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  1. fatherbushido

    Ideas ?

    @sarcoma Thanks for you reply! I know those things (knowing that part of the code and playing that game). I quote you because you was the only one to have pointed the 3 elements (sorry if I repeat): - A: requires no skill - B: makes dancing unit immortal - C: enemy army focuses on it And the remaining questions is what is the problematic part (A, B or C?) or which combination of them? To be more precise, for example, is B alone problematic? (I have my personal answers, but I'd like that people complaining about that can (have the tools to) properly define their problem.) (Some months ago I had already looked at that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3j-WQc0AWA (ignore that the soldiers don't react to the cav).) (promotion cheering animation is another issue and only a matter of taste finally.)
  2. fatherbushido

    Ideas ?

    Can someone which see that as a problem define me the problem? For example, here (the best summary quote I find in that topic): I see 3 issue: - A: requires no skill - B: makes dancing unit immortal - C: enemy army focuses on it Which one is the problem (or which combination is a problem)? (I have my personal answers to that but I'd like to hear yours - defining a problem usually come before solving it.)
  3. fatherbushido

    Technology Portraits (2019 and beyond)

    Thanks @wowgetoffyourcellphone! All the one you posted are done by you and cc-by-sa licensed, that's it?
  4. fatherbushido

    Ideas ?

    Thanks @Sundiata for saying it! (for a long time, the only relevant answer I had to proposed to that issue was "42")
  5. fatherbushido

    Should fortresses have a territory root?

    My taste is no territory root for fortress. CC must be the key of the thing (we are already far of the initial territory design). Fortress is something important as an outpost but it can't survive itself (but you can keep it when garrisoned). Though finally what are we voting for, everybody can just add two lines in their own mod
  6. fatherbushido

    Should fortresses have a territory root?

    To be more accurate, it's not a default garrison, it's default arrows (excuse me for my english). It's for example written in the tooltip of those structures (towers, fortress, cc, ...) and you can set up that in the BuildingAI entry of the related templates.
  7. fatherbushido

    DE Alpha 23b rebundle

    @gameboy fork-ad
  8. You can look at Delenda Est mod for example.
  9. fatherbushido

    Publish the game on the new market places

    It is: a23b
  10. fatherbushido

    Expansion Pack Mod Release V 1.0.2

    I don't want to diverge from the main topic, but you obviously know that they were removed to let place for stats. But happens what it happens: nothing (from the gameplay features point of view). Was that too early? Was there a failure? I guess it's not my problem nor yours ;-)
  11. fatherbushido

    Expansion Pack Mod Release V 1.0.2

    That doesn't even make sense to have those 3 stats with hard counters. Only 1 stat is needed.
  12. @7yl4r: the wiki is a bit outdated.
  13. fatherbushido

    Expansion Pack Mod Release V 1.0.2

    ( They are implemented since 2011. They were even massively used in 10 wfg released alpha between 2011 and 2014 (from a7 to a16). )
  14. fatherbushido

    Fork AD

    It's over 9000.
  15. fatherbushido

    Fork AD

    Since our announcement was shared in a few places among them the Wildfire Games Forums a few questions were asked. It is time to answer some of them. Project name No, the final project name will be Fork AD 9001. Project goals We still adhere to the old ideals of doing things properly. That means we first have to fix some code rot so there is a nice foundation to build on. Do note that this does not mean that there are no improvements upon already sound bases. While we intend to improve all aspects of the game, our current focus is on mod support and single player improvements. Different culture How we differ is in that we actually discuss things when discussion is needed, and ask for each others feedback. As opposed to a culture that makes one think of the quote "What we've got here is failure to communicate". Though we apparently caused quite a surge in WFG team communications with our announcement, you're welcome. Private source Yes, the repo is currently not public. Select individuals might be given access if it seems worth it however. Contributing to 0 A.D. We think some people might want to read the initial announcement again if it wasn't clear enough. Everyone is free to do with our released code what the license allows them to do. But that is where us contributing to 0 A.D. ends. Last we checked trying to interact with them did not lead to any useful result, and talking to walls is not the best use of our time. We do wish them luck with getting Alpha 23 released in a state that is worth calling a release. Something else that might be worth reading are the words of the most active contributor that is left "Secondly the capable motivated and available developers went down"source. And since we want to let people make up their own mind we do include some statistics, that might be skewed by a few factors. Among them are people committing patches by others, people doing reviews of others' code instead of committing things, and more. And not even all of us kept contributing through that full date range, but without further ado: git shortlog -sn --since='2017-01-01' --until='2017-12-31' 618 elexis 248 autobuild 228 mimo 147 fatherbushido 80 Imarok 59 leper 49 bb 48 Stan 46 Itms 30 wraitii 14 LordGood 14 Pureon 14 s0600204 13 enrique 9 vladislavbelov 6 FeXoR 3 gallaecio 3 scythetwirler 2 omri Despite our reservations against what is left of the team, we do appreciate them allowing part of this discussion to happen on their forums. As always we are open to questions and if you want to have your questions answered immediately, then you know where to find us. Kind regards, fatherbushido, leper and mimo.