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  2. Good stuff, dude, glad you've made such a swift recovery. Not least cos you're the one player I can beat at 0AD on a regular basis! Just kidding, welcome back, dude!
  3. Do map mods fiddle with anything other than terrain? I'm thinking maybe whitelisting map mods might be an option (which also happens to be my case).
  4. No that's the same because mods can alter the way the replay is computed. Eg some unit stat or a whole component. The replay is just a list of commands. It will not be the same depending on what mods you have loaded. Of course we should support more mod types but currently we do not.
  5. Hello! I can't figure out why the game is upset with some of my basic replays. I can see the connection between missing mods and replays not showing up - that makes sense, you don't have the mod, you can't access a necessary resource. However, the opposite should not be true. Say I have 30 mods, but the replay requires none of them; that replay should be accessible to me, right? logs/interestinglog.html is blank. The rest of the logs are generic, nothing revealing issues loading a replay. macOS 10.14.4 on a 3rd Gen Core i5, 32GB ram, RX580 8GB, running 0.0.23 (21946MP-rel
  6. Hello fellow members of 0 A.D., I am officially back. I will be planning to do tournaments now team styled (2v2, 3v3) via Challonge aswell. the reason I had to go was because of school and I had a bunch of things pressuring me, right when I was was supposed to come back I had a horrible injury (flipped over a rock while riding a bike) it left my face scared, hard for me to talk, walk, and see from my left eye. By the grace of God I healed up with-in a mere 3 weeks and I have mostly healed after 5 weeks (now). right before I could really start my School had just begun, and this is my last year
  7. I added a 2v4 version of this map aa2020_8_Continent-2v4_6p.xml aa2020_8_Continent-2v4_6p.pmp https://github.com/andy5995/0ad-maps/tree/trunk/maps/skirmishes
  8. Can be a loop if you are up to it. We can extract command aknowledgement sounds from loops later if we need to
  9. @Stan` We've started divy-ing up the sounds to work on them! I do have a question, for some sounds like marching, and siege movement noises, do we need a sound byte, like command acknowledgement sound, or a loop of actual movement?
  10. So there are evidences for spearmen, swordsmen, javelineers, light cavalry, heavy cavalry, slingers. The most common symbol for the Lusitanians is the lunula: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lusitanians#/media/File:Lúnula_lusitana_de_Chão_de_Lamas_(M.A.N._28589)_01.jpg
  11. @Lopess @Duileoga Sadly I don't have the time to give advices on a new mini-faction, I just got a new job and I am really busy for the following months. Furthermore I am already helping Europa Barbarorum's team, which is time-consuming. In addition, Spanish is not my mother tongue and I am still learning it. Finally, I don't know enough the Iberian peninsula to rely on memory. So basically I could help mostly by relying on reading, for which I am not in the best position in this context. In the future, I can ask Trarco if he wants to participate here. I can simply remember you that t
  12. Those ancient knives are not unlike (modern) machetes:
  13. I have a few substances I made in the past if you want. Some are exported there: https://github.com/0ADMods/eyecandy/tree/master/art/textures/terrain/types/new Did you change the terrain XML material file to match ?
  14. This is very handy. It seems clear now that the Apadana should be upgraded to the Wonder. The columns are more visible than I thought (had to see the building from an "RTS" angle to make sure). The current Apadana special building could maybe be renamed to Tachara and still used for its current purpose or relegated to an Atlas structure.
  15. Hello, story mode hasn't been added yet. The closest thing to a story mode would probably be the scenario maps.
  16. Hi, I would like to know why I can't play in story mode, thanks
  17. The form from those vases makes me thing of those butcher knifes use to break bones and cut tendons. I'll take a moment to look into it this week, so that will complete my round of types of models by doing a 'weapon' prop.
  18. s I've done some test and boy do I have question. Right now I understand how to replicate the 'fancy' grass elevation effect, and done some test with other textures. Feels fine, but I really don't know how to make the terrain triplanar material work. With the right textures nothing seems to happen. Does anyone have an idea? I've also refine the pipeline between substance designer and the engine. I'll make some terrain test along the week. The great advantage is that they are going to be tileable and coherent and easily color swapable. Substance is a proprietary software but the
  19. Last week
  20. This one has 5 Gaia temples and 2 Gaia lighthouses, each protected by some Gaia combat units. aa2020-7-Latium-2v4_6p.xml aa2020-7-Latium-2v4_6p.pmp https://github.com/andy5995/0ad-maps/tree/trunk/maps/skirmishes
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