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  1. For ram attacking infantry, how about we give it a slight damaging aura instead (unlockable tech?), this simulates the soldiers inside the ram retaliate against attackers, also with this aura the ram doesn't have to stop to attack enemy units and can still sort of push forward given enough time. This way we can silmulate the fact that ram can still be blocked by enemy but it can slowly bowl over opposition, but clearing the blocking enemy with your own units will be more effective though.
  2. This is good news indeed, I don't use MacOSX personally but knowing more people can play 0 A.D. is always a good thing.
  3. Last I remember, you can garrision one (and only one) unit inside an outpost and that outpost will be able to shoot arrow. So outpost can be a defensive structure too. (though a weak one)
  4. WFG already have a finnacial report which they posted now and then for those who want to know the numbers, check the homepage and you should see it.
  5. Like Lion.Kanzen said, game development doesn't work that way. You don't magically have a faster progres if you lump people together and stop the artists from creating new art asset for the game. Also, the game is in alpha, the stage where lots of feature will be added and then stablised later.
  6. I agree with the notion that the free wall Iberian get at the start should be removed and replaced with something else. I think factions should be map independant in the sense that every one should start with the same condition and work their way up depend on the faction's specific features, in this case the Iberians is the exception becausw the faction start with prebuilt wall that no other factions have. My suggestion for replacement bonus are stronger and/or faster palisade wall for the Iberians and more wall-oriented techs so they can still be the defensive and anti-rush faction.
  7. Hello kanetaka, glad I'm not the only one . 今は大学で 日本語を勉強していますから、ちょっと 日本語で話せるんです。 よかったら よろしくお願いします。
  8. Hello Christo, welcome to the forums. The thing is it needs a specific "goal" to work first, as far as I'm aware WFG currently doesn't have any donation campaign, people still donate now and then. A progress bar is needed only when you're trying to raise enough fund in an ammount of time to accomplish some task.
  9. Relevant thread: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18570
  10. Nice to know that all the awesome developments are going underway, please keep up the good work.
  11. Progress is being made AFAIK, give them some time.
  12. I'm not the best player, but my guess would be your own skirmisher cavalry in compound with proper towers placement at resource gathering sites.
  13. I believe this is a known issue and there're things being done to fix that. One possible change to balance to unit counter is that each unit type will be better differentiated, namely skirmishers will hit harder but have lower range and attack speed(?) while archers will be weaker but boast greater attack range, and I think this extend to cavalry as well. Counter will still exist I think but less promient.
  14. Not sure if the corral is "rarely built". I myself always build them (if only to achieve the required number of buildings to advance) but most of the time I use them for a relatively safe and hassle-free food income besides farms.
  15. Any East Asian around here? Look like I'm in the minority here, I'm from Vietnam, some of you may heard about it before.
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