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We welcome the constructive approach chosen by the creators of Fork AD. We didn't, indeed, agree on the design of the development environment, on the communication methods, and on how to ultimately ma

Greetings! As some of you might have noticed development has nearly come to a halt a while ago. This was not only caused by issues around the initial attempt at releasing Alpha 23, but also regar

Frog AD Swamps Ascendant  Coming to a mod downloader near to you soon!

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4 hours ago, fatherbushido said:

Well some news.
After 6 months of hard work, it was the time to have a real life meeting.

So we met during 3 days in Molvania at our own expenses.
We had profitable discussions and spend also a lot of times to code.

It was also the moment for us to discuss about our recent new contributors. Among them, I would cite Richard and Eric, or our Nvidia gpu expert Benedict (he could become our future community manager), Donald Ervin who will write some docs, Brian and Dennis who will help us on the c part of the code (they are currently busy writing a book), or Alexa who plan to help us on the AI but currently busy to learn many things.

The last day, we take a good dinner based on pizzas, garlic and cheese sandwiches and last but not least pork and beans. We kept the tarte flambée for after our STK game. We was really exhausted and took some rest watching Escape from New York. The end scene, the fact that one of our dev have removed thousand lines of dead code led us and perhaps some fermented beverage led us to take a decision: we had to fork our own fork.

We are proud to announce that the name of our meta fork is Spoon AD.

Congrats :) 

So you are now 10 ?

Pizzas sound good.


/me was gonna ask if Molvania was a good place to go on holidays, but it doesn't exist... *sad*

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On 12/23/2018 at 12:38 PM, fatherbushido said:

It's over 9000.

It is interesting to note that Goku's power level (Sentō Ryoku) is actually read as over 8000 in the original Japanese and English-translated mangas as well as the original Japanese anime series. 

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