.
  3. Faction: The Franks

    The yellowish touch of the middle texture is good but the problem in the roof is the same i had before with some metal and wood textures when baking the shield, if the base colour is dark it may need another colour even more darker for dirtyness but also for little details, can you share the texture pack so i can have an idea how its the roof or from what is made so i can try one on procedural later?
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  5. Faction: The Franks

    @stanislas69 @Alexandermb
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  7. Faction: The Franks

    @LordGood any pro tip or examples 3D or Age2 mods?
  8. Faction: The Franks

    The problem with Romanesque... http://www.cathedralquest.com/gothic_architecture.htm
  9. Faction: Anglo-Saxons

    Wrong topic...
  10. Faction: The Franks

  11. Faction: The Franks

    More late Romanesque
  12. Faction: The Franks

    Is very Gothic, contrast with Romanesque of the other buildings.
  13. Faction: The Franks

    Aachen Cathedral, the topmost structure, shouldn't be used. Only the central octagon is Carolingian, but you can't see it here, because it's obscured by the later (14th C-20th C) additions. Also, the straw (?) roofs of the frontal and central structures look quite dark; perhaps they could be made lighter? The text on diet is interesting, the drawing of those buildings is even more interesting, but what I personally find most interesting, is the size of those animals in Carolingian times compared to now; it's something everyone should be reminded of from time to time; thanks for sharing!
  14. Faction: The Franks

    This are for now the caro structures we have, my priority is finish those that still are anglo buildings for properly caro buildings. Church replaced now its market and a new desing for Fortress, walls there are plenty of walls desings in this forum somewhere that i can use later but market and fortress have higher priority since temple is done (has about same lenght and height of the roman temple maybe a little more)
  15. Faction: The Franks

    Except by the middle one all textures seems interesting.
  16. Faction: The Franks

    Sorry that picture didn't had parallax enabled:
  17. Faction: The Franks

    Guys check boss-shield http://sagy.vikingove.cz/tag/shields/ http://deremilitari.org/2014/02/carolingian-arms-and-armor-in-the-ninth-century/
  18. Faction: The Franks

    Caro church done:
  19. Faction: The Franks

    @wackyserious Reference from a museum
  20. Faction: Anglo-Saxons

  21. Faction: The Franks

    Nearly done the church:
  22. Faction: The Franks

    Do you have any reference that I could use?
  23. Faction: The Franks

    It looks good, BUT the stones were made to keep the hay in place and the roof curves were made to depict hay so it looks weird that the roof is not flat.
  24. Faction: The Franks

    A warmer tone for the wattle and daub. @stanislas69
  25. Faction: Byzantines

    so, their textures could be rectangular bricks and not stones like the ones i used as caro B.
  26. Faction: The Franks

  27. Faction: The Franks

    http://deremilitari.org/2014/02/carolingian-arms-and-armor-in-the-ninth-century/ There more about equipment....
  28. Faction: The Franks

    Indeed. some call Frankhelm or Scola helmet. The Psalterium Aureum was made in the second half of the 9th century in St. Gallen, a monastery in today's Switzerland. Note the peculiar helmet, and also note that a steel helmet was a very valuable piece of equipment, just as expensive as a good sword. It was also an extremely important piece of equipment. With an unprotected head you couldn't last long in battle, especially if attacked by cavalry. Here is another picture from the "Vivian Bible", the Bible of Charles the Bald. It was commissioned by Count Vivien, the lay abbot of St. Martin at Tours, and presented to Charles the Bald in 846. https://www.tf.uni-kiel.de/matwis/amat/iss/kap_b/advanced/tb_4_2.html#_2 A lot of controversy with those. http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?225349-The-Great-Conflicts-main-discussion-thread-Please-post-here!/page90
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