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  1. Thanks! Apparently it was the "2017-02-27_0005 fuego.rar" (the easiest way I found to match videos and replays is to scroll the video up to summary screen (to see players names, rates and civs) and open metadata.json files in a text editor (reformatting json for better readability) to see the corresponding list)
  2. All the replay commentary videos were already posted in the youtube topic, but I think it's still worth to link them to the respective replays here (please correct me if I mislinked any of them): [Anavultus] 0 A.D. Replay Commentary Part 1 Geometrically Confused [Amphibian Hoplite] 0 A.D. Alpha 21 - My First Crappy Gameplay Commentary [Anavultus] 0 A.D. Replay Commentary Part 2 Assimilation [Anavultus] 0 A.D. Replay Commentary Part 3: Top Tier Team Regicide Can't find the replay for this one: 2017-02-27_0005 fuego.rar from here: [Amphibian Hoplite] 0 A.D. Alpha 21 - Gameplay Commentary (Iberian Siege Power) [Anavultus] 0 A.D. Replay Commentary Part 4 A Challenger Approaches [Amphibian Hoplite] 0 A.D. Alpha 21 - Gameplay Commentary (Swordsman Spam)
  3. It's a casual "let's play" type video where the author is exploring the game and demonstrating it to his subscribers / viewers. He wasn't much concerned about playing effectively and winning. At one point he says "Since I have plenty of resources* I don't need to gather them, I'm just demonstrating how it's done". (*he selected the 'deathmatch' mode when starting the match) Go ahead, it would be interesting to see alternative casts of the same matches
  4. Sounds like an ambitious goal (I wonder how your schoolmates with similar projects achieve it). I don't mind to try the mod and fill the survey (nationality/ethnicity: Russian).
  5. Looking forward to see both of them =)
  6. @soloooy0 you can translate the Atlas Manual though, what should be actually even more helpful than just the GUI translation.
  7. @elexis are you sure about Atlas? I believe it wasn't localized in the initial localization system implementation, I didn't see any updates since then and can't find any related tickets/forum discussions.
  8. Did you try gameplay mods: Delenda Est, MetaGameV2, Sibyllae Vox ? If you have a different vision of gameplay and aren't satisfied nor by 0 A.D. nor by the existing mods, you can make a new one (describing the proposed changes in a dedicated forum topic for a start, then community can help you with the technical part).
  9. Hi, thanks for the bugreport, can you please attach the replay of the match? Depending on your OS it should in: "Documents\My Games\0ad\replays" (Windows) "~/.local/share/0ad/replays" (Linux) "~/Library/Application\ Support/0ad/replays" (OS X) There should be subfolders with "commands.txt" and "metadata.json" files, it should be enough to upload commands.txt only. You can find the relevant subfolder either by timestamp or by examining the replays via the corresponding in-game menu ("Tools & Options -> Replays")
  10. Since you started the commentated tutorial series, maybe you will also try your hand at casting a match now?
  11. I removed the minheight property (as @niektb suggested above) in two actors (pegasi house and farmstead) and tested it with cache removal, the error is gone. I pushed the commit into the same "a21" branch, so it's included in the pull request now.
  12. Oh, I figured out why I wasn't able to reproduce the error: the actor got cached. After cache removal it shows up again. I believe the error is generated by XML validator, which doesn't distinguish such semantics, it just wants "text" type value in "attachpoint" and "float" in "minheight"/"maxheight" (see actor.rnc / actor.rng), and an empty string is apparently not considered to be a valid float.
  13. I tried to build all 3 of them: still no error. (also as far as I undestand the "base" variant: https://github.com/0ADMods/ponies_ascendant/blob/master/art/actors/structures/pegasi/house.xml#L5 which has the minheight property and which was seemingly reported in the message applies to all variants) The entire related error log was: ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation error: (null):0: Extra element props in interleave ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation error: art/actors/structures/pegasi/house.xml:6: Element variant failed to validate content ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation error: art/actors/structures/pegasi/house.xml:5: Element group has extra content: variant ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation error: (null):0: Extra element group in interleave ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation error: art/actors/structures/pegasi/house.xml:4: Element actor failed to validate content ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation failed for '(null)' ERROR: CXeromyces: failed to validate XML file art/actors/structures/pegasi/house.xml
  14. @niektb by some reason I can't reproduce it now (without any changes). It should be enough to start a match as pegasi and try to build a house, right? (I think that's what I did when I got the issue for the first time).
  15. @balduin, @AtomicGaming, @stanislas69 I made a pull request with fixes for issues I was able to find: https://github.com/0ADMods/ponies_ascendant/pull/9 , please review / playtest (there is a remaining "Extra element props in interleave" error with art/actors/structures/pegasi/house.xml , but I'm not sure whether it's a21-specific or was present before; going to examine it a bit more)