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  2. I'm an idiot, yeah not putting // was the problem. Looks like it converted to an xml just fine. Now to see if the animation shows up in the game...
  3. It may be also caused by single backslashes (instead of double ones) in the file path The script generates the same bone_pelvis.xml for both of them
  4. The close up higher poly versions are about 10,000. Medium range LOD's are 5000, long range LODs are 2000 or less. Some of my larger monster units and bosses are about 20,000. This is why I think LOD's would be a good idea.
  5. How've many polygons you are using per unit?
  6. I suspect the issues I'm running into are my dae files, and not the xml files or the python script. This is because I use Maya to export my animations as dae's and it might not be exporting them quite the same way that Blender does. The most convenient method would be a tool that generates skeleton xml's like yours does.
  7. Mmh what would be the way that's easiest for you to use ? I'm an half artist half programmer so I sometimes forget not everyone is I'm going to do my best so that you can achieve your goal hence making your followers happy and bringing some visibility to pyrogenesis.
  8. No worries, I'm really thankful for any help. I just feel like things get too tedious when cmnd prompt gets involved.
  9. @The Undying Nephalim I wrote the script so I could probably modify it to read a whole folder. I haven't tried your daes yet I'll see if I have some time tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience. Before that script was written you'd have had to do everything by hand.
  10. Can be nice for mercenary camp. This kind units for MC ( mercenary camp)
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  12. Will do. I also made a new obelisk texture but it could stand to be remade, model and texture.
  13. Ptolemies already have mercenary swordsmen and spearmen, mahouts shouldn't be much more than a prop switch
  14. I feel like if I have to use cmd prompt to convert all my animations (there are several hundred) then it's a bit too ridiculous. Is there another tool that can maybe generate xml files from my dae's? Or can someone maybe check the dae's I uploaded and see if they are the actual problem?
  15. You probably run the Python 2.7 instead of 3.5 by the error text. To run exactly 3.5: add a full path to the python.exe in the cmd (i.e. C:\Python35\python.exe) or change the PATH environment variable to the newer Python's version.
  16. What was the command you ran ?
  17. Nubian archers should just have been replaced by either: - Nubian Axe-men - Nubian Spearmen - "Ethiopian" mahouts In order to correctly reflect the complex ethno-cultural context of Egypt at the time
  18. Also, Angus McBride, one the most foremost historical illustrators of modern times, seems to have been convinced of Nubians in Ptolemaic military service, as light spear infantry, and (at least sometimes) as mahouts for the Ptolemaic elephant corps The author of the original article posted by Mega Mania also makes a serious mistake, by mis-identifying the African elephants used by the Ptolemies. He conflates African Bush Elephants with African Forrest Elephants (or the closely related North African Loxodonta Pharaoensis), which is actually significantly smaller than both Bush Elephants and Indian Elephants. "The African elephants would not stand against the Indian elephants in battle... ...The ancient authors note the inferiority of the African elephant to the Indian, but they wrongly state that it is inferior in size. This is not true. The normal height at the shoulder of the full-grown Indian male elephant is from 8 to 10 feet, whereas the African full-grown male often reaches 12 feet." When the much smaller African forrest elephants come face to face with African bush elephants, they are actually instinctively terrified, because for some macabre reason, bush elephants violently kill forrest elephants when they meet. The same instinctive fear would be expected when put against Indian or Syrian elephants. Also: From "War Elephants" p.135, by John M. Kistler. ethiopian mahout&f=false
  19. cmd prompt got it to run, here's the Error it gave me:
  20. @LordGood "Hopefully its lacks the defensive features to out it as a 'fortress'. I plan on using a whole lotta rough stone for that building anyway." I'm happy to hear that, you seem to draw the same conclusion I did from looking at all these ruins. Religious and administrative structures as well as many other secular structures were almost invariably plastered with white lime-plaster. Defensive structures on the other hand seem to make a lot of use of rough uncut drystone walls. Here are some extra details on the Kushite fortification of Gala Abu Ahmed (Napatan/Meroitic period), I recently came across:
  21. Try to run it from cmd or powershell this way: .\ or: python .\ you should see an output like this: Done generating file: C:\Users\User\Downloads\bone_pelvis.xml or an error message
  22. @wowgetoffyourcellphone Could you drop those color corrected ptolemaic textures in the thread?
  23. This post was inspired by this one. Currently, units only have in the description, the classes that belongs to. As before in previous alphas, I think it will be useful have a description for them when hovering the unit portrait both when selecting and for training the units. Although we've discussion a lot for the units roles and I'm not a favour about the actual design, I think that it's needed a written clarification about them in-game, for both new players and people that hasn't or don't want to check the numbers. Players need why train infantry melee A and not infantry melee B. That's my initial suggestion, based on actual stats (not my design proposition idea): Skirmisher: Fast ranged unit with a powerful piercing short ranged attack. Useful for hit and run tactics or close combat support. Slinger: Ranged infantry with a medium attack and range. Good as a standard ranged infantry. Archer: Long ranged support infantry, with low attack but effective against light armoured infantry. Spearman: Standard melee infantry, with a 3x bonus against cavalry. Good as main infantry or defensive line against cavalry. Pikeman: Slow infantry, effective as a shield wall against damage, with a 3x bonus against cavalry. Swordman: All-rounded melee infantry with a fast attack and movement. Effective against other melee and caught ranged infantry Cavalry swordman: Melee cavalry with a fast attack, good against unprotected infantry, spear cavalry and raiding. Cavalry spearman: Shock cavalry with fast movement with piercing armour that uses a powerful but slow attack. Cavalry skirmisher: Ranged cavalry that combines the strong attack of the javelin and the mobility of the horse. Useful also against all cavalry. Cavalry archer: Ranged infantry that combine the supportive long range of the archer and the mobility of the horse.
  24. I have Python 3.5.0 installed as the readme recommended. I'm running it on Windows 7.
  25. You need start a FB and Moddb page and looking guys from similar game. Make videos with properly tags...
  26. Yes , the idea is ask to his family. For me have a neme for a beta isn't enough. Yescan be nice ask Old timer, what happen with the other guy , Stuart?.
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