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  2. delenda_est warning !

    Yeah, I recently implemented the slave economy to all civs. There are Male Citizens and Female Citizens, who build economic and civic buildings, and who have a Slave Ownership aura which boosts: Male and Female Slaves, who are available after building a Market.
  3. delenda_est warning !

    @Alexandermb wants test some things... like the Xiognu.
  4. delenda_est warning !

    Oh thanks God... So I can still made my own slaves and mercenaries?
  5. That's break the their NDA. too late I saw your post.
  6. delenda_est warning !

    Yeah, the Git repo should work with the current SVN/dev version of 0 A.D.
  7. And there is again the power of choosing screen
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  9. ===[HELP NEEDED]=== The next big thing : Helmets

    Illyrians should be minifaction to the campaigns they attack Romans several times. and they services as auxiliary force.
  10. ===[HELP NEEDED]=== The next big thing : Helmets

    @Lion.Kanzen Thanks, @wowgetoffyourcellphone now if you can help me by filling this sheet that would be greatly appreciated. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1x75WD8sUtcMqTxWULr9wDZM6dZLUax2CDZvtZECGyjQ/edit?usp=sharing
  11. delenda_est warning !

    Thank you gameboy and wowgetoffyourcellphone for these useful clarifications. Not everyone has got it yet e.g. this comment dated 2017-11-18 on moddb. Someone might want to update the moddb pages ? Anyway I can't download from moddb: Delenda Est main page links to DE download page which then links to DE and so on lol! Is it still possible to give your work a try, maybe from your Git repo?
  12. ===[HELP NEEDED]=== The next big thing : Helmets

    New illyrian helmet. so now the list is complete, I just need to know what goes where. (crest is a prop) EDIT : Attached file. art.7z
  13. Accuracy graphs for ranged units

    When anyone talks about something decimal in the simulation, which for reasons of being shorter and people being lazy and everyone knowing better (at least I hope the last one is true), they mean fixed point. That's the reason why we have cross-platform (or actually same-platform in some cases) multiplayer and a reproducible simulation which is quite important. As for float getting messed up, well only if you decide that you like NaNs, apart from that the remaining issues are some platform specific functions, actually used internal precision for floating point operations, and rounding modes, most of which one can work around, which is partially done by JS itself and implementations adhering to it, or us taking some care to fix the other parts (the first paragraph is about the C++ part of the simulation, though for what we use floats in the JS simulation they should be considered equivalent to fixed point). So yes, internally (simulation that is, though I think the rounding is only done in the GUI, as opposed to the simulation side that provides those values to it) health is a floating point value.
  14. Localization of the game 0 AD

    Actual translation discussions (per language that is) mostly happen on transifex itself. And that is where you should coordinate with other translators (if there are any that are active). The source files are updated about twice a week, so if there are changes to them those will show up on transifex. If you decide to work offline for that whole time instead of regularly uploading then you will be confronted with having done pointless work that might not apply anymore. Upload your changes regularly if you prefer a proper local tool over transifex' ever changing interface, at one point I think they had a feature to "lock" a translation so others are notified that you are working on that currently, but that was more of a note to other that they shouldn't change that one resource only. So we cannot stop updating the source files, and you should not assume that they aren't going to be changed by other translators. The closer you stay to what is the current state in transifex, the easier working on the translation will be. Sharing the work is part of what this whole open source/free software thing is about, and doing so early as opposed to having one huge drop in the end helps when you might have to interact with others. That said this sounds like a very nice project, so welcome and have fun!
  15. Well if you do want to become a developer, you are invited to contribute to 0ad itself and gather experience with that. Have a look at https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GettingStartedProgrammers for some information. Also join our IRC channels if there are any question.
  16. Rome Total War II New DLC pack - Empire divided

    It looks like they updated the card styles. I appreciated and understood what they were trying to do with the "Red Fired Amphorae" style for the unit cards, but I still recognized they were horrible from a gameplay perspective.
  17. Age of Empires definitive edition [remaster]

    Delenda Est, but with ages instead of phases. Add battalions for soldiers. Add AOE3/AOEO home cities. Add age-up choices ala AOM. Have "god powers" but slightly more mundane, call them "Commandments" or something, just boosts or policies that affect gameplay. Have an incredibly well-written and historical campaign for "Europe", "Africa", and "The East." Basically, harness the entire "Age" canon, and then include some extra innovations.
  18. Well, I'm not in Beta, just looking into the videos that people post in youtube of one of my childhood games. Yes, I think that they have went to conservative: I rather would take the Aoe2 genie engine, solve the bugs, and then build the game from there, having triggers and formations, for example. So at time of the Aoe2 DE, you have an already improved engine, and if one game have one problem, you can solve them (easy to maintain). I would have added gates, and farm queues. Also unique units. But either Microsoft doesn't want to spend too much money (or it's a low profit project), or/and they want to be very conservative for targeting old nostalgia fans. Some in the forum, were against unit queueing, against farm right click reseeding, cause this "causualise" the game... For sure they had done and they will make balance changes for solving one way winning strategies, because I think that Forgotten Empires, (for the things that I have read, cause I'm not a competitive Aoe 2 player), have done both solid and innovative ideas, without going too far away from the game, and within the game engine limits with a probably small budget. The real proof will be Aoe 4, cause although they have a tradition to keep, they have more room for new ideas cause it's a new title (however I know that Relic they have done big failures, like DoW 3, and I don't know if Forgotten Empires would be involved) What you would do for the gameplay, having in mind that it's a remake?
  19. Accuracy graphs for ranged units

    Is health a floating point value? How do you get it to not due weird things, as floating point values get messed up a lot of times.
  20. I wonder if they'll make unit cards in that art style for regular Total War: Rome II.
  21. Age of Empires definitive edition [remaster]

    Make sure they keep the same monotonous and boring gameplay! My god, can villagers be any slower? No wonder I always played Deathmatch back in the 90s.
  22. Having tides in ponds are something curious. I will post it on the official forums
  23. Ok, thanks for your time and answers, and, a fun fact about me: I want to be a game developer (as programmer or designer or whatever) so, I'll probably get to some open-source game to gather experience, thanks!
  24. If you got the Ubisoft Collector's Edition, it still works on my Windows 10 Computer. Don't know for AoM, as I never played that, though. Also, does the DE have formations? That's what got me into The Conquerors more than any of the other AoE games. The ability to macromanage formations, and why I still think it's the best of the games (at least better than AoE3, which kind of removed formations).
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