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  1. Hello @ColinMcRae, it should be created once you start the game and try to do some changes to settings or log to lobby. However if you had older versions before, it should use the same one. else please refer to this: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths Have a nice day Regards, Angen
  2. if cav could not hunt anymore, that would drop cav rush even more, no? If regular soldiers would need to be used for hunting, their walk speed would need to go up else hunting would be nerfed even more, so making maps smaller by feeling? also 1 scout per match seems to be low, I would suggest make it trash in combat but easy to train and it should be ok to have unlimited number, so one would use it to hunt animals which don't fight back, for others would need more expensive units?
  3. from my perspective passive should be just passive so do noting. generally I do not see much use of violent stance since aggressive is good enough while frustrating at the same time because units generally move too far away and one needs to micro them back so I would like to redefine them at some point and then set non combat units to flee by nature (so they would not fight at all) or add them "new" flee stance.
  4. ah right sorry I though you were asking about the key, syntagma is formation which pike units of certain civ can form
  5. depending on your keyboard layout and picked keyboard language on system, it could be something left from the enter, try to change picked keyboard language to English and then start the game
  6. if i read costs correctly, only merc cost 80, non merc archers and skirmishers cost 100.
  7. @user1 can you please look at Colins case ?
  8. hello, 0ad is using xmpp client as proxy for requests to connect and answers from host of the match. everytime you host the match in lobby, there are logged all usernames who asked you for ip and port regardless if they got it or not (there was no password, there was wrong or correct, all cases are logged). you can see them in mainlog https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GameDataPaths. look for "XmppClient: Recieved request for connection data from" please also note, once you join host, host can see your ip
  9. hi, can you use snap store or do you have to use ppa? It is on sna store already https://snapcraft.io/0ad
  10. and there will be complains for Roman's being op because they have siege workshop and camps to produce rams which most players don't know how to counter?
  11. This does not make sense to me. If tutrling is so good why would not good player use walls?
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