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  1. Hi, what revision are you playing on? can you upload some replay? Does it happen on every naval map? I just ran simulation on naval map and I could not reproduce it. looks like should have been fixed in https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP25911
  2. Delaying enemy units before they can reach your structures and units? Giving more time for your range troops to shoot to the enemy? There is not same reasoning because now enemy has to destroy them or capture by territory to get to you. If anyone can just click at them and delete them there is no reason to invest resources to build them to begin with.
  3. And then they are totally useless because building them has no reason
  4. can you find user folder among mod folders and check what is there?
  5. Hi, assuming you did not modify anything by yourself, following steps should fix your issue: when you install a25, please do the following: start 0ad open settings -> mod selection make sure only 0ad is in list of enabled mods -> save and restart If issue is still not fixed take a look here for paths https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths find user.cfg open in text editor locate mod.enabledmods change line to this: mod.enabledmods = "mod public" find cache folder delete it
  6. But you get 100 food and 40 wood (generally) easier compared to 70 metal
  7. I think that sky reflection in water does not depend on rendering skybox based on your settings. Do you have enabled to render skybox?
  8. How gamesetup does it then? Atlas can just create dropdown in the same way no?
  9. Well, she could get rid of palisades for the time being. No, there is no way to tell who placed structure, only who owns it. Although she could keep list of structures when game starts. To place gates she needs to known at which segment to place them for that she needs to analyze potential paths but can't use current pathfinder because needs to act like palisades would not be there. Also there is no way for ai to know if units need to go around some wall because unitai and pathfinder does it for her. If you feel something is unfair don't use it.
  10. Hmm, ok, I see. You should be able to use shortcut "P" by default. @Freagarach overdid number of buttons in middle panel
  11. Could you please take screenshot? I can't see reason that would happen in templates
  12. There should be patrol button in middle panel
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