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  2. Excuse me for not mentioning you, you did help via PM. I didn't mean to hurt anybody, you did not help me, every one of you did. I can't remember exactly and also my partner about the irc, what happened there if any, a lot has changed since I appeared on your forums for the first time and really, thank you for everything. @(-_-) @fatherbushido @stanislas69 @elexis @Imarok I don't take any credit of solving my problems by myself. You did a lot of the job pointing me to the right direction.
  3. No, I know that we won't be able to fix everything that one might want. But asking is the first step. Then you can't blame people for not telling you.
  4. Would you mind to elaborate on the circumstances you'd like to see changing ?
  5. Can you please revert this statement. I provide you answers in PM. You and/or your mate connect to irc. We answered the questions you asked us. I am very disappointed.
  6. Maybe when the circumstances change. Don't know.
  7. Nothing in the logs, that's why I asked. The only mention of your name was a in a "join" message and a "leave" one. Anyway, I guess you got your answers.
  8. Before two months when we just started reading PETRA and leaving the idea to develop our own bot.
  9. Today
  10. I now noticed I missed your comment, sorry for that...
  11. Oh okay, sorry about that. You can still ask questions here then we'll do our best to answer them.
  12. I tried to contact them via the IRC but they never answered back.
  13. I don't know if @(-_-) still plans to work on the feature https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1642 You can compile it yourself in the meantime to test things for your mod
  14. I've heard that there will be a tech that allow terrain to change real time during a game. I would need this to trigger, doing some chaos ground corruption. something better than just a decal linked to buildings. Also, I must fix few things in my Irl life :/ But I want-need to continue this mod!
  15. @ramtzok1 Btw how did it go with the Fork AD developers did you get answer for all your questions ?
  16. Shet, I've come across this problem before too! It should only look for data.json! This vfs::ForEachFile(g_VFS, L"simulation/ai/", Callback, (uintptr_t)this, L"*.json", vfs::DIR_RECURSIVE); should be or similar.
  17. Very good! Some possible enhancements: Irregularities help break up patterns changing the placer: one of those two center placers was more irregular than the other (but also slower) additional painting, see attached screenshot brown areas = cliffs or small hills black beach sand corals (see corsica.js and cycladic_archipelago.js for example) https://www.tourismus.de/files/mauritius-reisen.jpeg Possible feature: Purple = paths through the forest. (Might be unfeasible with the current tileclasses / grid resolution. The paths might remove too much area from the forest.) General procedure to making a great map even greater: Inspiration:: Open up a websearch for images and look for pictures of nature in the area you want to portray. Find all actors Start atlas, generate a map, set the filter to display all actors, go through the entire list and pick every actor that somehow fits to the map Find all textures: Browse through all textures of all biomes and see what could be used. For example for MultiPainters (making texture patterns more complex). Test environment settings: Enable all graphics settings, start atlas, generate a map, browse through the few skysets, water shapes, make sure fog isn't annoying. Mapgen-Performance: Doing a logger call after every statement minimizes later effort to locate possible bottlenecks. That output was logged to mainlog.html? Ingame-Performance: Make sure the trees aren't too dense, too many of them are bad for both rendering and simulation performance. Title and Description: 0 A.D. should contain only maps related to that specific geography and time. Can find authentic locations by doing a websearch or asking forum users. I suppose it's a fictive area of greece, do they have volcanic islands at india? Apparently so:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_volcanoes_in_India. Maps outside of or agnostic of historic and geographic context may be tolerable or justifiable on a per-case basis. But we want to create a product that is directed towards this timeframe and geographic frame of 0 A.D.. So it is, and must be considered a systematic mistake to first create the map and then doing the research on the context. If context turns out to be a wrong idea, then the entire work might have been wasted (at least if the objective was to have it in vanilla). Keep this in mind as soon as you get the idea for a map the very first time, and especially before you spend a lot of time on the code. On promotional screenshots: Take promotional screenshots with all graphics settings enabled. In case this won't turn out to be a bandwidth issue, promotional screenshots can be taken using the 6400*4800 resolution bmp screenshot hotkey, and convert it to a 90% quality JPEG (10mb). (see https://play0ad.com/new-release-0-a-d-alpha-23-ken-wood/ for example) (Disclaimer: Not a request for changes, not a recommendation, but the bare information on the conclusions I have come to after lessons learnt from mistakes and success of random maps, free to redistribute and modify under the same terms.)
  18. I managed to solve the problem! After a deep understanding, what does GetAIs it's looking for every json file in the directory simulation/ai and part of my communication between the game and the machine learning module I'm using a json file to send units to the ML (It is loaded with all the possible fighting units. Huge file). The game picks it as part of AI and tries to load it, that's why it fails. Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate that!
  19. There is a cycle of two free interesting mooc (on an "academic" site) https://www.fun-mooc.fr/courses/course-v1:EPHE+126001+session01/about It's in french only but I share it because it fits perfectly with 0ad art, history and timeframe: from Alexander death to Actium defeat and it covers more or less the whole Alexander's empire area. Enjoy!
  20. For the Athenians civ: Acharnae Aphidnae Athens (of course) Cephisia Cytherus Decelea Delos Eleusis Laurium Marathon Phaeleron Piraeus Plataea Rhamnous
  21. Suspected copy-cat behaviour across the pond: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-47973354
  22. A generic volcanic island for the kicks. MAP DOWNLOAD (MOD): random_map_volcanic_island.pyromod @coworotel feel free to add it to the community map pack
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