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  2. I usually use grep to find things if I can't use an IDE. I recommend that you look around for a good IDE though, they make navigating code bases so much easier. For C++, I use QTCreator. It's an IDE that doesn't use much system resources. It has become quite unstable for me with the upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 though, so you might try another IDE instead if you should have the same problem on your machine. I don't know any IDEs for JavaScript. As a general editor, I like Geany.
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  4. Attached here is a patch with few proposed changes which include: Cavalry Spear attack rate reduced from 3,5 sec to 3 sec Cavalry Spear has now a 1,25x bonus against cavalry units Cavalry Spear Walk Speed reduced from 22 to 20 Cavalry Sword Wak Speed increased from 20 to 21 Infantry Pikemen Walk Speed increased from 6 to 7 Infantry Pikemen hack and pierce damage increased by 0.5 Champion Infantry Pikemen hack and pierce damage increased by 1 Champion Infantry Pikemen Walk Speed increased from 7 to 10 Wardog hack damage increased from 7 to 10 Chamion Infantry Spearman attack rate increased from 0.75 to 0.90 sec War Elephant Health Points reduced from 750 to 700 Mauryan Archer Elephant Health Points increased by 100 Mauryan Archer Elephant Cost Increased by 50 food (now it costs 150f 50w) Hero Infantry Spearman attack rate fixed to fit the new attack rate Hero Spearman Cavalry fixed to fit the new changes Hero Sword Cavalry attack rate reduced from 1 sec to 0,75 sec balance.patch
  5. You're speaking of the Petra Bot? (Uploading a replay of vanilla 0AD often helps, though a recipe how to reproduce which you provided here is even better)
  6. Also tt is planned to use the proposed campaign infrastructure patch #4387 with tutorial campaigns. Adding a main menu entry as a shortcut is advisable indeed.
  7. Whut? Is it present in the replay too? Can you upload one? (Main menu -> Tools & Options -> Replays -> clicking on delete show the filepath). (Must be something with your system I believe though as noone else has that issue)
  8. When I play a random skirmish for like an hour or so. The game suddenly speeds up to dubble speed. after that all tooltips are gone and the game continues to run fast. Some time after that a lag spike hits the game, before running faster than normal. This bug was reproduceable and seems to appear in every longer game.
  9. For polar sea you can't write a small trigger script that doubles the amount of starting wood (or something like that)? So that the map doesn't rely on players reading the description?
  10. Serengeti or African Savanna sound more ethnic or correct to me. Your mileage may various. "Plains" sound generic.
  11. I have notice a newish bug with unit AI behavior. The AI player's units will spontaneously gather around buildingss. 1 unit per building. Happens every match, hinder the AI player and reduce the challenge. Units will gather around all types of building, not just house. Can you diagnose problem or do you need extra files? @mimo whoever. \ I entertain the idea it is because of some mod changes, but I am not sure.
  12. There is the Sergenti 1 map in scenario, perhaps you can do something with that.
  13. Give this one some love, guys. He really like the game.
  14. Ya and if I search for a function, then gawk (find) is a good tool in Linux right? Is that what you guys use? If someone has a quick example please share
  15. Looks important...
  16. I tried but couldn't reproduce the described bug. leper, I agree that ripping out something that is entirely broken allows a clean start, but the problem extends the persistmatchsettings (TM) feature, as the identical problem also applies when switching the map:;19236$1246 This will become even more complex when we add settings which are only defined by a map itself. But I'm convinced we will figure something out (we have to).
  17. The GUI elements are all done with Javascript that reference primitive functions written in C++. Enjoy the Choice
  18. If i recall correctly, there are no tutorials yet, that's why the Learn To Play is disabled. You may try the triggers and working/playing with atlas to start making a tutorial map. If i'm not wrong there a few posts related to that subject, but i guess there is still not an "official post" giving a guidance for how the tutorial maps should work or should be done. In my opinion, you should go for that first, settling the basis. But to answer your question, it is mostly working on the GUI and i guess it is C++ code, but still:
  19. What I mean is that the tutorials are found when you click "Single Player" and then choose from "Demo Maps". I read another post somewhere, suggesting that the tutorials should be found under "Learn To Play" - then tutorials are found first. I want to know what files to work on, and what knowledge is required to do this.
  20. You mean a tutorial map? And you ask for how to create it programatically? Sorry, english is not my native language, perhaphs i dont get all the context on this case or im missing something
  21. borg, Grugnas, Hannibal and me have played a test match on african plains and the map is even better than I expected :-) The next one I would recommend to add is Polar Sea: . Feedback welcome! Players start in a cold polar region barren of vegetation. In the sea fish and whales abound, while the fragile icy land teems with huntable walruses and deadly wolves. These wolves, made ravenous by the harsh and forbidding climate, drawn by the scent of prey, have started appearing in terrifying numbers. A wise and strong ruler will not only achieve victory over his enemies, but also keep the number of these beasts at bay, lest they undermine his economy and cause his downfall. Warning: It is inadvisable to disable treasures, since there is no gatherable wood. Wolves keep reappearing. Players start with an initial market and wooden treasure, as there are no trees:
  22. Just setting isCircular = true works on first sight, but would remove a lot of fun on most of those new maps, as 3 of 4 corners of the most maps add to the experience, while 1 of those 4 corners adds space that worsens the experience. Don't think it's thad bad. The Howe Sound name has to be changed urgently though.
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  24. I think for the start it would be nice to implement the bullets as extremely fast flying arrows and cannonballs are very fast shooting catapults. In my opinion more important than having a visual effect of gunpowder is to have the right sound and a good reload animation. Reloading a gun should take some time. Spear and sabre cavalry should be fairly easy to implement.
  25. Yeah, and that is just the Random maps, with the new ones in Alpha 21 actually being square, which I know is a known oversight. Some of the Skirmish and Scenario maps could also use some attention. Mediterranean Coves has a few unreachable trees and/or bushes on the edges of the map or cliffs that aren't actors, which is probably also true of at least a few other maps, but that is the main one I have noticed since it is a favorite I play on a lot. There are also a few Scenarios that are also square, but that has been an ongoing discussion for awhile now, so I don't expect that to be changed overnight.
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