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  2. Thank you so much. I feel I have enough information now the examples are making more sense to me. I'll try a bit more before asking further questions. Thanks a million for helping out Maroder.
  3. The main reason no one uses it is that its hard to get the troops in the right places, and also you can only garrison 8 troops up there, which means its not worth the clicks to get them up there unless you are iberians in p1. I have previously recommended adjusting the number of positions to 20 so that it can be useful, even if there is some unit overlap (god forbid).
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  5. It used to do this too. The camp used to be really useful and open up a lot of new strats, but it was entirely gutted.
  6. Ah my bad, forgot about the preview. Unfortunately the preview are stored in a deeply nested folder, so they need to be in: your_mod/art/textures/ui/session/icons/mappreview/your_map_preview.png The second one. You need to create a .zip that contains on the top level a file called mod.json. (If you would change the extension of the .zip to .json that just invalidates the .zip). What you don't want to do is to create a zip : "my_mod.zip" that contains a folder "my_mod". You just want a zip that contains 1) the mod.json file and 2) the folders/files you've added/changed in the correct directories. The mod.json is basically only a text file that specifies how your mod is called and what dependencies it has. It needs to be set up in a valid json syntax. The links I posted earlier contains some examples for reference. (Hope this helps, but feel free to ask more questions)
  7. Before packaging mods was a hassle because you had to download mods and put them in correct directories and whatnot. Now I can just create a github release and the pipeline takes care of the rest. Then I can download the pyromod turn it into a zip sign it and upload it to mod.io. You can also download the pyromod and install it.
  8. You can download autociv mod by nani which offers such a solution. @Stan` @user1 @Dunedan All said by the players above, this is constant, happens in every game and makes the game hard to enjoy, no regret by the player. Please act on that.
  9. I would love to use the wall but you lose control of it quickly to gaia if in neutral territory or to the enemy if in enemy territory and you can't prevent it.
  10. I like the idea of centurions. It could be similar to an area affect troop like the minister or trumpeteer. Or it could be similar to the Iphicrates in Athens and have a slight movement boost (5-10%)for soldiers in a formation with a centurion. I think it's cool to have formations but there's no point to do the testudo other than keeping troops together. It would make sense if testudo troops had +1 pierce resistance while moving. On the debate of Cavalry, I think all cavalry, especially sword cavalry should have a health decrease and/or a reduction in armor. I'm guilty of it but the Roman sword cav (and other sword cav like the carth mercs) are too tank like.
  11. There could be upgrades to the camp to make the troops veteran. Personally, I like that the troops trained are higher level. For the sake of creativity, the camp could slowly heal troops inside at the cost of an upgrade. To circumvent the "abuse" of mobile arsenals, the production of rams could be slower in the camps. Also, nobody uses the siege wall. currently, garrisoning of walls is one tactic I see no one use. Are there any thoughts to this? Also, on a side note, didn't the romans have slingers too? I think it would upset some balancing if they were a stock troop but if there was an upgrade in the barracks to allow the production of slingers, the romans would have more versatility. One of the worst things about playing Romans is playing in low wood environments. They don't have mercenaries or slingers so it makes Romans extremely disadvantaged in these biomes.
  12. One thing I would love to see is a return of the Roman mule and see it used to once again move scorpions around instead of them being pulled in little carts like everyone else.
  13. Thank you. Where does the thumbnail go in that *.json? Like this? my_map_mod.zip |_____ mod.json __________art |preview_thumbnail.png __________maps |_________skirmishes |_____________my_map.xml |_____________my_map.pmp Also, Do I compress the directory as .zip and then just manually change the extention name to .json or are you saying to put the .json into a .zip? Trying to interpret your hierarchy
  14. It could be used as a staging point to finally add in centurions as a trainable unit from it, that would be very nice. Though centurions are I think their own little debate at this point. Some unique techs would be awesome, maybe some kind of vision upgrade, Romans did like their outposts and signal towers. I guess having the full siege roster might be a bit much on top of a training roster of similar length to all have in one place. So I am definitely fine with other functionalities. Like those mentioned above.
  15. It also lacks techs and other functionality. I agree for all your reasons and more. But that’s how we got here
  16. Now if we can just get the ddosers to stop ddosing anyone, including ValihrAnt... It's true, he was apparently ddosed around November 1st when he was hosting a team game. Ideas for how we can convince the ddosers to exercise restraint? "What is permissible is not always honorable." -Cicero "Though you can does not mean you should." -Norse_Harold
  17. Today, while we were spectating a team game, Shyft_Sierra threatened to commit violence against me. I said nothing to him. Also, I haven't been talking behind his back. He could easily reply to this thread. Shyft_Sierra, animosity between us is imagined. I'm merely enforcing the established rules for Wildfire Games on everyone, equally. There's no personal conflict between us. Threatening anyone with violence is a legal violation. This will not be tolerated.
  18. The lower efficiency is not specific to the Hans? Well I think that info was more clearly stated for them. I believe it was something like 1+0.9+0.81; you could click on different women to see their gather rate. btw here is the link to the community mod thread:
  19. OK thanks. I just realized that the "additional workers have less efficiency" isn't specific to the Hans, I just noticed it there and thought it was a way to make the Civilization different... I still don't know how much efficiency each additional worker loses, though.
  20. I see. I remember they complained we were using them as impromptu siege workshops and so bypassing the need for a fortress and proceeded to ruin it, which struck me as rather much like punishing the player for being creative with things. I used that as often as I could, not just for siege, when I realised it had veteran spearmen I always made some camps somewhere on my back line so I could make use of those veterans. All in all I would love the old camp with the complete original training roster of hastati, triari and Equites(veteran equites maybe?) with all the siege as well. It wont make the siege workshop a redundancy either as that still can be placed back home.
  21. Would it be possible to include in next community-mod release ability for host of the game to disable gaia attack after player resignation - either friendly units or all units? thanks
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