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  2. Is there a SET MOD Configuration for online play? Everytime its telling me to match the mods, however when I try, there always seems to be something missing Please help
  3. Doesn't make much sense to be honest.
  4. You need to know the port and the local ip of the machine hosting the 0ad game. The local ip is usually of the type 192.168.0.numberhere and default port for 0ad is 20595.
  5. Dude.... If that was the case, that means you can technically wall of the whole map as your territory. It defeats the purpose of the game
  6. Hey guys! Just need a bit of guidance/help here. Im trying to play with my brother, who has another MAC, and Im trying to setup a LAN game via our network here at home. I know it's possible via PC, however I can't seem to find any info about MAC Can someone please help me out Thank you guys!
  7. Nescio

    0abc mod

    (Those are actually serious questions.) By the way, most walls are 12 (short), 24 (medium), and 36 (long) long, except for ptol (which are slightly longer) and sele (which are slightly shorter), which is somewhat annoying. Could those actors be resized to match the walls of other civilizations? @LordGood, @Stan`? Furthermore, I really like the palisade-length (5 (short), 10 (medium), 15 (long)) Carthaginian low walls. In my mod they can be built in the town phase, keeping the city walls for the city phase. It would be great if other civs would also have small walls like Carthage.
  8. Using the mercenary Camp* of Deleta Est, I made a Taina village, where the player who conquers it can produce Taino archers and spearmen, in addition to receiving a certain amount of tribute every 60 seconds.
  9. Nescio

    0abc mod

    How do you like this? Is this too crowded? Should pikemen be allowed on the walls?
  10. Freagarach


    @gameboy Thanks for testing and reporting! It seems that something gets lost in translation. What we mean is that we would need a replay file (commands.txt; https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths#Windows) in order to investigate this error. So please upload the replay file (commands.txt) as an attachment here.
  11. https://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/art_source/trunk/art/textures/skins/skeletal/photoshop/Human Base Texture.psd
  12. ezgif-6-7a13a0a862cd.mp4
  13. @user1 @elexis @feneur @Stan`
  14. Hello, im Stockfish, since some weeks, i've been thinking in the idea of changing the rated points. What i want to do, is not changing the rated system (that in my opinion is ok, ¡but! i would implement some changes . But that's another topic) The idea i have is to change proportionally the points to 2857, finding the multiplierr number to obtain those ratings. If @borg- is now 2371, then to make it be 2857 you must multiplicate his ELO for 1.205 ---- (2371 x 1.205) = 2857 Let's do a top 7 players by ELO and see how it would be : @borg-(2371) x 1.205 = (2857) @ValihrAnt(2164) x 1.205 = (2607) @Feldfeld(2076) x 1.205 = (2501) @Stockfish(2069) x 1.205 = (2493) @chrstgtr(2031) x 1.205 = (2447) @JC (naval supremacist)(2026) x 1.205 = (2441) @liberty (1896) x 1.205 = (2284) That's how it would be, but as there is a lot if difference betwem the first, and the second (and then they're all equal more or less) i would suggest to make the proportion with @ValihrAnt's score, and then, with the number that we obtain, plus it to @borg-. Let's see how it would be! @ValihrAnt's score is (2164), so: 2857/2164 = 1.320. ¡Lets apply it! @borg-(2371) x 1.320 = (3130) @ValihrAnt(2164) x 1.320 = (2856) @Feldfeld(2076) x 1.320 = (2740) @Stockfish(2069) x 1.320 = (2731) @chrstgtr(2031) x 1.320 = (2681) @JC (naval supremacist)(2026) x 1.320 = (2674) @liberty (1896) x 1.320 = (2503) That's how it would be, in my opinion would be better becouse as more points difference, is cleaner. Greeting! What do you think?
  15. We do have Amerindian skin tone presets. I'll upload them tomorrow. I think @Trinketos already have the source files for the Amerindian infantry textures.
  16. So you don't care about range then? 70(+18) covers a significantly larger area than 70(-3). Yes, attacks go from centre to edge, which is problematic; see e.g. this thread.
  17. i guess i asked the question wrong. so first of all do i care about elevations in this case? NO ty for info nesico now i dont have to waste 5 min finding some guy and checking it for myself for anyone reading this im pretty sure on this that the range starts from the center point of the structure so mainly for larger structures but bacically any structure at all i believe the point that you can hit is further away than the point from which the range starts so lets say a cc of 72 meters that is a large building a unit with 72 meter range wuill be able to shoot at it without getting damaged not useful for archers really but for cata it is as you have more space in between cata and the range of the defense structure to put your units in for protecting the cata
  18. a-b(+c) means that a is the minimum range, b the base maximum range, and c the average range increase from elevation bonus (which depends on terrain and templates); in this case you can trust the tooltips. Compare: With: The range visualization circles show only the base range, not the effective range.
  19. ill do that in few min
  20. I think it's 79 but you can verify by having an archer shoot an ennemy tower
  21. so is the actual range over a flat surface like mainland 70 or 79?
  22. I think that it is the mean elevation bonus over all directions. Towers (and other ranged units or buildings) can have a range bonus if they stand higher than their targets. For units the number displayed is the range bonus in the direction they are looking at, for buildings it is a mean range bonus over all directions. The height of the tower is considered in that calculation i assume. Edit : note that it makes the range ring (aura) only approximately correct when elevation changes in the surroundings of the tower
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