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  1. All the icon portrait we can find know use a defined said color scheme (blue for citizen, red for champions, ...). Is there any artist who can explain or write a tuto on how to easily change the color? Do someone know the current color codes used (which red it is?) Thanks!
  2. That was also evoked in that topic:
  3. Sure I am, I just posted that to make you create an account to post your comment. And it worked! ;-)
  4. It was also reported here: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/4592 and adressed here: https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP20950 (It's another aspect of that issue)
  5. Exactly that. I am not sure how we have to interpret it in the game context. Units and structures are rectangle and apart units in formation, they don't overlap. So you will have only a finite numbers of damages in that area in the game context. Out of the game we want the (continuous) sum over the whole disk, but really I think it's not relevant. EDIT: writing that, I edited one post above. Yes, for the splash part. In fact it's even worse than you can expect. But not enough place in that margin.
  6. In theory: The damage is multipilied by 1-(5/10)**2 when the radius is 10 1-(5/7)**2 when the radius is 7 In every case: damage is full at origin damage is multiplied by 3/4 when at the half radius damage is 0 at full range
  7. I don't know what's the current state of the svn, so I will refer to the 0AD a23b state. It's always pleasing to see people who don't do random things! Indeed it would be more realistic to distribute the effect. What the code do is slightly different. EDIT: I didn't see it like that, but that's the same I guess. There is a multiplier of the damage with a quadratic falloff in the distance from the impact. Looking from above, the damage multiplier reduction looks like that: Again, those numbers are mainly for emergent behavior, not for direct gameplay control. For example: Damage multiplier in function of the distance between the impact and the target (in blue for radius=10, in red for radius=7). I plotted the left side because it's nicer: It's also surprising to see attempts of fine tuning such a number whereas there are many broken things in the splash feature code. @ValihrAnt is doing nice though (and he makes awesome videos)!
  8. I looked for an icon for Ptolemy IV and Ptolemy I and I didn't find any. for example in 0AD alpha 23 beta, here is the placeholder: units/ptol_hero_ptolemy_IV.xml:11: <Icon>units/mace_hero_philip.png</Icon units/ptol_hero_ptolemy_I.xml:11: <Icon>units/hele_hero_alexander.png</Icon> For Ptolemy I, it's especially annoying because Alexander has a really singular portrait icon.
  9. About tooltips, there were discussions long time ago with mainly two schools (and people switching from one to the other): - emergent behavior with a lot of stats (damage types, spread, ...) in the templates. - gameplay orientated templates (hard counters, classes). The idea with the first thing is that you don't have to learn how to play while in the second you just learn the basic rules of the game. A simple example is with the spread: - a stat which vaguely do something we could call "physical". Firing in a zone with some kind of spatial distribution then checking if there is something at that place... - a stat with just the probably to hit. Then if you have decide to hit, it hits. Showing the first thing in the tooltip appears completely useless. Showing the second thing in the tooltip appears completely useful. At some point, there was some kind of hybrid design with diverging intents. I really think that in such kind of game, you should not display all those stats in the tooltips and keeping them in some kind of encyclopedia, structure tree, hardcore extra tooltips panel or whatever. ;-) And that's a really interesting comment because you will find more than 5k players complaining about that stat!
  10. Just because you said it 3 times and you like precise things, I think it's more common to say an exponential law here to not have confusion with power law like production time in function of batch size for example. Well that's my last useless comment of the day!
  11. It's an excellent start for discussion which will lead to the point of view we consider (random list: [single player, multiplayer, lobby multiplayer, history, realism, code]). For example it was suggested that gauls and/or brits could use druid for attacking. - history? - gameplay? - balance? - realism? - code? I think you forum people have the answers! (I also think that at this point what started 20 years ago could only survive with mods. Multiplayer lobby player should have their mod, something handled by a lobby admin with a message inviting to use it. I don't know if they do that, but that would be good for us.)
  12. Ah yes I recall. I wanted to make it clear something about the meaning of health - that was the whole purpose of our discussion - but I was a bit sick that week so I explained myself badly . We work in an isolated context where there is attack of a given value, armour/armor of a given level and health of a given value. I incurred an attack of value A. What is the benefit on my health H of having +1 armor? My current hp is multiplied by (H-0.9A) / (H-A) (if A<H). Is that true? Perhaps. Is that relevant? I don't think so. What is the benefit on the total amount of attack I can handle of having +1 armor? The total amount of attack I can handle is multiplied by 1/0.9. The total health is the total amount of attack I can handle when I have 0 armor. So adding one more level is the same as keeping that level and multiplying the total health by 1/0.9. That's what Nescio wrote above and which is relevant for us. Tell me if there are flaws somewhere. (Now that I write it I recall to have tried to convince someone in the lobby during an hour about that and failing at it - end of my life.) PS: @Nescio while you are here, have you a nice way to write ("1/0.9." where "." has different meanings)?
  13. Actually someone with same nick as me added related things to Zero AD . Something like a discussion occurred here: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D502 Names probably was provided by someone who likes giving names (like in https://code.wildfiregames.com/D449).
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