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Alpha17 Name Discussion.


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I wanted to suggest a name for the Alpha 17 development. Since the next letter in the alphabet after P for Patanjali is Q, I figured that Quintilian would be a suitable name.

Marcus Fabius Quintilianus:

Birth: 35 AD Death: 100 AD

He was a Roman who excelled in rhetoric and advocated moral ideals. He is most well known for opening a school of oratory and rhetoric as well as his famous written work,"institutio oratoria."

You can find out more here- http://www.academia.edu/2778644/The_Life_and_Times_of_Quintilian

(Not exactly in the time frame of 500 BC to 1 BC, but he was a roman so I figured I would post anyway.)

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I think we won't really be able to use many Non-Roman names. I don't think Greek has "Q" at all. So it'd be quite hard to find a Seleucid related name that starts with "Q".

Maybe we could use a Latin word that designates something related to the Seleucid empire.

Like "quadriga" (chariots drawn by four horses), or "quadrifidus" ("split in four parts", like the Macedonian empire).

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Q seems to be a difficult one.

I've found this website with a bunch of Egyptian words. has some Words which could be translated into latin text with a Q instead of a k or cu etc.


Qa'a : Last pharaoh of the first dynasty

Or: High-roofed reception room in Egyptian houses

Qadesh: Same word as kadesh, just translated differently?

OR: 1) Fortified town in Retenu, site of famous battle

2) Goddess

Qenbet: Some kind of judical court?

Qoseir/Quseir: Port on the Red Sea coast.

Mind, this is the bottom of the barrel, i cant find anything for any other culture. :/

And these are translated from hieroglyphs, which aren't exactly clear.

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How about this?


- four subjects that included arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. The word is Latin, meaning "the four ways" (or a "place where four roads meet")

Although technically widely used in the Middle Ages, it's form is known during Plato's time, and would be a good focus on 0 A.D.'s social and technological aspects.


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If the 0ad project is 5 years old.. how about quinquennis (five years old)

Or if we can get campaigns working (unlikely) quotare (to divide into chapters) might be nice.

If we get a morale system in place for the next build, maybe quatefaci/quatefeci (to shake or weaken) would be relevent.

Aaand that's all i could find that would be usable for now.

http://www.latin-dictionary.net/list/letter/q for source.

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Forwarding a suggestion sent in via our contact form on the web site:

To whom it may concern,
I found a Q-word relating to ancient Rome that I feel is appropriate:
Quercus - Latin for "oak tree," specifically they are the oak leaves used in the corona civica, a military honor given to a citizen who saved the life of other citizens or soldiers whilst in battle. Recipients were allowed to enter the Roman Senate, and were required to wear them at public gatherings.
I also wanted to say that I really enjoy this game, and look forward to what subsequent updates will bring. Keep up the great work!
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Does it have to be someone's name?

If not:

qasida, a persian or arabian elegiac poem

Roman names for objects

quadriga, a racing chariot

quaestor, a treasury official

qualus, as wicker basket

quercus, the military crown of oak leaves

quirites, the formal connotation of Roman citizens.

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