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  1. actually thats issue for more disabled options
  2. Towers were removed from requirements to not allow to reach next phase just by building bunch of towers
  3. Angen


    quick fix: delete matchsettings.json (same folder as user.cfg) reported here: https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP25634
  4. quick fix: delete matchsettings.json (same folder as user.cfg)
  5. The goal of the mod is to add mythological beings to the chosen factions and to have also gods in it and abilities. There is quite long list on discord. mod was started in a23b and then i did some update to a24 but i stopped at some point. development of the mod kind of stopped somewhere in a24. So there is quite long list of things that need update for a25 given some files are very moded to even resume the work.
  6. Hello gameboy, thank you for reporting the issue but please stop spamming the post. You will be notified when it will be fixed.
  7. Rams have high pierce armour to counter ranged units. As spearman deals pierce damage, it is affected by that. Giving spearman only hack damage, would make them more similar to swordsmen. Giving them another type of damage, its kind of hard for new players to get into current 3 damage types. Spearmen and pikeman got pierce damage in the (dont remember number) alpha rebalance, which have been told has been tested with players at that time for some month(s). So to not end up spearman is better version of swordsman and swordsman is now useless, it needs deeper thought.
  8. Ah, sorry. Sure more moderators are welcome. I just wanted point out that one should not expect the issue to go away unless there will be active moderator for every part of the day.
  9. To be fair, there are other moderators in the lobby. Though not sure how active they are or what timezones they live in so it can happen that even if there will be more moderators, its not guaranteed 24 h moderation so the issue will likely not be solved anyway.
  10. For blocking projectiles: Well, one can still shoot over walls and palisades if one wants to. Main point is to prevent units from freely walking into the settlement/town and to give defenders some time to react. But yes, would be nice, its just performance nightmare
  11. If someone has time, willingness to moderate the lobby, I think one can apply for that position, that said I dont know who is authorised to decide if one passes the criteria and grand privileges.
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