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  1. some routers offer ddos protection, it is just not enabled by default. also using VPN could help
  2. Hello, do you use any other mods ? do you have a23b or development version? because I just tried hosting in a23b and everything worked.
  3. 1.) We need to get rid of python2 because debian removed us already, they stopped supporting it. 2.) In order to do so we need sm78 3.) To have 0ad buildable with sm78 we need c++17 what means vs17 4.) And there is speed improvements in sm Cons: We drop support for older compilers (that, do not support c++17)
  4. Angen

    Game Crash

    Hello @TvOka, could you please upload crashlog files ? You can check paths, where to find them here https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths also it would be helpful to describe situation when it happened and what os do you have. Regards, Angen
  5. @SimonG hi, please check first post and upload replay of the game.
  6. Hello @sentado, what is your OS ? do I understand correctly it happens only when you start/join the match? do you see it after match ends or when you are in menu? did you change your mouse or it is your first installation ? do you by any chance have another mouse to try ? but I think there is really small chance that it would solve it, so do not bother to get another one if you do not have already one to try. Try adding this line into a local.cfg file: nohwcursor = true Here's more information about creating the local config file: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Manua
  7. Hello, please make sure capitalisation of your username is the correct one. Try using your username in lowercased form. For any case, @user1 can you please check ?
  8. smiley, do you use mod? I guess he does not have these options.
  9. Hello @Lupinek, what is your first language ? Are you using multiplayer lobby, or ip's to host the match? If I understand correctly, you and your friends are trying to join match and they cannot join, only you can join the match. If one of your friends A, host the match, you all can join. But if other friend then A host the match, only you can join. Can your friends join matches hosted by other players? One issue could be, that the player who is hosting, needs to open router port for the game. Regards, Angen
  10. does he? wonder, capture the relic, regicide how is siege required there ?
  11. hi, you can hold 'Shift' to queue orders, including points on the path
  12. Hello, at the top right side there is small icon with the ring (Diplomacy). After opening it, you can click at the resource and it will send 100 of it to the respective player in the row. If you hold shift while clicking, I believe it sends 500.
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