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  2. Camel Units

    Had the chance to take a look. 1. The major issue with the animations are that the legs and feet are splayed too far apart. Most animals, and I assume camels are the same, position their feet close to their centerline when walking, so that their legs come down at a slight angle [imagine a line drawn from the hip or shoulder of the leg down to where the feet meet the ground, it should be a slight angle inward toward the centerline, not completely 90 degrees]. The elephant animations are wrong in this way too. lol. 2. I like the kneeling it does when gathering meat! Good job. I only wish we could have transitional animations! 3. I think the death can be like 20% slower as they fall. 4. Would be nice to have a couple of different idle animations. Right now the camel looks rather bored. Would be hilarious if the camel was chomping on some food as it stood there. https://media.giphy.com/media/qYr8p3Dzbet5S/giphy.gif
  3. catapult stats

    What's sting/clangor? Hack and Crush damage? Cool program though! Would be very useful. As far as siege differentiation, you're right, things could be made to be more different between civs. Though, IMHO, mostly that should be done with Civ Bonuses [which are limited to only a few per civ] and Technologies [where the player can choose how they want to differentiate their units based on current battlefield conditions]. The Roman bonus in siege is basically one of their civ bonuses.
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  5. Population Limit Terminology

    A: "Available Population" sounds good for the amount of population slots available because of the amount of housing built. B: "Maximum Population" or "Population Limit." What players say in chat will always vary from what the game says. "Rax" instead of "barracks" for instance. So, they can say "pop cap" when they mean "Population Limit."
  6. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    Use shield_arm attachment point like the other pikemen and adjust the model from there.
  7. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    Please please, do not use player color like that. It is very inconsistent visually from other textures to do that. I'm talking about making the whole armor soft player color. I tried some of your Greek armor textures with all that player color all over the linothorax and it did not look good. It washed out a lot of detail.
  8. ===[TASK]=== Spears Remesh

    @wackyserious can do something similar in mean texture.
  9. ===[TASK]=== Spears Remesh

    dind't checked, mostly is for learning on how to do it.
  10. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    Can be nice for Conceptual art advertising.
  11. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    @Sundiata Nothing, thanks for your time! See you later
  12. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    @wackyserious An artist friend has another good idea for quilted cotton armour for the pikemen: I need to go to sleep very soon... Any more questions you can think of?
  13. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    @wackyserious, yeah, the attire looks great! Longer loincloth/garment/robe would be nice, but I'm not going to loose any sleep over it...
  14. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    @Sundiata Would this work for the elite Meroitic pike infantry. Extending the loincloth downward is a bit complicated since it can cause texture seams. But I will try to experiment with it.
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  16. ===[TASK]=== Spears Remesh

    One thing you may want to do with blades, especially if there is smoothing on the mesh, is split the geometry right at the blade's edge. Shading and specular shading will try to round it out otherwise and spoil the illusion of an 'edge' I do believe Stan knows how to bake textures and normals, but is that reference image you used under a compatible license? Have to ask
  17. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    @stanislas69, on second thought, looking at the size of the original Egyptian cow hide shields, maybe a slightly smaller version is indeed desirable for the pikeman... Up to you
  18. ===[TASK]=== Spears Remesh

    @stanislas69 you know how to make textures and normals with blender using high poly's to low poly meshes? i've made this high poly roman spata following the reference image desing.
  19. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    @stanislas69 Definitely needs a new mesh?
  20. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    In the back? like this
  21. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    the pikeman shield mesh is oriented differently from the standard shield meshes
  22. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    @stanislas69 can you tell me the name of the armpad attach point? I tried to attach it to shoulderpad_L and it is not compatible.
  23. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    Same mesh, not necessarily smaller either, see Egyptian phalanx:
  24. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    @wackyserious Simple necklaces, more variants (I personally like the 1st and last ones): Cow hide shields with thureos mesh will be for Nubian spearman (Kush_infantry_spearman), the most basic citizen soldier. They keep the same type of shield throughout all 3 tiers.
  25. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    New unit meshes have armpad prop points, so I guess we can rely on that and see how it goes. Those egyptian shield will have to be smaller and need a different mesh right ?
  26. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    @Sundiata What about the cow-hide thureos shields? Which unit will use them?
  27. [Kushites] Units, Unit Textures, and Unit Props

    I can upload it, if you want it as a placeholder. I will just mark the actor file as a placeholder by adding a suffix _placeholder to it.
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