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Have rams been nerfed for the next patch?


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We have other thread for the same "making siege interesting", where we are introducing following changes.

  1. Low deafult walk speed for rams, but can be increased depends on units garrsioned. 
  2. Allow you to capture. Useful when you have skirmish mostly. 

But yeah, try this. This gameplay is always valid.

10 minutes ago, Gurken Khan said:

Try blades. Swordsmen, sword cav, in dire need even women with their daggers.

and welcome to the 0ad fourms. Invite your friends to the forums if they have some concern or suggestion they would like to share. @Archon

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every now and then someone cames up with this concern. it's funny because currently rams are quite out of the meta actually. the problem, I think, resides in the unintuitive counter system based on the pierce/hack differentiation. noone seems interested in rediscussing it though, because of the "small incremental changes" line of action.

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1 hour ago, alre said:

every now and then someone cames up with this concern.

Yeah it's not very intuitive on how to defeat rams, and it's easy to empathize with new players who are baffled if they have 50 skirmishers attacking a ram and no damage being done.


Just now, andy5995 said:

I wonder how possible it would be to add info to the unit info panel that could show what units are likely to do the most damage to that unit, for example rams.


A script that could calculate based on armor and attack type and automatically add a section to the info panel like: "Most vulnerable to swordmen and sword cav"


Or "Effective defense: swordmen..."


I'm not trying to start another thread about rams, hehe, just thought of this feature suggestion after reading this thread:



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3 hours ago, alre said:

every now and then someone cames up with this concern

I tend to think that this is because rams can still be very annoying to deal with.

For my taste rams should be a little slower. Infantry swordsmen can deal with them if the rams are stationary. But when the rams retreat, they of can get to a safe position before taking to much damage.

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my ideal would be:

- rams are cheaper

- rams can be built on the battlefield

- rams are much slower

- rams are fairly easy to counter with any melee/short range assault

this could or could not be integrated with @Darkcity's proposals.

I think rethinking the pierce/hack differentiation would help with that, but I guess it's not necessary if they are convertible like Darkcity proposes.

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