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After capturing a building, mouse pointer shows harvest icon instead of repair


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Has anyone else experienced this? After I capture a building, with my units selected, hovering the mouse over the building that needs repairing, the one I just captured shows a harvest icon (wood) instead of a repair (mallet) icon. I experience this about 95% of the time.


left-clicking on the mallet on the dashboard works.

I've noticed this since a23, and probably in earlier versions but I don't remember for sure. Also see it on a25.


My OS is Linux (happens on either Manjaro or Debian), and usually I'm using a self-build.


(I took a screenshot but the mouse pointer wasn't captured.)

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there is certain priority for possible actions to determine the primary one and secondary one (with ctrl modifier), others needs to use specific key modifier, for reparing its P by default I think.

For mouse pointer, I do not know so I cannot give an answer. Maybe @vladislavbelov would know as it is a bit graphic thing.

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47 minutes ago, Gurken Khan said:

Yes, or if it was at least a possibility to order the repair (for example by pressing CTRL).

Thats already implemented, press J by default

If my idea gets implemented another hotkey for storing could be implemented, even though the following case would be rather rare: You want your soldiers to store the resources, but then they waste time with repairing

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