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  2. All this time i was wondering why the normal map wasn't doing anny effect on shield. So after a playtest today for see how the shields work on romans i've just realized i had illumination effect disabled...
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  4. Might be interesting for @Monder87's "0AD Economy Similation Mod" Or even for @azayrahmad "City Building Mod"
  5. Is very uncomfortable and those sims things have some impact in the performance? Hunger. Thirst Age Hygiene Happines....etc
  6. Would be fun to have a sims like simulation in the game ^^
  7. Unfortunately, he'll not play in this tournament.
  8. @Stan` If elexis can help you, you will solve the problem soon.
  9. I believe it's important to take time to explain. Doesn't always prevent heated discussions, but sometimes this text format, like any other form communication can be misleading for the reader. So you're welcome
  10. @Stan` When will you solve this problem, this week?
  11. @Stan` I always appreciate you taking the time to explain, thanks!
  12. @Stan` Can you tell me what problems need to be fixed?
  13. There are still a few things to fix before this. But thank you for testing !
  14. @Stan` I have tested the patch, which is very easy to use. This patch should be officially launched to SVN.
  15. BTW guys. What about the champ? Is he not planning to defend his title?
  16. @Stan` Is there any difference between d1190 and diff 10142?
  17. smurf don't make forum account for the purpose
  18. True, true, but currently they are used for building anyway, so I was offering an easy solution. Since it was gonna help building unless someone changes the way it works, it might as well do that. I guess @Imarok could remove the ability for worker elephants to build farms, but that's out of the scope of the patch. The goal of the patch is just to allow playing a different animation when a unit is building a structure, or a farm. That's it, that's the scope. Making units go back and forth on the field sound nice however it's kinda complicated to do, as the person adding that feature would have to make it generic for every building , and every unit which has to take other units in account, shape of field, etc No it means however that terrain textures would be used to define the fertility of the land. So while farmland terrain textures might serve purpose, any texture could. Like let's say grass_a or cliff_b I think it's worth noting that while convoluted, the current one was way easier to implement And other than the lack of motivation to work on the paradigm, there were also very heated discussions about it, and it was not a trivial issue.
  19. Stan`

    Step Lag

    Like this: Less units means less lag. It is a non trivial bug to fix, as you can see even the new Age of Empires series struggle with this, so when it's done. There is progress made in that area. If you are on a laptop with an Nvidia card, or an AMD one, make sure you are using the dedicated GPU.
  20. I understand, I just don't agree with the logic. I'm sure elephants were sometimes used for ploughing, but even then, they always had a handler, not withstanding the fact that they would have overwhelmingly used oxen. I really just don't like the idea of animals acting with a human sense of agency. [EDIT] I misread a little. So the elephant carries seed while a unit does the seeding? Still seems just as illogical. Why wouldn't the people carry the seeds themselves? Why do they need a massive elephant on such a small patch of farmland, to carry something that they could easily carry themselves? I imagine that elephants are expensive. What is a lowly peasant doing with it? Etc.. I like the first of the farmland paradigms, and actually suggested very similar mechanics as this in the past. I'm strongly in favor. It's natural, organic, immersive, realistic and adds depth to farm placement in a way that's not only strategically interesting, but important. It's sad that it's from 8 years ago and a much more convoluted approach was chosen instead. I just hope that "farmland terrain textures" doesn't mean magically pre-ploughed fields, like the ones visible in some of the maps. I'm a huge fan of the color-graded "Efficiency Overlay" when choosing a fertile location for a new field. Then there would be no need for pre-ploughed fields. Just make sure that those areas which are indicated with a green color actually correspond to green/lush terrain textures, and yellow and red correspond to dry shrubbery and desert terrain textures or obstructions like rocks. I also think that this approach can compliment my suggestions from the previous post, which rather focusses on the specific sequence of the animations (ploughing→ seeding→ crops grow while farmers are weeding→ harvesting→ rinse and repeat). The cyclical aspect of farming doesn't conflict with any of these suggestions either, but compliments the natural sequence of animations. Apart from actually choosing a fertile spot for your farms, it also doesn't add any micro at all, since we're just talking about a cycle of animations. Just that a large amount of food comes in every 6 minutes or so (cyclical), as opposed to small continuous trickle of food as it is now. The former is more realistic and strategically interesting, while the latter is just a boring old convention from the 90's. I don't like the second paradigm that was linked. It's unrealistic, incredibly unintuitive, illogical, confusing etc... How are players expected to make sense of this? Really, this is bad game design in my opinion, like our current farming system, it lacks logic and intuition.
  21. zen3001

    Step Lag

    good thing I found this thread, was about to make my own. don't even know what "pop cap" is but how am i supposed to lower it? what difference would it make? what do you think when will you get this issue patched?
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