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  1. Hi, yeah I just noticed I send the wrong log files XD, it began the day I wrote the first message, I searched my explorer but cant find any up to date logs, the ones I send are old ones when I didnt have the problems, no idea why I found them.idnt have the problems, no idea why I found them.
  2. Oh, in SIngleplayer it works just fine, also, for good manners, sorry for some spelling errors d:
  3. Hi, sorry for my late reply. Iam really on Windows 11. Iam using no mods, I attempted several vanilla multiplayer games in the lobby created by myself and it crashed regardeless of the map, sometimes it just closed the game without anything, sometimes at 100 % loading and sometimes shortly after entering the game. In the case of the following screenshot it loadet to 100% and then just closed the game. mainlog.html
  4. Yeah ill keep it in english for the others. It crashed when starting a new game in the mutliplayer lobby. Ill attach the logs. I attached everything that had log in its name and was created recently. interestinglog.html system_info.txt userreport_hwdetect.txt
  5. Hi everyone, today I made an game in the multiplayer lobby and let my friend join, we had 2 ai. As we were loading the game, it crashed and gave an error message, I attached the error message. I also tried alone wihtout ai and 2 empty teams but it still crashed. Iam playing the newest version on Windows 11.
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