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Team pop instead of or included with world pop


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32 minutes ago, Outis said:

I think best to have the option to have 2 versions of world population with one distributed per player and to have one distributed per team.

Great idea! In order not to overcomplicate things this should be initially only a pop cap for predefined teams. 

Later on, we might extend this so that whatever the team size of an  ad-hoc alliance, the pop cap remains, i.e. if I play without allies then the whole pop is for me, while if I have an ally then we share the same pop cap.


This still has to mature not sure about the consequences ...

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I like the idea too. Multiplayer games are too often decided by a weak player resigning before some others even engage in any fighting. On my level at least. A team pop cap would help outnumbered players not be instantly overrun just because they simply cannot field as many troops as the enemy.

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