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  2. Cool! You could add a simple parsing of sys.argv to avoid a script editing: if len(sys.argv) > 1: FILE_NAME = sys.argv[1] Or something like this.
  3. norse

    F2 para sacar captura de pantalla. Así no necesitas estar en modo ventana.
  4. The shadow.
  5. norse

    I have remade the Drekkar lower part for make it more symmetrical, and as someone suggested make it more consistent to the faction colours the sail and added the animated oars from the senkkja to the drakkar. Milleniumad.7z
  6. Thanks for your response, I looked at empires apart and the graphics seem.. ugh. I don't know, I much rather prefer 0 AD. It's too bad that it's like this. The game has great potential.
  7. Oh god all those brackets...
  8. Fix your editor (take a look at the diff if you want to know why); handle interpolation (mostly just needed for the current (or first) line, unless some waypoint is actually another unit that is moving); figure out in what ways the code for UnitAI is broken now (there are some 5 years of changes to account for), figure out in what ways it was broken back then (though just figuring out in what ways it is broken now should suffice); remove that ugly duplication with the RallyPointRenderer; reconsider using std::list there (as in not using it); think about formations again (just because they are somewhat broken doesn't mean we should break them even more); possibly some more, also read the ticket that might have some insight.
  9. @leper I think I managed to rebase your patch properly. So what should I do next ?
  10. What is changed?
  11. @Alekusu a doable one for you. ^^ Also the button you have searched in your last upload was the "Summary Screen", you may see the stats there, it is in the options.
  12. 2017-05-19_0001.rar
  13. darn Alekusu, lovely commentary! I will upload <1hour games only, from now on.
  14. I bought but Indie and monsters are not my liking. If instead of monsters those enemies are mercenary and units are like 0ADs I think it will be a nice game.
  15. I think is the gloss effect.
  16. About the same size as the Roman house restrictions? Maybe a little larger, btw, those fences aren't actual meshes, those are just fences in Atlas which are put together to create a fence concept
  17. Thank you so much
  18. Fences look great. Doesn't it make the houses too big tho ?
  19. The concepts above uses the 3x3 dirt decals. Fences should be constructed as thickets.
  20. Why don't we add fence to the Norse houses? Modern reconstructions suggest that Nordic settlements during the Viking age had their homes fenced, most especially in large towns like major ports and trading centers.
  21. @stanislas69: the wooden tower (which the Norse have) is renamed to sentry tower and every civ has it's custom sentry tower model @Alexandermb: it's a funny idea but the AI will hate it for sure :/
  22. Yeah, the transparency is nice. And the border is slightly wider i think. The current lines are a bit harsh to look at. Though to be honest it's not the most pressing issue.
  23. I think it was decided earlier that Norse wouldn't have any towers
  24. btw if someone has a Delenda Est Multiplayer replay game you'll make me very happy
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