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[Part II] Faction: Early Muscovite Russia

Le Druide Gaulois

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Special features

These are some of the features conceptualized for the Rus' faction. They're meant to open different possibilities within the gameplay, while keeping the balance.

Since at the beginning of Rus' history, most of the armies were composed by informal aggregation of peasants, nomadic tribes and hunters, the units available in the game are 10% cheaper but 10% weaker than their counterpart. At the same time, the Rus' faction benefit from a more flexible building structure and techs that makes them adapt to multiple strategies.



  • HUNTING LODGE:  Unique building available to the Rus' civilization. Dropsite for food resources. Can be built in neutral territory


  • Hunting Tradition: +20% meat gathering rate
  • Rogatina (bear spear): unlock "hunters" (jav infantry) in the barracks




  • TRADING POST:  act as a market and dropsite. Can be built in neutral territory to establish early trade routes in the map



Trains: traders

Can be upgraded to: Fortress (but lose gradually loyalty if not garrisoned)


  • PRIEST A symbol of Russian conversion to Christianity. Thanks to technologies in the temple, priests can inspire soldiers with their aura, making it faster to advance ranks during combat.



  • HUNTER (Jav. Infantry). Unique unit of the Rus'.



Light support infantry. Can't advance ranks but can upgrade to melee with 10 metal (or switch back to javelins), offering a flexible range of functions.



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