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  1. fcxSanya

    Open source free minecraft

    I've played it too A few screens of my local world:
  2. fcxSanya

    AI map revealed

    The AI is a dumb hard rock (no offense, just a wordplay)
  3. fcxSanya

    Lord of the Rings

    I don't think I saw anything apart from the ship, which was smuggled into the game in r9959 . @wowgetoffyourcellphone may remember more details. Maybe something was committed into the art repo or somewhere?
  4. fcxSanya

    Lord of the Rings

    See this topic:
  5. fcxSanya

    Ponies Ascendant Alpha 1.0

    I wonder if it just requires copying the cmpVisual.seed in cmpPromotion in the same way as it's done f.e. in cmpFoundation (and also keeping the actor variants consistent amongs ranks).
  6. fcxSanya

    Support of mod.io

    A new theory: There is a new mod on mod.io (https://0ad.mod.io/millenium-ad) which has modfile.metadata_blob = null unlike all the other mods (see json here: https://api.mod.io/v1/games/5/mods?api_key=23df258a71711ea6e4b50893acc1ba55) There is a test with the same metadata_blob value (null) resulting in the same error ("metadata_blob not decoded as an object") here: https://github.com/0ad/0ad/blob/031d790ccff983ab7411178ba0afa75631d17f74/source/ps/tests/test_ModIo.h
  7. fcxSanya

    Support of mod.io

    Probably mod.io API had some temporary issues and returned an unexpected non-JSON response body.
  8. There is a quite detailed instruction here: https://github.com/0ad/0ad/blob/master/source/tools/XpartaMuPP/README.md
  9. fcxSanya

    Server 24/7

    We have a ticket with some considerations on the subject and some (somewhat aged) WIP patches by @elexis : #3556 (Dedicated server)
  10. fcxSanya

    "Not implemented" error with campaign button

    We can compare tags in source / translated strings, I recall some translation tools giving warnings when they don't match (and in case of a custom script we of course can define yourselves what we consider a tag). @Gallaecio or @GunChleoc may have some advice (having more experience with translation tools)
  11. fcxSanya

    Incorrect displaying of table in "Structure Tree" menu

    Welcome to the forums and thanks for the report, it was also mentioned here (as the second issue), so the topic contains some relevant discussion:
  12. fcxSanya

    Hyrule Conquest

    +1 for the triggerscript solution if it would be a map-specific feature. I concur it would be easier to have a single pre-created building of such type in this case. On the other hand, if it would be a part of the faction's core mechanic, it should be more natural and convenient to implement it via a dedicated entity-level component, like aforementioned ProductionQueue. As an implemention hint: GarrisonHolder has an example of maintaining a collection of related entities.
  13. fcxSanya

    Hacking 0 A.D using Cheatengine

    Tried it just in case:
  14. fcxSanya

    Hacking 0 A.D using Cheatengine

    This should cause OOS in multiplayer games (and if doesn't, the hash calculation has to be modified to notice such changes).
  15. It wasn't me who wrote the instruction (which would be convenient to be linked to, btw, so other people would be in context: XpartaMuPP/README.md), but apparently it suggests you to: 1. select a directory, or use a default one if already set ("/opt/ejabberd-modules" in the example) 2. create "sources" subdirectory in it 3. copy mod_ipstamp directory in the "sources" subdir