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  1. Hi, thanks for the bugreport, can you please attach the replay of the match? Depending on your OS it should in: "Documents\My Games\0ad\replays" (Windows) "~/.local/share/0ad/replays" (Linux) "~/Library/Application\ Support/0ad/replays" (OS X) There should be subfolders with "commands.txt" and "metadata.json" files, it should be enough to upload commands.txt only. You can find the relevant subfolder either by timestamp or by examining the replays via the corresponding in-game menu ("Tools & Options -> Replays")
  2. Since you started the commentated tutorial series, maybe you will also try your hand at casting a match now?
  3. I removed the minheight property (as @niektb suggested above) in two actors (pegasi house and farmstead) and tested it with cache removal, the error is gone. I pushed the commit into the same "a21" branch, so it's included in the pull request now.
  4. Oh, I figured out why I wasn't able to reproduce the error: the actor got cached. After cache removal it shows up again. I believe the error is generated by XML validator, which doesn't distinguish such semantics, it just wants "text" type value in "attachpoint" and "float" in "minheight"/"maxheight" (see actor.rnc / actor.rng), and an empty string is apparently not considered to be a valid float.
  5. I tried to build all 3 of them: still no error. (also as far as I undestand the "base" variant: https://github.com/0ADMods/ponies_ascendant/blob/master/art/actors/structures/pegasi/house.xml#L5 which has the minheight property and which was seemingly reported in the message applies to all variants) The entire related error log was: ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation error: (null):0: Extra element props in interleave ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation error: art/actors/structures/pegasi/house.xml:6: Element variant failed to validate content ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation error: art/actors/structures/pegasi/house.xml:5: Element group has extra content: variant ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation error: (null):0: Extra element group in interleave ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation error: art/actors/structures/pegasi/house.xml:4: Element actor failed to validate content ERROR: RelaxNGValidator: Validation failed for '(null)' ERROR: CXeromyces: failed to validate XML file art/actors/structures/pegasi/house.xml
  6. @niektb by some reason I can't reproduce it now (without any changes). It should be enough to start a match as pegasi and try to build a house, right? (I think that's what I did when I got the issue for the first time).
  7. @balduin, @AtomicGaming, @stanislas69 I made a pull request with fixes for issues I was able to find: https://github.com/0ADMods/ponies_ascendant/pull/9 , please review / playtest (there is a remaining "Extra element props in interleave" error with art/actors/structures/pegasi/house.xml , but I'm not sure whether it's a21-specific or was present before; going to examine it a bit more)
  8. @balduin, @AtomicGaming the mod apparently wasn't updated to A21 compatibility yet. You can install 0 A.D. A20 and play in the latest version of Ponies Ascendant on it for now. And hopefully someone will update the mod soon (I will try to look at it myself too, but I don't promise anything, since I don't have much free time)
  9. - the temple image is from Groß Raden Museum , you can find more images of the temple and other buildings from it. Another possible slavic temple design is капище (open air idol place): - house seem to be this one: http://www.suzdalguide.com/architecture/vasenino.htm ; description says it's a typical peasant's house of XIX century, while for Early Muscovite Russia originally discussed in this topic we're interested in years 1283–1547, and for slavs somewhere around VI -- VIII centuries . I think the basic structures (house(s), mill, farmstead) can be the same (or at least similar) for both civs and should be simpler than that XIX century house. The most primitive house may be "землянка" (dugout): A normal one: (similar by layout/materials to one you posted, but smaller and less decorated) The models look like a good start - for temple you lost the wall decorations: - houses, I think, should have noticeable log itersections in corners:
  10. "Broadcasting"?
  11. I believe you didn't mention (or at least you didn't demonstrate, I may have missed it in the speech) that trade with allies is more profitable, that ships can trade between docks and that you can boost your profits with market upgrades. But the subject is well covered anyway. There is some technical background noise, please try to configure your microphone / recording software to get rid of it. I find such video series useful and entertaining, so I hope you will proceed with it.
  12. Are you able to access them now? Both work fine for me.
  13. @shieldwolf23 as @niektb correctly guessed, it required an update with a18_to_a19.py. Also mace_infantry_spearman was renamed to mace_infantry_pikeman in r16503, so I changed the unit names in the map xml accordingly. Now it opens in Altas without issues. I attached the updated version to this message. Alexander_updated.zip
  14. @shieldwolf23 can you post both map files (pmp + xml, zipped) here?
  15. @Skhorn it seems @niektb's comment to @Lion.Kanzen's first take on his section will be suitable here too: Maybe you can make it more blending with the surroundings?) The desired direction seems to be in making a more or less consistent map rather than patchwork of wildly different sections