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  2. also take this into consideration. (not really). just passed some time. after seeing this post learned some svg from w3school.
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  4. Sounds like the issue reported on trac recently. Would need Itms's fix for the CPu detection
  5. `simulation/data/settings/player_defaults.json` [EDIT] Or did you mean the GUI?
  6. Hey guys, I want to tweak the colors from the player color picker list in order to make them fit better with the style of my MOD. Would somebody show me how to do that please?
  7. Well, the stables were working fine until there was a change to core game. But it's fixed now, thanks. I am also quite sure that many of the files DE has were innovations at the time of their creation, but only later were made obsolete by core game upgrades and changes (I am quite sure some of DE's actor files have been used, but that's okay, open source of course and the point of it all).
  8. Yo tengo windows 8, cual de debería descargar?
  9. Hello together. When I started to run 0 A.D. on my new Ryzen PC the game crashes. However, it was possible to continue the starting procedure. Then it crashes again and again. After three crashes it entered the starting page of 0 A.D. Maybe the other two crashes occur because of the first one. The problem now is that the game, because it crashed while starting procedure, is running in windowed mod. Is there a possibility to avoid the crashes, or a workaround to get fullscreen mod even the game is running? Could you please help me? I also tested the current svn rP22785. Here the game crashes four times until it enters the starting page. I had tested both version a few times. It crashes every time the same way. The three crash logs for the alpha 23b, the four crash logs for the svn, and the system info are attached. alpha_23b_crashlog_1.txt alpha_23b_crashlog_2.txt alpha_23b_crashlog_3.txt 22785_crashlog_1.txt 22785_crashlog_2.txt 22785_crashlog_3.txt 22785_crashlog_4.txt system_info.txt
  10. By the way our art style are similar to Stronghold Crusader 2 with AoE compositions.
  11. That is better. Can be ice ask for many things I suggested. As solve numerals icons.
  12. Oops, I apologize. I knew you're working on a kopis portrait (your sketch looked promising), but didn't know you intended to create the full set of weapon icons as well. [EDIT]: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22779-0abc-mod/page/14/&tab=comments#comment-382686 Yeah, that's probably wise. Some animals lack animations, I don't know the details, Stan does. And undoubtedly there are many other potential tasks.
  13. No problem, Im some sick, for now and busy with many things.
  14. Nope... Wont replace anyone's duties (plus, have lil time)... If that's the case, I'll wait for stan's PM.
  15. Este programa te descarga el código del juego. https://tortoisesvn.net/downloads.html
  16. 0 A.D.'s art team is active but small, undoubtedly more artists are welcome! If you have some spare time and are up for a challenge, then I could really use a set of weapon icons for my mod, to make it easier to identify units at a single glance. Requirements are CC-BY-SA-4.0, black-and-white, transparent background, svg or png, 128×128 pixels, but should still remain distinguishable when shrunk by the GUI to 16×16, like this: Icons I need: melee weapons (orientated from bottom-left to top-right): pike spear true sword (e.g. gladius, xiphos) sabre (e.g. falcata, kopis) axe (e.g. sagaris) mace ranged weapons (orientated from bottom-right to top-left): throwing axe javelin bow crossbow sling staff sling Elephant icon as an example:
  17. Thank you Lion. I'm trying to keep it not too revealing, but I can (er... confidentially) show my complete portfolio (2D, 3D, illustration, UI, etc) by PM or email to Stan or other permanent collaborators (you seem to be one: I had read quite some stuff here before deciding to post that) . Just don't want to be identified, as this I take it as a hobby and...clients want one to dedicate 200% of the time to the projects (understandably, but everyone has a hobby... even if some minutes a day.. I was/am lacking one...) Question: How are so many of us here having Spanish as first language ? Is not that common in general in these kind of projects... Maybe AOE (I was particularly fan of the medieval stuff, I'm afraid) had a very strong influence in Spanish speaking countries in its day, and SEO/Google leads these fans (which we are) here... Another seo/people attracting point could be history....geez, quite some experts here. I've just finished (not the samples posted one, that's fantasy/medieval) a years long paid project which was quite historic references dependent, so, not that the matter scares me.
  18. Por fis pasame un link seguro, soy pésimo para las descargas @Lion.Kanzen
  19. The blacksmith upgrades seem rather meaningless to me for a number of reasons. First, they affect things too universally. Compare things to Age of Empires II, and the difference is stark. In 0 AD, there is a distinction given in attack upgrades but not defence in the case of ranged versus melee. Also, the technology cost seems outrageous in the case of the wood necessary to research the armour upgrades. Last, only two upgrades make concern of teching into a specific unit combination practically a nonexistent other than worrying about the cost. My proposal is to have three upgrades that are cheaper but have a less wide range of effect: A line of melee armour that would primarily affect infantry but also cavalry to a small degree. A line of armour upgrades for horses that only affect cavalry. These upgrades would be a bit more expensive than the former. A line of armour for ranged units. Lines of separate attack upgrades for melee and ranged units. There could be armour upgrades for elephants specifically, but that might be too situational. All of these upgrades would also operate under further limitations. Basic experience level infantry would only benefit from tier 1 upgrades, advanced could enjoy the benefits of tier 2 as well, and elite and champion units could work with the tier three upgrades. Ranged units would have fewer available armour upgrades since armour was less prevalent for them, and the upgrades available would probably only affect advanced, elite, and champion units. The reasons for using this system to me would be that the experience system would fit more organically into the game design and veterans would matter more. The third tier for armour might also, with a benefit, have a tantalising choice such as what was originally hoped for like heavier armour at the cost of movement speed.
  20. Si estas en windows bájate el tortoise hay uns guia que yo medio traduje.
  21. Not sure, those typical short swords only appear in the Meroitic period, to my knowledge (Meroitic not being understood). Previous iterations of blades approaching the size of a short sword during the Napatan and even Kerma period look like oversized daggers evolved from Kerma-Period designs. I suspect they'd be referred to as knives or daggers: Kerma Period daggers: At 52 cm, the one on the left is the largest one I've seen so far +30 cm Napatan period blade: From the stele of Taharqa in Kawa, we have the term "ḥmt sft", among his donations to the temple, which means "copper knife", "sft" meaning knife. The Adoption Stele of Aspelta refers to the knife of Amen-Re, as "šꜥd n ’Imn-Rꜥ". I suspect this refers to the smaller type of curved blade also sometimes referred to as khopesh. New Kingdom example of what I think "the knife of Amen-Re" refers to (human form of Amun on the left): Here's another example of a type of bronze knife, from Kerma. I don't know it's date though: Also, if you're wondering, khopesh refers specifically to a curved blade: So yeah, my best guess for straight, double edged short swords would be "knife": "sft" How interesting... So yeah, "sft", "zft", "zefet", "sfy", or "sefy", your choice
  22. Related but different: the problem with Delenda Est is that it duplicates hundreds of files from the public repository, which makes it hard to maintain. Millennium AD doesn't have its own version of `template_structure_military_stable.xml`; the issue here is that byza, caro, umay were updated, but `anglo_stables.xml` was forgotten.
  23. If i remember corectly this is still issue in Millennium AD.
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