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  1. Why so many Alpha stages?

    We're starting to be more careful with the estimates. We used to have such ETA for the final release! --- Day changed Sun Jan 29 2012 <...> 21:47 < Igorel> hi all 21:47 < Igorel> when will be the relise of 0 A.D. 21:47 < Igorel> ? 21:47 < Igorel> final realese? 21:48 < quantumstate> we don't know yet, possibly about a years time 21:48 < erik_feneur1> Probably some years into the future. 21:48 < quantumstate> I may be being too optimistic 21:49 < erik_feneur> I've learned not to be too optimistic. Jason said "perhaps within a year or two" when I joined in 2007 =) <...> 21:59 <@Philip`> It was "perhaps within a year or two" when I joined in 2004 :-)
  2. Happy New Year!

    Being a historical project, we observe New Year according to the Julian calendar: Old New Year
  3. Unread Content unavailable?

    I have this issue for a few days too. The "Unread Content" loads a significant time (likely depending on unread items count, permissions etc.) and there seems to be a one-minute timeout (so if it doesn't manage to load in that time, it returns http 503). Apparently for most people it works fine, for my account it almost never manages to load. I created a new test account and it always works fine there (even though it lists all recent content as 'unread'). I've asked Jan about it yesterday, he said: I didn't manage to post on IPB forums yet.
  4. Hyrule Conquest

    I don't think gui scripts are executed for AI. And in any case you should send that command from the AI itself.
  5. Hyrule Conquest

    Yeah, something strange is happening. Works this way, thanks! Committed.
  6. Hyrule Conquest

    By some reason I can't get this working, I tried disabling all mods and putting your example (with and without replacing "args" to "initData, hotloadData") into mods/user/gui/session/session2.js , but the game crashes on the session init without the crash logs or any useful messages in the logs:
  7. Hyrule Conquest

    It was a proof-of-concept implementation, if Hyrule Conquest (or any other mod) is going to stick with it, we indeed shoud find a way to call initCivChoicesDialog without modifying session.js Do you mean we need to modify the main game to call the new init method (under a new name) or we may name it 'init' too and somehow call the original with the same name? Yes, I separated copying files from 0ad and introducing actual changes to make them easier to track. It's based on Alpha 22. If you are talking about civ_choices_window.xml then it's loaded by <include directory="gui/session/dialogs/"/> here
  8. Hyrule Conquest

    @darkinterloper hello and welcome to the forums! As @Nescio correctly said, all the following lines are subsequences of the syntax error in civ_choices.js The syntax error must be consistent (rather than depending on some data), so someone must have changed the file (comparing to its 'original' state in the civ choices mod ). So please share the file itself (or even better a repo where both the file and the changes history may be seen).
  9. [Fixed]Allow to restore lost wall turrets !

    That's a bit silly, but should do for a first attempt: (inspired by all the t-rex memes)
  10. Hyrule Conquest

    Or you can always have all other upgrade options in each variant to directly switch from one to another. I see two alternatives here: a.) what wowgetoffyourcellphone is saying, i. e. restricting the CC placement to predefined slots, which along with subsections would be placed on the map by the map designer. This presumable may be done without any new code (depending on how unclaimed settlement capture / upgrade would be implemented), but would affect all civs and the map making process (including random map scripting). b.) keeping the free CC placement and adding a new simulation component which would spawn the subsections after the building construction.
  11. Hyrule Conquest

    @The Undying Nephalim I updated the buttons layout in the civ choices mod to be closer to your original mockup: The changes are here: https://github.com/AlexanderOlkhovskiy/0ad-civ-choices-mod/commit/1953e8ba0c124b2161fce646573f50253e45336b
  12. Hyrule Conquest

    (apparently I didn't have enough time that day and a few days after it) Fixed in https://github.com/AlexanderOlkhovskiy/0ad-civ-choices-mod/commit/4840eaa96e2dc5b1f6d54300dedcc708b8240f1a @The Undying Nephalim make sure to copy the fix to Hyrule Conquest Can you still reproduce it with other people or you didn't play after your earlier matches?
  13. Hyrule Conquest

    I think this should be possible with relative small changes in Foundation and Builder components, for example adding an 'autobuild' flag to relevant building templates (probably with a 'builder rate' specified), adding an automatic 'builder' in Foundation for such buildings and restricting the regular builders to join construction. We need something like this in the space mod too (the idea is to place a beacon/landing pad-looking foundation and then a spaceship will arrive after some time), but I didn't manage to experiment with this feature yet. Another a bit inconvenient but already available alternative should be building foundations (logically) as finished buildings (technically) and then using the upgrade feature to convert to the finished building state. But this will require player to manually upgrade each foundation. This probably may be not so bad if there would be some generic foundations of different sizes and then player would be able to select a number of finished buildings for each of them (like sunken/spore colonies in starcraft).
  14. Hyrule Conquest

    Can you do the same experiment as I did? 1. run two game instances (on Windows you have to copy the entire game folder to run another instance, otherwise it crashes) 2. host with one instance (Multiplayer -> Host Game) 3. join in another instance (Multiplayer -> Join Game, Server Hostname or IP: localhost) 4. start the match and check how hero selection works in both game instances @Baskom Welford thanks for reporting it! @The Undying Nephalim when the gui session initializes and checks for available 'civ choices', it should also check whether one of these technologies is already researched. I will try to fix it in my mod in near few days (maybe even later today if I will have enough time and will manage to do it fast enough).
  15. Hyrule Conquest

    If it's consistent and reproducible it should be easy to debug You don't get the dialog at all or you select a hero, but he still remains 'non-researched' (locked and grayed out)?