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  1. you need to mimic this file (create new file, copy content of this, rename relevant variables) https://code.wildfiregames.com/source/0ad/browse/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/gui/gamesetup/Pages/GameSetupPage/GameSettings/Single/Sliders/RelicDuration.js
  2. Hi @Froschkoenig84, 0ad is not on steam, because licenses are not compatible.
  3. You cant create new account in one hour and you really should not create more than 1 account per person. It is violation of rules you accepted when creating account.
  4. Hi @Hungry_wolves, in case you used capitals during registration, you need to use them when trying to log in. Also it would be helpful if you could specify what error message do you get. Regards, Angen
  5. Hi, You can see technologies in structure tree. Or you can download this mod https://0ad.mod.io/technology-tree. Then there are https://github.com/s0600204/0ad-techtree-v2 and https://github.com/s0600204/0ad-techtree. Online showcases have outdated data and I am not currently sure how to integrate it to a23b ping @s0600204. Regards, Angen
  6. That may be problematic with current ai. I suppose it has own template. Issue is, Petra currently hardcodes {civ}_storehouse as dropsite for wood/stone/iron for all civs. I could try to scratch something for Petra.
  7. @wowgetoffyourcellphone does that faction have storehouse?
  8. Possibly there could be feature to enable mods required for the replay, but restart of application would be must anyway,
  9. As more mods can overwrite same file, order in which they do it is important else you can get different results, so order of mods is the issue.
  10. @gameboy you cannot garrison melee units on walls
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