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  1. In a test the ammo of skirmishers didn't refill. Maybe a bug.
  2. The balancing-mod is now signed and ready to be installed in game through Options/Mod Selection. You can read what did change on https://0ad.mod.io/balancing-mod
  3. The balancing-mod in now, thanks to Itms, available to download in game under Options/Mod Selection
  4. Sure I try to fix all errors. ATM i don't know of any. In last version i lowered the promotion by a factor of 2 or 3, cause ValihirAnt had also 70 Heroes in long a FFA game , I fix the look out towers in next version, thx for reporting. U can look in which unit a unit can be promoted under balancing-mod/simulation/template/units/ the are xml files which is easy to understand. Pike and Spear Champs will be promoted to a spear Hero, swords to a sword Hero, Archer and Crossbows to a Archer Hero, Javelin to a Javelin Hero, Ele to Ele Hero, but all Cav will be promoted only to one Cav Hero for all. @Servo
  5. I could try, but i don't know how, and I'm not sure if I fixed it properly. And by making a patch u mean to make a new ticket and upload the new UnitAI? @stanislas69
  6. There is a strange behaivor, when formation walk out of a aura that effects the walking speed. Sometimes the reduction of the walking speed don't reverse to normal; only when a new formation-form is selected it gets back to normal. This is esp. true for slow Units it seems. I fixed it by giving in UnitAI.js the WALKING order in FORMATIONMEMBER a new timer, a leave and Timer function. In my test it seems to work. Another strange behavior of formation is that they seem sometimes to go back to a point, and then walking to that direction as they were ordered. But it isn't a big issue. Or formation can be stuck into trees, when working there, but when ordered out, they can be stuck cause the the passability-setting for formation is to big sin some cases. So they are "arrested" into the trees, if they keep the formation. Also a minor issue. UnitAI.js
  7. Thx Servo again, I'm happy that u like the mod. I hope to fixed the Error with the ProductionQoue,js,, in the newest update. And I forgot to mention that I disabled the selection of Wounded Units, cause with promotion up to Hero that function would become probably too powerful, and it would cause maybe people -with good micromanagement- saving all the time wounded Units, which wouldn't be neither a pleasure to play, nor realistic.
  8. Thx Servo. i couldn't reproduce the error, but it is very likely cause i made my mod compatible with fgod mod. But since it isn't a error which has any real effect, i will rather continue have the compatibility with fgod mod.
  9. thx Servo and (-_-.), I appreciate your help. I hope i corrected the errors already, I'm not total sure, but the first error was probably in a new map with no gathering for soldier or women, what is a unknown case for Petra. The second is probably cause in some maps unlock_shared_los is already researched, but that warning causes no errors anyway
  10. i also thought about all this, and made a mod out of my thinking. To make 0 A.D.more of a city-building game, i gave most civs roads, and markets and temples have also more econmic purpose. And to make battles more interesting I decided to implement formation fighting. One of many advantages is, that that way units can be controlled better and battles can become more tactical, f.e.. cause flanking or backstabing give a bonus. To reduce clickling i made the game a little less paced, some buildings have infinite battailon productions, more hotkeys options, like for build buildings. And i decided to make a batter counter system, mainly though changing armour of different units. I also made some maps where gathering by units is totally disabled, only by building buildings resources can gathered. r only female can gather. That way all the micro can go in to military. It plays that way more like Zero-K ,AoE or The Battle for MiddleEarth. But when the gameplay is the main concern, the realism and historic precision suffers a bit, for that isn't a problem, for others it is. https://0ad.mod.io/balancing-mod
  11. @naniI included these two maps in my balancing-mod. I hope it is still ok for you, they are really great maps. And in one version i changed the setting that way, that players need to heavily trade, as your first intention was. And in some of the new maps a new gameplay is implemented, f.e. with no unit gathering, but buildings give resources; or Soldier cannot work anymore, some maps have builder that can build camps with the capability of producing legions, etc. .Or some maps offer some noob buffering so 2vs1 is possible or a game between different skilled players. https://0ad.mod.io/balancing-mod/
  12. @macemen I total agree that each civ should play very different. I made a mod that tries exactly that. Gauls f.e. are now good in farming and have cheap fanatics, sparta has strong infantry which faster promotion, persia has a weak infantry but good cavalry, Rome has legions and officer of commands, macedonia has auxiliary troops and faster promotion to heroes. And almost all special building or Unit is stronger, that way it defines the strategy more. Dowload at: https://0ad.mod.io/balancing-mod
  13. Thx @Servo. I hope i could fixed all problems with fgod-mod. But everyone should first enable fgod mod, and later the balancing-mod. Scenario-Editor still don't works with fgod-mod. I updated the mod on mod.io. Some new features: legions for rome and athen, new random maps, dune and fert are from nani. So thx to nani. In some the new maps new gameplay is implemented, f.e. with no unit gathering, but buildings give resources; or Soldier cannot work anymore. balancing-mod.zip
  14. Indeed if the new version doesn't work it is best to delete the old one in \My Games\0ad\mods\ folder After that it is very easy to install the zip file by drag and drop. like in the linked Video. You can download the mod here below, or at https://0ad.mod.io/balancing-mod balancing-mod.15.zip
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