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[Part II] Faction: Early Muscovite Russia

Le Druide Gaulois

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Hello there!

Okey, I understand. I´m starting in 3D desing, I have not idea xD, but I´m learning with video tutorials and all information there are in 0 AD forums. I think that I have learn too much using the programs (blender and gimp). I´m going slowly but I like it. So, I thank you all helps and opinions. The details are complicated for me, but I´ll try to get better desing. Soon, I will keep working soon on these models.

Thank you for you help.

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Hello to all.

@fcxSanya, about "Another possible Slavic temple design"- place with idols on open air.

I'm sure, that only it can be used for Slavs. Christianity appeared only near in 900 year under the influence of Byzantine friends of Russian ruler, especially, him: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladimir_the_Great

And vice versa, for Muscovite Russian as temples can be used only Christian Churches, because it was the official religion of heads of the country (initially, Russia appeared as union of Slavic tribes under the head of overseas persons from Vikings-Rus tribe (as told in chronicle, but near half historians refute it)).

About Slavs. We must understand, that what we're calling Slavs -  were different tribes, which have separate namings, but had one general name - Slavs (because of same origin, language).

There are not many mentions of Slavs in historical documents, so we need to look at them on history line (1 - Rybakov B.A.: Paganism of ancient Slavs; 2 - Rybakov B.A. - The Origin of Rus):

  • V millenuim BC. There are Indo-Europian agricultural tribes. They started to settle in Europe in northern direction. Because of this settlements, culture of linear-band ceramics (линейно-ленточной керамики) appears. (1 - page 147)
  • In the middle of IV millenium BC (while Indo-European language community is still present) from linear-band ceramics culture appears: in the middle of previous region - stroke-ornamented pottery culture (накольчатой керамики), лендельская culture (cannot translate); in the east of previous region - Trypillian (трипольская) culture (which is partially on the place of motherland of Praslavs). (1 - page 147)
  • IV - first part of III millenium: to the west of Wisla - there are stroke-ornamented and лендельская agricultures, to the east of Wisla - Trypillian. This situation remained near 1000 years. Also here came some tribes from funnel beaker culture (TRB, known for its megalithic structures (in South England, Jutland). From this time linguists talk about Language Ancestors of Slavs. (1 - p. 148)
  • Proto-Slavs. End of Neolithic age (end of III, beginning of II millenium BC). This age is known for creation of the culture of the globular amphorae. To the ancient agriculture added: animal farming, wheel transport (a team of oxen), riding on horses. Increasing amounts of herds of cattle contributed in appearing of merchants, warriors, unions and diplomatic relations between tribes.
    The approximate region of this culture - from Leipzig to Kiev, from Baltic sea to mountain barrier. Gornung reckons, that culture of the globular amphorae is time, when Proto-Germans, Proto-Slavs, Proto-Balts lived together. (1 - p. 150)
  • Pra-Slavs. Bronze age (starting from the middle of II millenium BC). Remained near 2000 years, at that time was present single Pra-Slavic language. Linguists tell, that Tshinecky (тшинецкая) culture (XV - XIII centuries BC) satisfies all their requirements to be the bearers of Pra-Slavic language, it remained near 450 years. (1 - p. 154) Polish researches Nosik, Gendel also thought, that Tshinecky culture also was Pra-Slavic place from river of Dnepr to Oder. (1 - p. 218)
    Doings: agriculture, animal farming, fishing, hunting (in some places gathered salt).
    Tools: stone axes, knifes, sickle; bronze decorations, chisel.
    Buildings: eath-houses, little houses; unfortified settlements. Social order: generic.
  • After Tshinecky culture was: opening the Iron, appearing of tillage farming, creating of military squads, significant increase of trade, communication with the Mediterranean peoples.
    East part of Pra-Slavs region was influenced with Scythians (VII - III century BC), west - with Lusatian culture (XII - IV century BC). (1 - p. 226)
    Greek historian Gerodot called Pra-Slavs, who lived near Dnepr - the Scythians-farmers.
    (after dying of Lusatian culture and fall of Scythian country, east and west Pra-Slavs became more uniform. (1 - p. 227))
  • In VI-V centuries BC there was systematic export of bread from middle of Dnepr into Greece through Black Sea port - Olbia. This matches Black-Forest culture.
    Slavs of middle Dnepr also traded with Scythians, was present cultural exchange with them. (2 - p. 44 / 609 - e-book).
  • Near starting AD came Sarmatians, Slavs retreated to north forests. The decline in culture. (2 - p. 46 / 609)
  • After a conquest of Dacia by Roman Empire (98-117 AD), they came to the borders of Slavs, that lived on the center of Dnepr (north forest-steppe) (north part of multi-ethnic Chernyakhov (черняховская) culture). (2 - p. 49 / 609)
    Cities of Rome bought bread from Slavs, which made them good welfare. (1 - p. 220)
    Again appeared export agriculture in larger size. Appeared potter's wheel, millstone, blast furnace. Opened ways to the Black Sea.
  • End of V - beginning VI century AD. Large moving of Slavs to and below Danube to the south, won and settle large part of Byzantium Empire on/near Balkan Peninsula. (2 - p. 53 / 609) Creating Kiev (large trade place) on Field Slavs (поляне) lands.
    Now are known different Slavonic tribes: Field-Slavs (поляне), North-Slavs (северяне), Tree-Slavs (древляне), вятичи, радимичи, южные уличи, хорваты, кривичи and many many other.
  • VIII - IX centuries AD. Slavic tribes are grouping into unions, unions are grouped with other unions. All of them were grouped by the power of Kiev prince. (2 - p. 70 / 609)
    Was spread trade with Byzantium, Caliphate (goods included gathered from people animal skins).

So we can see, that on all periods, Slavs had: agriculture, ceramic culture.
Military forces appeared when they were needed with protection purpose.
Was populated merchanting.


In general, some artificial reconstruction of Slavonic things you can see in film: "The Primordial Rus" (about near 6-th century):

film on YouTube

  • 8:49 - 9:48 (village buildings, hence);
  • 21:02 - 22:42 (house of healer, some idols)
  • 22:42 (clothes of woman)
  • 27:31, 36:07 (shields)
  • 37:33 - 38:50 (buildings, fighters)
  • 47:25 - 48:20 (bulldings, many people (standard clothes))

As we can see, houses are made from wood, common clothes is white with red elements, shields are made from wood with metal elements. But in film were used very primitive houses. They have a lack of ritual decorations, to which every owner treated with respect - from it came peace and good luck in his family; this reveal them as modern buildings.

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Details. Cultures, which were before Slavs itself.


As part of multi-ethnic Chernyakhov culture (II - IV centuries AD).

In general:

  • Buildings: eath-houses (rectangular, 20 sq. meters), little houses (rectangular, 10 - 40 sq. meters); Settlements: unfortified.
  • Doings: pastoralism, agriculture, crafts, hunting, fishing, ceramics, metallurgy (used swamp and other ore), in some places - salt extraction, weaving (wool and linen), woodworking.
  • Was present trading with antique cities, as currency used Roman coins.

Agriculture: plow farming using light or heavy plow. Grew millet, barley, wheat, oats, peas, were widespread flax and hemp. For harvest used sickles and scythes of different shapes. Stored supplies in the pits-cellars and large clay vessels-storage facilities.
In the settlement Floresti (Moldova) discovered the economic pit that can accommodate up to 12 quintals of grain, which is a year's supply for a family of 6 people. For grinding grain used rotary stone millstones. Discovered the mill buildings that could be used by multiple families.

Animals: large and small cattle, pigs, horses, poultry.

Fortification buildings: eath (snake) shafts,

Dressing: made of linen, hemp and wool fabrics. Man's 1, man's 2, scheme 1, holidays woman's 1.



Imenkov culture (именьковская). I'll not write about it, because many researches think it's not Slavic.

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@soloooy0, I'm not historian, I need to read about weapons and other. The only thing I know - there were shields, swords, ships =)
I doubt about that early Slavs used crossbows =) And about catapults I doubt too.
About rams - maybe they were present, because, as I know, they are the only way to brake gates of city.
There were several fights with cities, but I don't remember much about their weapons.

I'll read about it and will wright here to everybody, who'll want to help with this fraction.

And how @Lion.Kanzen told, you can try Rise of the east mod =)

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Hola No Se Si los eslavos tenian ballestas en ESE Momento dudo Que Seria exclusiva de China Conocida Como pero- -chu-ko-nu quiero USAR regimientos de Ballesteros Como en AOE 3

De esa Civilización se Estudia muy poco Donde vivo. -.-

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5 minutes ago, soloooy0 said:

Hello I do not know if the Slavs had crossbows at that time I doubt it would be exclusive of Chinese known as -chu-ko-nu but- I want to use regiments of crossbowmen as in aoe 3

Of that civ is studied very little where I live. -.-

We don't say that, we say the actual faction with this weapon are Han Dynasty. Because no other are designed with this weapon, yet.

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I'm reading now book about origin of Rus, all about weapons, that I'll meet there, I'll write here.

There are many excavations of Slav's settlements, but I need to find and read about them. There were more than 20 Slavic tribes, the territory, that they lived is very large. From Odra, Wisla in west to Don, Volga in east; from Baltic sea to Crimea, it changed through time.

For example, west Slavs had different culture than east in one time cut (because they lived in different cultures with different other peoples). So one could have one weapons, other - others.

There are many descriptions of that excavations, even DNA analysis, but I need to find and get known about them.

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15 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

You are concept artist?

nah, not really :)

I'm just an illustrator and I was trying something out... 

I don't have experience as concept artist tout-court. As I said previously, my problem is that I have very little / basic knowledge of Blender and 3d software in general, so it would take me a while to convert these sketches to actual assets that can be used in the game. So for now it was just a bit for fun!

If you think this skill can be helpful to the game / process, I would be very happy to contribute! :)I'd have to learn everything else about making the game but is very fascinating

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6 minutes ago, Radiotraining said:

nah, not really :)

I'm just an illustrator and I was trying something out... 

I don't have experience as concept artist tout-court. As I said previously, my problem is that I have very little / basic knowledge of Blender and 3d software in general, so it would take me a while to convert these sketches to actual assets that can be used in the game. So for now it was just a bit for fun!

If you think this skill can be helpful to the game / process, I would be very happy to contribute! :)I'd have to learn everything else about making the game but is very fascinating

Drawing buildings is difficult.

Most of us artists don't like it.

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Another attempt for a concept of mercenary units.

As I said to Lion Kanzen, this is just to experiment a bit and provide ideas for new civilizations for the mod :) and also an exercise for me to get back to the drawing board ehehehe

If there's interest to update the mod, I can plan to actually design a line of units/buildings for each civilization, so it can be a blueprint for new assets that hopefully can give new life to this medieval version of 0ad.

Since the announcement of AOE 4, I got back to good old RTS games and I think a scenario of kings and knights is the only thing missing to make 0ad great! :)


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4 hours ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

@Stan` @Lopess @Trinketos @wowgetoffyourcellphone

I am getting involved with our mods/little projects.

if you have any suggestions, since days we didn't have a conceptual artist.


I believe we have a lot of good ideas and mod, but with no updates or releases like MilleniumAD, a help to see maybe even more civil updates on them and new structures.

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