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  1. Hacking 0 A.D using Cheatengine

    Tried it just in case:
  2. Hacking 0 A.D using Cheatengine

    This should cause OOS in multiplayer games (and if doesn't, the hash calculation has to be modified to notice such changes).
  3. It wasn't me who wrote the instruction (which would be convenient to be linked to, btw, so other people would be in context: XpartaMuPP/README.md), but apparently it suggests you to: 1. select a directory, or use a default one if already set ("/opt/ejabberd-modules" in the example) 2. create "sources" subdirectory in it 3. copy mod_ipstamp directory in the "sources" subdir
  4. how open ports for 0AD multiplayer match?

    I tested 0 A.D. host/join with my PC and laptop connected by a regular patch cable relying on automatic crossover and it worked fine.
  5. Translation Credits

    It has the following structure: { "List": [ { "name": "<...>" }, <...> ], "LangName": "<...>" } Your name is listed for " \u0395\u03bb\u03bb\u03b7\u03bd\u03b9\u03ba\u03ac ", which is "Ελληνικά" (you can convert these characters using js snippet in your browser console or online converters, example: https://r12a.github.io/app-conversion/ )
  6. Translation Credits

    @SGK7019 you can link the aforementioned credits file , but note that: 1. the link may change if the file would be moved / renamed inside the repo 2. this is json with unicode characters escaped as \uXXXX, so it's not very convenient to read as is Also you can link transifex pages: 1. Greek translation team: https://www.transifex.com/wildfire-games/teams/17418/el/ (or link to your profile, which lists the projects you are participating in) 2. the Greek translation itself: https://www.transifex.com/wildfire-games/0ad/language/el/ The project-related pages (unlike profile) require login to see (which is inconvenient if you are going to include them into your CV or something).
  7. Where do I find more maps to download?

    There is a "Scenario Design/Map making" subforum intended for sharing custom maps and discussing related questions: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/forum/384-scenario-designmap-making/
  8. Upgrade unit when attacked

    For managing the attacked units see defenseManager.js:checkEvents , for upgrade -- I don't see any code where Petra issues 'upgrade' commands (doesn't it upgrade towers?), but it should be possible do to in the same way as all other commands (see 'Engine.PostCommand' calls in common-api/entity.js , 'upgrade' command definition in Commands.js, and its usage in gui scripts).
  9. I didn't check the code, but looking at the map xml I'm almost sure that the 'Actor' element with the 'seed' attribute are storing the selected variation, example: <Entity uid="4347"> <Template>actor|props/flora/grass_field_parched_short.xml</Template> <Position x="1199.14869" z="103.9384"/> <Orientation y="2.35621"/> <Actor seed="62142"/> </Entity> <Entity uid="4348"> <Template>actor|props/flora/grass_field_parched_short.xml</Template> <Position x="1198.7306" z="61.08883"/> <Orientation y="2.35621"/> <Actor seed="14988"/> </Entity>
  10. Changing buildings details

    As @(-_-) said, templates inherit properties from their parents, in particular structures/gaul_civic_centre is inherited from template_structure_civic_civil_centre (see the 'parent' attribute of 'Entity' element). skirmish/structures/default_civil_centre is a skirmish replacement entity and it inherits most properties from template_structure_civic_civil_centre too.
  11. Adding a preview image to a scenario.

    This is a common requirement for all textures to have a power-of-two size, see TextureFormat . It comes from historical issues of graphic drivers / libraries with non-power-of-two texture sizes. Unrelatedly: I compiled the information from this and the previous topic about the previews into a wiki page: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Atlas_Manual_Map_Preview
  12. Well, the new project may be more suitable / convenient for your thesis and you can return to the mod any time later not being restricted by the academic work constraints. So this may turn out to be better for the thesis and not so bad for the mod after all If you already have some material (art or design/research docs) I would recommend dumping them into a github repo, so they will be already available for other people and won't be lost if you will return to the mod after a significant amount of time.
  13. Hyrule Conquest

    There are a number of possible solutions listed in the ticket: #4724 . Someone needs to evaluate them, write an implementation of the chosen option and integrate it into the game
  14. Why so many Alpha stages?

    We're starting to be more careful with the estimates. We used to have such ETA for the final release! --- Day changed Sun Jan 29 2012 <...> 21:47 < Igorel> hi all 21:47 < Igorel> when will be the relise of 0 A.D. 21:47 < Igorel> ? 21:47 < Igorel> final realese? 21:48 < quantumstate> we don't know yet, possibly about a years time 21:48 < erik_feneur1> Probably some years into the future. 21:48 < quantumstate> I may be being too optimistic 21:49 < erik_feneur> I've learned not to be too optimistic. Jason said "perhaps within a year or two" when I joined in 2007 =) <...> 21:59 <@Philip`> It was "perhaps within a year or two" when I joined in 2004 :-)
  15. Happy New Year!

    Being a historical project, we observe New Year according to the Julian calendar: Old New Year