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Battalion test mode


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The AI Petra doesn’t train women to gather food and the women keeps on gathering food from hunts. They train lots of men but only do wood, stone and metal gather. A farmstead was built and farms are ready to be built near the farmstead which is far from the CC  but seems like no one wants to build that farm. I haven’t seen the replay yet as to why that behavior is occurring. The AI can’t progress to P2 since food is very scarce in this behavior. 

The blood on archers (I use my favorite Athenian) foot still there and their animation to build is bugged(they just stood there while the structure is progressing to be built). BTW there is no more percentage build progress while a structure like temples are being built? It seems the structure stayed at the original footing despite there is progress of build. So even if the structure is 99% finishing it still look the same as when you start it. Not a big deal though as long as it’s finished.

Idc tbh about how the units are trained whether in battalion or individuals nor their animations as these can be fixed later, nether do I care about balance nor this civ and that civ have it for as long as the AI Petra works and make huge armies and behaves like vanilla. I say this because imo if you mod the game 0ad with more complexity there will be few lobby players who will DL and play it. Assuming you fix the errors (which I also had but I think it disappears and the game still continues), animations and game mechanics there will still very few MP players who will play it until we spread the words. But there will be some players (like me and lots of SP players) whom might play it as long as the AI enemy Petra behaves accordingly. IMO any mod should focus their priority on the Petra behavior because the main thing that the game is made and played is because of the interest on the armies battling each other. 

Tbh I’ve been monitoring your progress because you we’re gutsy and bold enough to really make a realistic mod. Sieges being manned, auto phase up, now I see Athenian archers from barracks and seemed the marines too even if there’s no dock or ships). BTW athen sword cavs can’t be trained after P2?

Off-topic: A week ago a couple of us played DE in the lobby and seemed to work fine and really fun and one good player seemed to like trying different mod and I think he likes DE as he always ask me to play him after the Mauryan archers and cavalries keep his Gallic Civ at bay and and eventually subdued him. 

It seems hard to convince lots of players to play the mods but I’m going to try to spread it. I think your mod needs to be different and if possible remove training of military units from CC. Why borg mod is appealing is that it introduced new features like archery range, siege workshop and stables and tbh spamming military units early is reduced in the beginning thereby too early rush is not really viable (most players don’t like being rushed) because units can be trained from military structures only. 

DE @wowgetoffyourcellphonetbh is the best except ranged units destroy structures easily. All the new players have to do is pay attention to the added resources (honor) as its very much needed. He has more new Civs and units though  some units can’t be trained more than the allotted max. He has extra new maps and a lot more. I just hope the AI Petra would be challenging now too and tenacious.

@Nescio 0abc seems not done yet too but his mechanics is very much interesting with addition of silver resources, food decay and have yet to try his mod or if he has done enough for his mod to be ready. I like his 

What appeals to the players are new features and I think casual gamers who would like to have fun will play it

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39 minutes ago, Servo said:

 DE @wowgetoffyourcellphonetbh is the best except ranged units destroy structures easily. All the new players have to do is pay attention to the added resources (honor) as its very much needed. He has more new Civs and units though  some units can’t be trained more than the allotted max. He has extra new maps and a lot more. I just hope the AI Petra would be challenging now too and tenacious.


Which ranged units? I haven't really tried hard core balancing much in DE.

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hey @Servo you might want to download this mod again as blood on units have been fixed and soldiers do not build anymore. Soldiers have been removed from CCs. Btw to train some unit it is needed to build blacksmith, then you can build barracks and range, to build stables you need also corral. And for every unit to unlock you need  research forging and specific weapon, for cavalry you need also cavalry tech and horsed unit with specific weapon as well, so early raiding is delayed as you need to unlock almost everything to proceed to wanted unit. Also every you get hero with bodyguards (mainly champions) so I think even if some player is able to rush to get some soldiers earlier,  you still have some units able to fight. 

About athen sword cav, they can be trained.

Yes, I agree and realise that Petra gameplay and single-player is important :).

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On 1/17/2019 at 3:12 PM, Angen said:

Making bottom section for battalions, do you think it is too much bars and I should let it on tooltip ?



why not trying to use cards?


And much simpler to group the different divisions and regiments, placing the HP of the unit above the Illustration of itself. Now with the formation i.e. the formation icon move it to another drop down panel how it happened with it Rtw in this way much more practical and besides being aesthetic.







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Just small mental update what is going on last days :) I am messing with AI and I am trying to implement different things.


Things pretty ready:

AI moves batalion as group of units (no more long line of walking units).


Things done but needs more tweaks:

Resources are not marked as available if height difference in position of resource and dropsite is big. (that helps units to not choose as first resources which are close but because of cliff, they would go way around)

After near resources are depleted AI should build new dropsite closer.

AI builds farmsteads near fruit bushes to collect them faster. 


What I need to fix:

AI tends to build a lot of dropsites really close ( no clue why  :D ).


What I need to do before kind of ready:

I need to rewrite attackplan update function to react with batalions and not single units.

And more important to do the same for defence.


So there is a long way before me :)


@Diatryma thank you for respond, I ll try to think about something more practical.

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Hey everyone, I have problem with events and AI.

In TechnologyManager is

    // always send research finished message
    Engine.PostMessage(this.entity, MT_ResearchFinished, {"player": playerID, "tech": tech});

I have added this into AIProxy

AIProxy.prototype.OnResearchFinished = function(msg)
    this.cmpAIInterface.PushEvent("ResearchFinished", msg);

In AIInterface I have this line


And in AI I am waiting for this event

for (let evt of events.ResearchFinished)
        warn("RESEARCH " + evt.tech + " FINISHED");        

which never happens


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Hey there,

I had the exact same problem a few days ago and I just couldnt figure out what I was missing.
after testing multiple theories of mine and asking around I found the solution.
The solution is usually inside the interface file of that component.


 * Message of the form { "player": number, "tech": string }
 * sent from TechnologyManager component whenever a technology research is finished.

However, the research finished event is already sent from there in this case so that is not the problem.
To fix this particular problem you will have to remove the method from the AIProxy component and convert it to a global method in AI Interface like this:

AIInterface.prototype.OnGlobalResearchFinished = function (msg)

Also make sure to add a disabler in the case that there are no AI players present.

AIInterface.prototype.Disable = function()
	this.enabled = false;
	let nop = function(){};
	this.ChangedEntity = nop;
	this.PushEvent = nop;
	this.OnGlobalPlayerDefeated = nop;
    this.OnGlobalEntityRenamed = nop;
    this.OnGlobalResearchFinished = nop;
	this.OnGlobalTributeExchanged = nop;
	this.OnTemplateModification = nop;
	this.OnGlobalValueModification = nop;

That should fix your event.


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