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  1. Diatryma

    ===[TASK]=== African minifaction buildings

    So how look like them?
  2. Diatryma

    ===[TASK]=== African minifaction buildings

    question Saba was in Africa or was in south Arabian peninsula?
  3. Diatryma

    Ideas ?

    you don't destroy the fun if both things can coexist like Rise and Fall. from creators of Empire Earth and Empires Dawn of modern age
  4. Diatryma

    [Terra Magna] Terra Magna is now available!

    that happening because UWP. then bad release date, so then they try to done with several glitches. then try to fix but was worse.
  5. Diatryma

    Ideas ?

    eh.... nope, total war isn't base building game. Try Ancerstor Legacy, Praetorians, Battle for the Middle Earth and Rise and Fall : Civilizations at war.
  6. Diatryma

    13th Century Europe Mod - In Development

    what about this enviroment? (Ancestors Legacy)
  7. A beast originated by forbidden passions and lust. we can add to him clothes, but armor...
  8. Diatryma

    2522: Warhammer [Overhaul mod]

    quite nice surprise.
  9. Diatryma

    DE Alpha 23b rebundle

    I like analogies and metaphor, i can be most divided. but they survived.
  10. Diatryma

    DE Alpha 23b rebundle

    is fine for now, they have their own vision.
  11. Diatryma

    Sarmatian , Dacian and Scythian Props

    isn't 100% Roman, is Levantine traditional style with many other addons.
  12. Diatryma

    Help with Atlas Map Editor

    open a new topic dude. and explain more what you want.