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  3. Here's a clearer outline of one of the factions I proposed: Placeholder Name: Nomads (or Horde) Lore: Earth gradually dwindled itself of resources, and humanity had to leave, but all attempts to terraform planets proved expensive and resulted in failure. Instead, the people who survived of the human race did so through intense genetic engineering. Now they roam from planet to planet, taking the resources before finding a new target. The few that remain unaltered humans are the elite, commanding their thralls from the comfort of small habitats suitable for the true remnants of the human race. Bonuses: Nomadic: All buildings are mobile, but there are limits to how many can be built. Training units and researching technology can still be done in a moving structure at the cost of increased time. Scavengers: Resources are gathered faster but are diminished at an even faster rate. Units and Buildings: Cloning Facility: Produces Workers. Worker: Primary economic unit. Collects resources faster than others. Barracks: Produces Scavenger and Grunt. Most weapon upgrades available here. Scavenger: Infantry unit that is able to gather resources like the worker but at a much slower rate. Good cannon-fodder. Grunt: Infantry reinforced with an exoskeleton. Slower than Scavenger but much beefier. Recon Centre: Produces Angel, Scout, and Dragoon. Requires Genetic Engineering Lab and Barracks. Angel: Fast unit capable of flying short distances. Scout: Unit capable of camouflaging. Has a strong sneak attack that reveals it. Slower when cloaked. Dragoon: Cavalry unit that is fastest unit available to the Nomads. Possibly can attack while moving. Emplacement: Self-propelled artillery battery that can also train Sappers. Sapper: Suicide unit does explosion damage when attacking. Genetic Engineering Lab: Area where most technologies that unlock units and provide improvements to existent traits of units. Glider: Unit that can be built that transports units. Not a fast unit, but one that allows for creative attack angles. That's a general template of what I've got. One of the reasons I would say there is some merit to this race is that it would allow for a Starcraft-like faction to exist without just a copy-and-paste of Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. I tried to make for some interesting mechanics that fit with the thematic picture I'm also trying to portray.
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  5. True, but there was quite some time between the wars in which those engines were obtained and the wars in which they were used. It's similar to the example of Scipio (a few posts above), who seized a large number of artillery when capturing Carthago Nova and used those a few years later when about to besiege Carthago itself. However, artillery being captured, turned around in the heat of battle, and starting firing on the troops of its previous owners? Unlikely. In some earlier alpha, rams were capturable, but that was later reverted. I think it makes sense to have capturable structures but uncapturable units. Gameplay changes should probably be discussed somewhere else, though.
  6. Ships are like structures, thats possible.
  7. Pretty much what i've propose. Also make bolt-shooters weak agaisn't projectiles, the siege engine is very small so it won't offer any cover from skirmishers or arrows. A Giant ballista offers a little bit of cover however it shouldn't be that weak to projectiles.
  8. Appian, The Illyrian Wars 4: "[18] The transalpine Iapydes, a strong and savage tribe, drove back the Romans twice within the space of about twenty years, overran Aquileia, and plundered the Roman colony of Tergestus. When Augustus advanced against them by a steep and rugged road, note they made it still harder for him by felling trees. As he advanced farther they took refuge in another forest, where they lay in ambush for the approaching foe. Augustus, who was always suspecting something of this kind, sent forces to occupy certain ridges which flanked both sides of his advance through the flat country and the fallen timber. The Iapydes darted out from their ambush and wounded many of the soldiers, but the greater part of their own forces were killed by the Romans who fell upon them from the heights above. The remainder again took refuge in the thickets, abandoning their town, the name of which was Terponus. Augustus took this town, but did not burn it, hoping that they also would give themselves up, and they did so. [19] Thence he advanced to another place called Metulus, which is the chief town of the Iapydes. It is situated on a heavily timbered mountain, on two ridges with a narrow valley between them. Here were about 3,000 warlike and well-armed youth, who easily beat off the Romans who surrounded their walls. The latter raised a mound. The Metulians interrupted the work by assaults by day and by night, and harassed the soldiers from the walls with engines which they had obtained from the war which Decimus Brutus had waged there with [Marc] Antony and Augustus. When their wall began to crumble they built another inside, abandoned the ruined one, and took shelter behind the other. The Romans captured the abandoned one and burned it. Against the new fortification they raised two mounds and from these threw four bridges to the top of the wall. Then, in order to distract their attention, Augustus sent a part of his force around to the rear of the town and ordered the others to dash across the bridges to the walls. He ascended to the top of a high tower to see the result." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iapydes
  9. I guess that's doable. @Alexandermb ?
  10. I'm being asked on facebook if there's any way to visualize which enemy ships are bringing units aboard. I was recommended to use a flag as a prop to make it more obvious.
  11. We currently have an issue with Ryzen CPUs. You can fix it by recompiling the game. Would you like me to guide you through that?
  12. Interesting. I made a unit you can check it out in the mod. Maybe it can be reused.
  13. Long answer: artillery consisted of two parts: the base and the engine. The base is fixed, the engine could be rotated and be elevated, regardless of type; bolt-shooters operated at angles from 30° (maximum range) to 0° (maximum impact), stone-throwers from 45° (maximum range) to 0° (maximum impact). Short answer: having all bolt-shooters point horizontally forward and all stone-throwers diagonally is a simplification I don't mind. What I would like (gameplay; can be discussed later) is the following: all siege engines are uncapturable; they require specialists to operate and killing the crew makes them useless remove splash damage bolt-shooters are expensive, accurate, very long range, pure pierce damage weapons very effective against soldiers, but not against structures stone-throwers are very expensive, long range, pure crush damage weapons effective against siege engines and structures There would be different calibres/sizes of both types and civilizations would have a subset, but none would have all. Currently (A23) I believe there are the following actors, from small to large: gastraphetes (crossbowman) scorpio polybolos oxybeles lithobolos cart ballista rome ballista However, I lost track of what you're doing in this thread, so if you've added any new ones, please insert them in the list. For me, it's easier to consider the size of the projectiles, rather than the engines. Ideally, I'd like to see the following: hand-held gastraphetes: one-span (23 cm) small bolt-shooter/scorpio: one-cubit (46 cm) medium bolt-shooter/scorpio/oxybeles: three-span (69 cm) large bolt-shooter/oxybeles: two-cubit (92 cm) i.e. a 1:2:3:4 projectile size ratio. (For the polybolos, whichever projectile size seems most appropiate; I consider the polybolos an unimportant extra, like the Theban fireraiser.) All bolt-shooters should have a visible crew of two, stone-throwers more. For the stone-throwers (60 mina = 1 talent = 26 kg): [maybe] small stone-thrower: 15 mina = 0.25 talent = 6.5 kg according to ancient sources, the preferred size for targetting enemy troops from city walls and towers medium stone-thrower (current lithobolos?): 30 mina = 0.50 talent = 13 kg according to ancient sources, the preferred size for destroying ordinary siege towers, battering rams, tortoises, galleries, palisades, etc. [maybe] medium-large stone-thrower (current cart ballista): 40 mina = 0.67 talent = 17.5 kg large stone-thrower (current rome ballista?): 60 mina = 1 talent = 26 kg according to ancient sources, the preferrred size for toppling city walls and serious fortifications [maybe] huge stone-thrower (new one?): 90 mina = 1.5 talent = 39 kg The “maybe”s I consider unnecessary but nice to have. Concerning the huge one, three-talent or above stone-throwers are occassionally mentioned in ancient texts, but they were rare; realistically 1.5 talent appears to be the largest somewhat common size, based on actual projectile finds. Also note that mass is proportional to volume, hence r³, so heavier stones would only look slightly larger. [EDIT] Let's say a round 1 kg stone has a diameter of 10.0 cm, then a round 15 mina stone would have a diameter of 18.7 cm, 30 mina 23.6 cm, 60 mina 29.7 cm, and 90 mina 34.0 cm. The actual numbers are irrelevant, but the ratios give some idea (to put it differently, a 1 : 1.26 : 1.59 : 1.82 projectile diameter ratio). Indeed, there is no need for variants. Just three sizes of bolt-shooters and three stone-throwers would be enough. Currently most actors are visibly torsion engines (two separate arms and in between a hole in front for the projectile). However, the current oxybeles is the exception: it's a non-torsion crossbow, basically a large gastraphetes, which is fine, because this was the commonest type in the 4th C BC; they were no longer used from the 3rd C BC onwards, though. So if you intend to remake something, a torsion oxybeles of the same size as the current crossbow oxybeles would be nice to have (but also keep the current one).
  14. Art style from Beyond Earth, the three affinities:
  15. <p>Loaded config string "view.near" = "2.0"</p> <p>Loaded config string "view.far" = "4096.0"</p> <p>Loaded config string "view.fov" = "45.0"</p> <p>Loaded config string "view.height.smoothness" = "0.5"</p> <p>Loaded config string "view.height.min" = "16"</p> <p>Cannot find config file "config/local.cfg" - ignoring</p> <p>Loading config file "config/user.cfg"</p> <p>Loaded config string "userreport.enabledversion" = "0"</p> <p>Loaded config string "userreport.id"</p> The version I have is 0.0.23, which is the latest one, isn't it? Should I install the game differently then? Thanks for your assistance!
  16. Not enough info inferring from the path shown you used the SNAP version to install which is probably a good thing as the version in the Ubuntu repo's will not connect to our multi-player lobby it's to old now could you post the last lines of the mainlog file that should give us more info on where exactly it is bailing out as is it appears to be a cache related and since this an initialisation run is weird in other words the cache is being created so it should be ok as it's never been touched. Enjoy the Choice
  17. Perfect then, no need to do the variants. Haven't started yet with scorpio but won't be an issue since i will reuse everything from other siege engines such as lithobolos/Oxybeles.
  18. One important to keep in mind is that popular references tend to focus on Alexander the Great for the Greeks and for the Romans on Trajan. When you compare a late 4th C BC Greek engine with an early 2nd C AD Roman engine, then yes, you'll undoubtedly see differences, not because one is Greek and the other Roman, but because there is a time difference of about 500 years. 0 A.D. covers the 500-1 BC timeframe. Whenever possible, the point of reference ought to be c. 250 BC. For Carthage and Rome, the focus is on the Punic Wars, especially the Second (218-201 BC). Scipio captured Carthago Nova (in Spain) in 209 BC and with it its arsenal containing hundreds of pieces of artillery, which were shipped to Rome as spoils of war. When Scipio was about to besiege Carthago (in Tunisia) a few years later, he amassed a huge number of bolt-shooters and stone-throwers from three sources: he requested the captured engines from Rome; he ordered the Greek cities in Sicily (Roman vassals) to send him artillery; and he set up a new workshop at Utica (Carthage's sister and neighbour) to produce new ones. Thus the Roman managed to field a high number of artillery, despite the fact that none of those was actually manufactured by the Romans. This is actually typical. BC (our timeframe), Rome did not have an arsenal, unlike many Punic and Greek cities, and Rome relied on allies and vassals to supply artillery. AD (beyond our timeframe), the entire Mediterranean was Roman, there were no longer any non-Roman Greek or Punic cities, and Rome itself had a large arsenal founded by Augustus, and every legion had its own specialists to construct, repair, and operate artillery. Well, I like what you do, my graphical skills are basically non-existent, and I'm not looking for accurate reconstructions; something that seems to give an authentic feel is more than good enough for me. The point I'm making, though, is that, for 0 A.D.'s timeframe, creating same type but different looking artillery for different civilizations is not only a lot of unnecessary extra work, it is also misleading. Creating different calibres is great, but creating different engines of the same calibre ought to be avoided.
  19. Hi all, I really want to try this game out. I've installed with Ubuntu Software but the game doesn't start. When starting from Terminal this is what I get: TIMER| InitVfs: 855.84 us Writing the mainlog at /home/udi/snap/0ad/129/.config/0ad/logs/mainlog.html TIMER| CONFIG_Init: 884.436 us Sound: AlcInit success, using OpenAL Soft TIMER| shutdown ConfigDB: 0.311 us TIMER| resource modules: 2.35962 ms TIMER TOTALS (9 clients) ----------------------------------------------------- tc_pool_alloc: 0 c (0x) tc_png_decode: 0 c (0x) tc_dds_transform: 0 c (0x) tc_transform: 0 c (0x) tc_plain_transform: 0 c (0x) tc_ShaderGLSLLink: 0 c (0x) tc_ShaderGLSLCompile: 0 c (0x) tc_ShaderValidation: 0 c (0x) xml_validation: 0 c (0x) ----------------------------------------------------- TIMER| shutdown misc: 168.128 us TIMER| InitVfs: 78.9122 ms Writing the mainlog at /home/udi/snap/0ad/129/.config/0ad/logs/mainlog.html TIMER| CONFIG_Init: 881.7 us Sound: AlcInit success, using OpenAL Soft cache.cpp(43): Assertion failed: "cache.Validate()" Assertion failed: "cache.Validate()" Location: cache.cpp:43 (AddCache) Call stack: (0x55a909ca840e) /snap/0ad/129/binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x60440e) [0x55a909ca840e] (0x55a909c54dd1) /snap/0ad/129/binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x5b0dd1) [0x55a909c54dd1] (0x55a909c571fe) /snap/0ad/129/binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x5b31fe) [0x55a909c571fe] (0x55a909ca0299) /snap/0ad/129/binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x5fc299) [0x55a909ca0299] (0x55a909ca04e7) /snap/0ad/129/binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x5fc4e7) [0x55a909ca04e7] (0x55a909ca1365) /snap/0ad/129/binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x5fd365) [0x55a909ca1365] (0x55a909cd9153) /snap/0ad/129/binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x635153) [0x55a909cd9153] (0x55a909ca140e) /snap/0ad/129/binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x5fd40e) [0x55a909ca140e] (0x55a909ca21f2) /snap/0ad/129/binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x5fe1f2) [0x55a909ca21f2] (0x55a909cd9153) /snap/0ad/129/binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x635153) [0x55a909cd9153] (0x55a909ca1e6a) /snap/0ad/129/binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x5fde6a) [0x55a909ca1e6a] (0x55a909927d15) /snap/0ad/129/binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x283d15) [0x55a909927d15] (0x55a9099182a9) /snap/0ad/129/binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x2742a9) [0x55a9099182a9] (0x55a909703dd8) /snap/0ad/129/binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x5fdd8) [0x55a909703dd8] (0x55a9096f3777) /snap/0ad/129/binaries/system/pyrogenesis(+0x4f777) [0x55a9096f3777] (0x7f4b4e815b97) /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libc.so.6(__libc_start_main+0xe7) [0x7f4b4e815b97] errno = 0 (Try again later) OS error = ? Any ides what I should do to resolve this? Thanks a lot!
  20. I submitted a patch to improve flying behavior to allow for flying units without them circling in the sky.
  21. From artist view: Define first what are the mechanism/motion of the factions engines such as aircrafts, tanks, morphological build of the entities. IE: Following Warhammer 40k; Tau: Have squared levitating tanks and armorships wich also are squared but behave as an Exo-Skeleton firing and moving. Eldars: Very different from Tau having soften edges on tanks and Tall machines wich are clearly controled by itself or by another kind of entity whitout crew. So from a Starcraft view this would be Tau - Terran / Eldar - Protoss. Very important to avoid having mixed designs between factions.
  22. Would be nice to have the three faction names so we can come up with wiki pages and advance development.
  23. I don't want it to be the same Starcraft story. At least the origin. Humans roam the universe for different reasons. The dictatorship could be good if the leader does not seek absolute power, just as the defenders of the oppressed could simply be anarchists. Let's add this as an ingredient of the human being out of curiosity, and to know secrets, as well as unconscionable and unethical scientific ambition. All this gives a cocktail of different alliances and enmities between them, as well as conspiracies and a couple of human faction that deviated from the route in their journey through the universe. Humans create (zerg) with his unnethical experiments, similar to Virus and biological weapons in resident evil. Humans are trying to reach center of universe but they need reach the other side opposite to old solar system where the earth was devastated.
  24. Be warry that the bones arent that low and could be visible on steep terrain.
  25. Sounds good. I wonder if that could be drafted in the github wiki. I'd like everyone to contribute
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