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Battalion test mode


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Batalion Test Update

  • soldiers are trained in battalions of size 15 (infantry) + banner carrier
  • cannot build
  • cannot be disbanded
  • cannot be merged
  • hero deploys with his specific battalion
  • to use ram or siege tower you has to "garrison" battalion into it, but units stays visible and can be attacked
  •  garrisoning into buildings is possible and in garrison panel all units from battalion are grouped under one icon (you can ungarirson only all of them)
  • units can be put into Free formation, in this case they will not keep any of the shape and this is preferred in city spaces


  •  ammo refill should be fixed
  • technologies have been removed from structure tree visualisation because of space
  •  house has 10 population bonus


some buildings have been moved to phases

  • Sentry Tower -> town phase
  • Palisade -> town phase
  • Farmstead -> town phase
  • Barracks, Ranged -> town phase (+ blacksmith)
  • Stables -> town phase (+ corral)
  • Field -> needs farming research (available town phase)
  • Stone Tower -> city phase 
  • Stone Wall -> city phase

Technology Forging is needed for

  • archery
  • axes
  • swords
  • spears
  • mace

City Phase is needed for

  • chain armour

Vision range of units is lower ( a lot ).

Infantry speed is lower, cavalry speed is a bit higher (percentage wise compared to infantry).

Gather rate is drastically lower -> technologies has huge boost for gather rate.

Worship of gods

You can choose which god your people will worship. You can worship 3 gods from 6 (now). In each phase you can choose one from pair. First two are in CC. 3th is in temple.

  • God of animals (cavalry training boost)
  • God of builders (building boost)
  • God of family (worker training boost)
  • God of farming (farming rate boost)
  • God of blacksmiths (research in blacksmiths boost)
  • God of war (infantry training boost)

A bit changed Civilisation selection.


Each battalion has its banner carrier, but they do not really fit in as unit type yet.

Running or charging might not drain energy for battalions (I am not sure what I messed up)

Capturing is kind of not possible using battalions yet ( dont worry, it will be).

AI is a bit broken because of number of units in battalions and slowdown (to be fair I broke it) so enjoy smashing AI because it does not train soldiers.

Or find someone for MP :) (better to test it)


Thank you for support :) 

Please report weird animations (like alive blooded soldier, soldier without helm but rest of his battalion has, not moving capes - this drives me mad, I always find one) 

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As I've mentioned a few days ago on IRC, I'm also working on a battalion system. We might be able to share ideas and code, if you don't mind. I've only had a brief look at your code on github. I might want to copy parts of it, especially the battalion selection code. Is that OK for you?

I've uploaded the current state to github: https://github.com/Yves-G/0ad/tree/BattalionSystem
Feel free to copy if you find anything you can use. It's still very experimental and unfinished in the current state. There's a demo map included with (currently) just two melee battalions that can attack eachother.

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just now when they are prepared they are in combat animation to get into this state I use attack. preparetime

It can be setted animation speed. 

just now what I did for archers, I splited aim and loose+reload animation and unit has 2 more states:

firing- performs attack and plays loose+reload animation with speed 1 and once and timer is set from some vatlue in template and after the timer is seted aim animation again once with default lenght and state aim is set there  goes next timer with rest of repeat time and after it firing again


so i am not stretching animations here

it looks weird i think (now javelin thrower looks a bit funny when ready to fire :D )


and yes, ai should work. but still spending a lot on buildings and workers :D and rather phase up like research weapons or train soldiers

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I played the mod last night and I have some errors but the game continues and errors messages are disappearing. 

There are red(blood?) on some archers feet too. 

One thing that needs to be fixed are range units/animations in which they stayed in the frontline waiting to reload instead of backing off to the rear. I have yet to test/play more but it seems that this is a promising mod and if you can implement some of borgs mod like no CS training from CC, etc this is going to be really nice. 

The AI behavior seems fine too though still nub but at least they are fighting and training armies albeit disorganized. 

Garrisoning is fine with me as it is more realistic especially for firing structures. I would appreciate if the towers will fire with range projectiles depending on what type is garrisoned. If it’s not range unit it shouldn’t fire and just effect the capture rate. 




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hi @Servo thank you for testing, for now, siege that has units as actors does not require batalion, anyway visible units using ram are causing a bit of problem ram not attacking so I am reverting it to garrison and disapear till i figure out fix for this. 

They should be repairable i dont remember to disable this but soldiers dont build may be case they cant repair too. 

Had archers bows aiming while staying there or they fired and stayed idle. 

It may be because that errors in timers. 

I thought I fixed all blooded units :brickwall:

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